Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 16

Trucker returns to the kingdom while listening to a story

“Wow, what a weird chair. But it’s soft.”

“Hey, put your seatbelt on. Put this cord here…”

“Hmm, it’s supposed to hold me in place.”

I know it’s a little late, but if you don’t wear a seat belt, the engine won’t start and a warning will be issued. The same is true for drunk driving. Though they didn’t say anything about crane lifting.

Shiny Blue changed into her own clothes. The drying process was over, and she was wearing her signature blue pants. She looked a little uncomfortable in her chair.

“Oh. I’m Kota, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Azure Selene, Shiny Blue, one of the Seven Colored Adventurers of Arcobaleno. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, yeah…..”

Let’s not go into details. She looks so smug.

I’m sure she’s proud of her title, and it’s not my place to give her a lecture. But if it were me, I would be too embarrassed to say it. For example, if I were a high school student in Japan, I would be like this.

[I’m one of the “Four Heavenly Lords of the Academy,” the “Darkness Hunter Azuma Kota. I’m looking forward to working with you.]

I’m so embarrassed I get goose bumps.

I can’t just proudly proclaim that title to someone I’ve barely met. I would die of embarrassment. No, let’s change the subject.

“Oh, hey, is Shiny Blue your real name?”


She replied easily. I wonder if my sensitivity is wrong.

But Mireina is Mireina. I changed the subject, but it was still a minefield. Anyway, it’s time to go.

“Hello, Shiny Blue. I’m Tama, the divine intelligence attached to Dekotora.”

“Upyaa!? Bikku ~~~ What’s that voice!?”

“It’s the voice of this truck. Get along with it…”

What the hell is a “Upyaa!?”? —— This one was funny.


” Wow, this thing is way faster than a horse-drawn carriage!”

“Hey, don’t lean out the window too far. You’ll fall out.”

“But it feels so good!”

This girl has suddenly become very childish.

She pulled the seatbelt to the limit, opened the window fully and leaned out. When dressed like that, her underwear would………….”

“Upyaaaa!? Ahh!!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Maybe it was because I was staring at Shiny Blue’s butt, but I drove over a bump in the road. I didn’t get caught, but I’ll be careful.

“Oh yeah, you want some juice? No sweets before lunch, but I’ll compensate you.”

“Juice? I’d love a juice.”

” Hold on a second. Tama, please.”



“Welcome to the Drive-In.”

 ○ Experience points ・ [27190]


 One cup – 300 points

 Canned beer – 300 points

 Shochu 500 – points

 Highball 450 – points

 Various types of canned chuhai – 300 points


 Crackers – 200 points

 Vinegar kelp – 150 points

 Saki-ika (squid) – 150 points

 Potato chips – 140 points

 Prosciutto – 300 points

 Cheese – 250 points

 Salami – 120 points


 Various canned coffee – 120 points

 Various juices – 120 points

 Various types of tea – 120 points

 Various energy drinks – 120 points

 Various gums – 120 points

 Various manga magazines – 240 points

 Various newspapers – 200 points

 Various types of bread – 100 points


 Steamed buns – 800 points

 Castella – 900 points

 Donuts – 850 points

 Gift rice cracker – 1200 points

  Various assortments – 2000 points

The following items are not yet unlocked.


“Souvenirs … Well, it’s a drive-in.”

“What is this? Isn’t that juice?”

“Wait a minute. What kind of fruit do you like?”

” All of them.”

” No hesitation at all. Then mixed juice is fine. Here you go.”


I choose a coffee too. Then a bag popped out of the dashboard. The bag popped into Shiny Blue’s chest and she caught it.

“That’s your cup. Give me my coffee.”

“Uh-huh. Uh … yes.”

“Thank you. Do you know how to drink it? You drink from that straw.”

“This stick……Hmm? It smells sweet. …. I’ll take it.”

Shiny Blue chewed and sucked on the straw. She had the same reaction as Mireina and turned to me.

” It’s so good!”

“Isn’t it? Mireina is also addicted to it.”

“Hmm … addictive!”

I’m tripping. Let’s leave it at that. It’s silent.

Then the back door opened and Mireina came out.

“Kota-san, Shiny Blue-sama, here’s your food!”


” Okay, I’m coming~!”

I parked the truck on a slightly wider side of the road and went to the living room where Mireina was waiting.




” I hope it’s to your taste…”

The dining table was lined with brightly colored dishes. Well-grilled meats, stir-fries with a pronounced scent, freshly baked bread, and delicious-looking soups. All of them looked like something you would find in a top-notch restaurant. Well, Mireina’s food tasted great.

“Thank you, Mireina, this looks delicious.”

“No, actually……Ehehe.”

Cute. What’s with this Mireina, she’s too cute.

We sat down, thanked her for the food, and ate.

The meat was tender and fluffy. It’s not the same as just grilling it, or marinating it in sake. The soup is also delicious. It’s rich in seafood and full of nutrition.

” It’s delicious!”


Anyone who says it’s not good will be machine-gunned to a pulp. That’s how good it was. I must have recruited the best people I could find.

I finished it all and took a break to drink the tea that Mireina had made. Then Mireina spoke up to Shiny Blue.

“Oh, um, Shiny Blue-sama….”

“What? It’s hard to say, isn’t it? You can call me whatever you want.”

“Well, though.”

“No problem. I’ll call you Mireina. You can call me whatever you want.”

“Well, uh … I see.”

Shiny Blue is hard to call, isn’t it? It’s long.

I think the safest choice would be “Shiny” or “Blue”. I’ll call her “Shabu-chan”.

“I’ll call you ‘Shabu-chan’ then.”

My abdominal muscles were crushed.


“Just call me Shiny. So, what do you want?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

“Well, that’s it?”


Mireina’s gaze turned to me. I couldn’t stop laughing at Mireina’s unexpected attack, and managed to contain myself after taking a body blow from Shiny. I was on the verge of another rebirth, but I never spit out Mireina’s cooking.

“How did Shiny manage to take on a super dangerous species all by herself? I think it was mandatory for monsters of the dangerous species and above to be defeated in groups…”

“Oh, that’s right. In fact, I had a fight with the guild leader, and he wouldn’t listen to me when I told him I was going alone, so I pretended to accept a group request at first, and then I ran off by myself.”

” But if you do that, it’s a violation of the guild’s rules and regulations, no matter how much of a Seven Colored Adventurer Arcobaleno you are….”

“Oh….. it’s okay. And since everyone knows how strong I am, I’m sure they’re all drinking right now.”


It didn’t make sense to me.

What she did was, quite frankly, a betrayal.

She broke the rules, betrayed the guild leader’s trust, and even almost died. She’s so aloof, ​but I wonder if this is what she really thinks.

” The Venom Dragon’s venom is carried by the wind and rains down on the forest and nearby villages. If we wait too long, the damage will only get worse. And if you take the time to gather and prepare for a mass battle, the damage will spread rapidly. …So I took off alone. You can’t compare my punishment with the lives of the people and creatures of the forest……, can you?”

Is that what she really thinks? This is really nice.

But it’s too reckless to face a monster you can’t take on alone. If we hadn’t shown up, she’d be dead.

” But, well, we defeated it like this. I’m sure they’ll welcome us with open arms.”

” I don’t know. ….But I’m sure Zenimouke would have a field day with this thing.”

” Right…..”

I just want to start my own shipping business in peace. I don’t want any trouble.

Anyway, I’ve got the money. I’m going to go to the Merchant’s Guild and ask them to introduce me to a good building company.

” Now, let’s go back to the kingdom.”

Now that we have the land, the next step is to construct the building!!