Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 27

Trucker, very busy

“I need to get this delivered to my parents in Smikko Village.”

“Um, could you please deliver this letter to her in the Zenimouke Management District, Third Avenue?”

“I made this dish, and I want it delivered to my parents in the Uhehe area today.”

It’s been four days since we came back from our trip to Zenimouke. Agatsuma Shipping Company was very busy. At first it was just a few requests, but the number of requests was increasing day by day.

“Please fill out this form. Please fill in your name, the other party’s name, and the district the person lives in.”

“I will take care of it. The fee is 1800 coins.”

Mireina and Kirie are also busy. The completed forms are duplicated, and the peeled off sheets are pasted on the luggage. Then Shiny and I load the luggage into the truck.

“Kota, how busy can a shipping company be!?”


The reception area is full and the waiting area is crowded with people. The age range is varied, from young to old.

There is no consistency in the packages, ranging from neatly packaged packages to paper bags, from bags with a very nice smell to large wooden crates. Each package is loaded with a duplicate entry form attached to it.

The duplicate form idea was Tama’s idea.

Zenimouke is divided into 23 districts, and each district is further divided into a number of blocks. For example, the Zenimouke Management District is divided into 23 blocks, and each block is further divided into several numbers.

There are no surnames in this world. Only first names, and only aristocrats and bigwigs can have last names. Kirie’s last name, Ellison, seems to be a kind of common name that all the orphans in the cathedral use.

Then, for a while, we repeated the process of receiving and loading. After the customers settled down, I checked the luggage that had been brought in with Kirie.

“President, this is the end of the morning cargo. The rest will be delivered tomorrow, and we will separate the packages for the afternoon delivery.”

“I understand. What about Mireina?”

“Mireina will check the coins and organize the paperwork. And I’ll prepare lunch.”

“Good. Let’s go, Shiny.”


Shiny is wearing work clothes and a sword on her back. To say the least, it doesn’t suit her, but she doesn’t break this style because of her title as a cargo escort.

After the morning delivery, Shiny and I eat lunch and then make our next delivery to a nearby village or settlement. It would take a full day by horse-drawn wagon, but most of the villages are within an hour’s drive by truck. So we spend the whole afternoon making deliveries.

Shiny and I open the garage and get into the truck.

“Well, I’m counting on you again today, Tama.”

“Understood. President.”

I put a copy of the form Kirie gave me to fill out in the dashboard.

“Viewing………. viewing completed. Input completed for delivery areas within Zenimouke. The best route will be displayed.”

Yes. This is the essence of the fill-in-the-blank form. Receive a receptionist to fill out a duplicate entry form, stick one on the package, and keep the other at the company. Another copy is for the customer’s safekeeping, and the last copy is for Tama’s input. These duplicate forms are available cheaply in Zenimouke, and thanks to Tama’s ideas, the work is progressing well.

Three nights ago, Tama suggested that we buy some at a store that was open at night, and we started using it. To tell the truth, I would have been in trouble without it.

“Tama, you’re doing a great job~!”

“I’m afraid so. Shiny Blue.”

The windshield shows a map of the interior of Zenimouke, with detailed routes. Red dots are flashing at delivery locations, so we just follow them.

“Okay, let’s go!”


“We will begin operations.”

The shipping company started to get on track.


“Agatsuma Shipping Company, we are here to deliver your package!”

Shiny is in charge of delivering packages.

She is well trained as an adventurer, carrying large, heavy packages without difficulty. She also has a friendly smile on her face, which makes me think she is suited for this job.

“Now, where are we going to go next?”

“Next up is the Moquet-Moquet district. Here.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I hand her a sweet coffee au lait that I bought with points. Shiny opened the pull-tab and started gulping it down. She has gotten used to the pull tabs on cans.

“I think it’s kind of fun to do this.”

“Hmm? What’s with you all of a sudden?”

“When I was an adventurer, I earned money by killing monsters and doing dangerous requests, and I didn’t feel anything because that was the norm, but I thought, ….. this way, work without any conflicts or fights, is not so bad.”

“I see. Did you enjoy your time as an adventurer?”

“…..Well. It was fun to be able to fight strong monsters, and it was a joy to defeat them. But it was a personal pleasure, not a pleasure that could be shared with others. So, the joy of being able to share it with someone like this is something new.”

“Heh, there’s plenty more where that came from.”

“I’m sure you’re right. It looks like we’re going to get busier and busier from here on out.”

Arriving at the Moquet-Moquet district, we proceeded to rely on the navigation system’s guidance.

Once this district is finished, the morning is over. We will return to the office, have lunch, and then go outside for transporting around the village.

“What’s for lunch today♪?”

“Yesterday it was seafood fried rice, so today it’s meat. Maybe.”

“All right, let’s get this over with and have lunch!”

Shiny declared with renewed enthusiasm.


After the morning deliveries, Shiny and I returned to the office. The customers in the waiting area had been processed, and the lobby was empty.

“We’re back.”

“I’m back. Oh, I’m so hungry.”

“Welcome back. Lunch will be ready soon.”

“Kuku…I knew it was meat!”

Shiny heads to Mireina’s side and I go to the storage room by the garage. There, Kirie was checking with a binder in one hand.

“Thanks for your hard work, President. Your afternoon packages are ready for you.”

“Oh, thank you.”

It seems that Kirie was sorting out the packages for the next delivery. That’s as expected.

“Oh, and I have a request from the Adventurers’ Guild this afternoon.”

“Oh, dangerous species, right? I think it’s frozen, right?”

“Yes. It is a dangerous species of monster, “Metal Kong”. It’s a nasty monster with a steel shell all over its body.”

“I’m supposed to carry that thing? That’s a piece of cake.”

“Kota-san, Kirie, it’s time to eat!”

I heard Mireina’s voice calling us.

I’m starving, so I guess I’ll have lunch here.

I went to the employee break room with Kirie. There, Mireina’s special yakitori bowl was sitting on the table. I can’t get enough of this.

“Thanks for driving. I made a bowl of rice topped with a bowl of Gale Bird’s yakitori, which gives you stamina.”

“Oh, that’s Mireina. Looks delicious.”

“It smells so good. Is the sauce homemade, too?”

“Yes. It may be a little thick, but the rice will taste better instead.”

“I’m impressed, Mireina. I can cook too, but not to this extent.”

We take our seats and eat.

The yakitori has a texture that loosens the meat and the meat has little oil, but the oil is thick and sizzling. The oil combined with the sauce was a perfect match with the rice.


Everyone seemed to feel the same way.

As expected, I didn’t say it out loud. It was a little too much.

“But still, the food has been very prosperous.”

“Indeed. Is there no other carrier in the world?”

“Basically, though, transportation is done by merchants. If an ordinary person asks for transportation, he or she does not know when it will arrive. Therefore, a carrier who can even specify the time of delivery is a rare but appreciated existence.”

“It’s true. Although it is difficult to transport perishable goods, they can transport vegetables and snacks. I gave sweets to the children in the villages and communities, and they were very happy.”

“Fresh stuff, huh?…”


If the truck had a refrigerated form change, it would be able to haul fresh goods as well. If I raise another 10 levels, I can choose the next form. Let’s hope there will be a refrigerated truck form at that time.

“Kota, you have a request from the Adventurers’ Guild this afternoon, don’t you? Don’t tell me Niramana will be there too?”

“Maybe. They should be waiting for us there now. We’ll eat, get some rest, and then we’ll be on our way.”


“Hey, hey, hey, it’s work. You’re an Agatsuma Shipping Company employee, not some adventurer Shiny Blue, so don’t worry about it.”

“… I know …”

Shiny turns away, but she’s probably fine.

Shiny seems to be having fun these days and doesn’t seem to have any lingering feelings about not being an adventurer. She has no problem meeting with Nina, who fired her ……………………Probably.

Well, let’s work hard this afternoon!