Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 19

Trucker Creates Company

The next day.

A guy from a construction company that was introduced to us by the merchant guild was sent to our land. We couldn’t take him inside the truck, so we just went outside to greet him.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Katie, and I am a designer at Tatemono Architects. Thank you very much for choosing our company for your project.”

“Hello. I’m Kota. It’s nice to meet you.”

Tatemono architecture. Exactly like that.

Well, I don’t care about the name of the company in another world. What matters is the quality of the work.

I mean, this designer is a woman.

“It’s hard to talk about it here…. If you want, we can go to a nearby cafe. I’ll pay for it.”

“Yes, I understand.”

By the way, Mireina and Shiny are shopping. I was jealous of the two girls shopping together. If I go with them, I’ll be forced to carry their luggage. That’s fine, too.

Last night, I asked them what they wanted in terms of an office.

Well, the only thing I wanted was for each of us to have a private room and a bathroom. They said they didn’t know much about the rest and would leave it to me. But I don’t really know either. I guess an office space, a reception area, a garage for the truck, a storage area, and a space for visitors would be enough.

For now, I’ll have to think about it while listening to the professionals.


We went to a cafe for a cup of tea and a business meeting.

When I told her what I wanted, she nodded easily and drew a rough draft on the paper I brought. And she’s really good at it. I guess she is a professional.

“We have a lot of clients who want to set up offices in this town.”

“I see……”

I was convinced. That makes sense. This is a commercial kingdom and a cultural center. It’s a great place to do business.

After that, we went over the details and talked about the budget. By the way, the budget was 50 million. She was surprised when I told her that the payment would be in cash.

“Is that enough?”

“Yes. We’ll do it within your budget. Please leave it to us.”

I feel relieved when a professional says that. And since it was a referral from the guild, I could trust them. She also said that she would finish the design today and show me the drawings tomorrow. I guess they work fast, but I’m grateful.

And the next day.

The next day, she showed me the detailed drawings and I was convinced. I was impressed by the professionalism.

The layout of the second floor and the garage are just as I imagined, and it looks like we’ll be able to create the office we want. I’m really looking forward to it.

“The construction is scheduled to take 30 days. We’ll start work tomorrow.”

“Really, that fast!?”

One month is usually too fast to build a house. There must be dozens of people.

“Our company’s selling point is fast construction and reliable durability. Some of our customers are in a hurry, so we build 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


Oh come on, it’s not a black company, is it?

I guess I should ask Tama to scan the building process and I’ll point out the parts I’m worried about. Well, they might not listen to me as a novice, but not in this case.

The next day.

The next day, a crew came to our land with a horse-drawn cart full of materials. I don’t know what they were, but they were tall and professional. The truck was in the way, so we moved it to a corner of the property.

“Tama, do you think that wood ….is safe?”

“Scan initiated ——— complete. That wood is called Kata wood. It’s flexible and durable, and is often used in house construction. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Tama’s confirmation over the earpiece put my mind at ease for the time being. At least I can rest assured about the materials.

Next was the shopping for us. We need to buy everything we need for our work. For this purpose, I had Shiny and Mireina go around the town and research furniture stores, clothing stores to make uniforms, and various other places.

“Let’s start with the furniture stores. The bedroom in the truck is nice, but we need furniture for the living quarters.”

“Yes. We have a lot of stores to visit, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“Finally, we can use the truck like a truck.”

Our company building is going well.


The first thing we did was to buy furniture.

I bought furniture for my personal room (bed, desk, chair, etc.) and for the company (sofa, table, work desk, etc.). All of these items will be placed in the back of the truck.

Next was the uniform. I wore the same work clothes I wore at my previous company, and I had some suits made for me as if I were the president.

Mireina also wore the same work clothes, but with a crisp suit and top, as if she were the president’s secretary. The skirt, by the way, was a miniskirt, as I had requested. This is the only thing I won’t give up.

Shiny also wears work clothes, top and bottom. The suit is just for when she needs it.

“Wow, it’s cute. But the skirt is a little….. short.”

“No, no, that’s how long it was at the company I worked for. It looks good on you, Mireina.”

“I don’t know why I have to wear the same clothes as you.”

“That’s because you’re a woman, and you wear a skirt instead.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

Thus, we steadily made preparations and moved around until the opening.

We didn’t want to be too busy, so we advertised only once. The idea was to turn the truck into a decorative truck, paint the company name on the vehicle, and drive around the town.

In the corner of the grounds. I asked Tama in the driver’s seat.

“Tama, can you paint the truck body?”

“Yes, we can. There is a free paint option in the paint section of the [Additional Equipment] section. Please select it.”

“Okay, let’s tweak the interior while we’re at it, or get me some additional equipment.”



 ○ Experience points ・ [21080]

[Additional equipment] -Parts list-

 ○ Exterior parts

 ・ Front deck (Select type)

 ・ Side mirrors (Select type)

 ・ Visor (Select type)

 ・ Front bumper (Select type)

 ・ Illuminations (Select type)

 ○ Paint

 ・ Animals (Select type)

 ・ Plants (Select type)

 ・ Landscape style (Select type)

 ・ Kabuki (Select type)

 ・ Shinto and Buddhist (Select type)

 ・ Custom paint

 ○ Interior

 ・ Seat cover (Select type)

 ・ Dashboard (Select type)

 ・ Interior light (Select type)

 ・ Curtains (Select type)

 ・ Cushions (Select type)

 ・ Steering wheel cover (Select type)

The following items are not yet available.


“Hmm, I used a lot of points …”

Mostly candy, sweets, and juice.

I’ve lost to Shiny’s begging for pocky, and I’ve lost to Mireina’s begging for potato chips. The two of them are so cute that I can’t help but allow it.

Oh well. Anyway, it’s free to paint. Actually, I learned how to write from Mireina, so I can at least write.

“Can we tweak the interior while we’re at it….? Can I add more seats or something?”

“The only thing that can be changed is the covers. You cannot increase the number of seats.”

“Oops, too bad. So it’s impossible for three people to fit in the cabin?”

“At the moment, it is not possible. However, when you reach a higher level, you will be able to choose a vehicle that can accommodate more people.”

“So it’s still a ways off. It’s no use. Let’s get the interior lights for now.”



[Interior Lighting]

 ・ Chandelier

 ・ Lantern

 ・ Rainbow light

 ・ Glass ceiling light


“Yeah….. what’s with the chandeliers, aren’t they obtrusive? Doesn’t it consume any points?”

“Yes. There are no point expenses for additional equipment.”

“Thank you for that…….?”

“Additional equipment is the essence of the 《Dekotora》.”

“Yeah, I see.”

Well, there’s nothing for me to say. The interior lights were left as they were, and the seats were replaced with leather seats and new cushions. The only thing left to do was to write an advertisement on the truck. By the way, it goes like this.


 [Agatsuma Shipping Company]

We deliver faster and cheaper than any other company in the world!

We can deliver any size of cargo, from heavy to light!

 [For inquiries]

Office in Hinabita Park, Zenimouke Kingdom


I guess it’s a safe bet.

I’m not going to write about the price here. I’ll let them come to me and then we’ll talk about it. By the way, the name of this park, which has no playground equipment or anything, is Hinabita Park. It’s just a remote park. That’s ridiculous.

This will take us slowly around Zenimouke. Now the publicity is complete.

I’m not going to actively advertise. I don’t want to be too busy, and I don’t want to have to work overtime in another world.

I’ll advertise with the truck once the building is completed and we start doing business.

Thus, a month has passed since all the preparations were completed.



“This is …..”

“Wow, it’s cool.”

It really took a month to build.

A two-story building with a big garage. The people from the building company even moved the furniture in. Apparently it’s a service.

The first floor is an office. There’s a desk, and I have my own desk and recliner.

The second floor is a residence with a personal quarters, a living room, and a nice bathroom.

“Kota-sama. How do you like it?”

“Oh, Katie-san. It’s amazing…..”

“I’m glad you like it. Let’s finish up with this one.”

“Oh, this is…”

Katie-san handed me a sign that said “Agatsuma Shipping Company” on it. Apparently, she was going to let me install the final sign. I’m deeply moved.

“Oh, well. Let’s get started.”

As everyone watched, I hammered the sign on the gate.

“It’s done…”

“Good work, Kota-san.”



The sign for “Agatsuma Shipping Company” is written in small characters in kanji and katakana, with the words of this world written in large letters below it. It was a sign that the original world was not forgotten. Then Katie-san bowed and left.

“All right, we’re going to celebrate tonight, Mireina, please prepare a feast.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Oh, I want some Pocky.”

“No problem, it’s all you can eat.”

Finally, the company and home were completed.

From now on, I will use Zenimouke as my base to work and live.

As a shipping company, we will drive a truck to deliver goods. I’ll be the president, Mireina the secretary, and Shiny the employee.

My new life has finally begun.