Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 29

Trucker, drunk for the first time in a long time

We dropped Metal Kong off at the guild’s dismantling site and received our reward.

By this time, Shiny was back, and she’s hungry. Well, there was an attack by Mud Kong, and after that much violence, I’m sure she’ll be a little hungry. Besides, I was able to confirm Shiny’s strength.

“Guess what’s for dinner today?”

“I asked Mireina. It’s a meat hot pot!!”


Mireina’s meat hot pot…..

That’s not good…I’ll buy beer with the points. I never did hot pot even when I lived alone, and I didn’t eat it when I went home to my parents, but if I ate a meat hot pot made by Mireina, who is a great cook, I would …… guffaw.

“Let’s hurry home!!”


Today’s work is done.

My company is organized. I never work overtime. It’s probably around 6:00 p.m……. Great, I’m going to have dinner when we get back. I’m ready for Mireina.

By the way, the office closes at 5:00. After that, the office and lobby are cleaned, Mireina prepares dinner, and Kirie confirms tomorrow’s deliveries.

There are not more than 20 packages in our custody. It will be over soon. Kirie is supposed to be helping Mireina.

We went home to the office, regretting the lack of a jet in the truck’s transformation.


“I’m home!”

“I’m home~~!”

When Shiny and I returned to the office, the first floor was already dark. But there was a smell of meat in the air. Shiny and I looked at each other and went up to the living space on the second floor.

“Welcome back, Kota-san, Shiny.”

“Welcome back, Kota-sama, Shiny.”

Mireina and Kirie, who had changed into their casual clothes, were preparing dinner in the dining room, a communal space.

Mireina was wearing a pink apron and her platinum blonde hair was tied up in a pink comb. Kirie wore a simple black apron and wore her silky white hair in a ponytail with a different color hairpiece than Mireina’s. I was impressed by their homelike appearance.

“Now, both of you, please wash your hands and change your clothes. Food will be ready soon.”


“Smells so good~!”

Shiny and I did as we were told and returned to the dining room.

Shiny was wearing normal clothes and her long azure hair was tied up with a blue braid.

“Huh? Could it be?”

“Phew~, even Kota noticed that.”

“When we went shopping at Kirie’s a while back, we all bought matching aprons.”

“I bought an apron too ………, by the way, though I don’t think Shiny will ever get a chance to use it.

“It’s ugly!! Oh, of course!!”

“Well, then, let’s leave tomorrow’s dinner to Shiny. There won’t be many deliveries in the villages tomorrow, and I think we can be back before evening.”


Shiny fell silent. Mireina, smiling, helped her out.

“Oh, um, Shiny, I’ll help you, too.”


“Shiny, you were an adventurer, weren’t you? I heard that adventurers often sleep outdoors and that they can cook a simple meal for anyone.”

“Oh, I’ve been eating the …… portable meals.”

“I see.”

“No…, it’s good. I enjoy eating portable food, and dried fruits are delicious!”

“Oh, relax. Let’s eat.”

The pot was simmering nicely.

With Mireina’s approval, I took the lid off the pot.



“Yes, it looks good.”

“As expected of Mireina.”

It’s simmering nicely. The meat is cooked well, with plenty of vegetables.

“This is the meat of the Potchery Oak. It is tender and tastes great when cooked, making it a perfect meat for hot pot.”

“Isn’t “Potchery Oak” a very expensive meat?”

“Yes, it is. I begged Mireina to buy it.”

“Kirie is it? You’re a former sister, but you’re so weak against desire.”

“No, this is a divine revelation. I should reward myself for my hard work.”

“Are you an office worker who lives alone?”

Well, I’ll let the pleasantries end here.

There is no sauce. The soup tastes good, meat, vegetables, and soup and put them on a plate. By the way, Mireina did it for me. I really want her as my wife. But she’s 17 years old and …… not ready yet.

I quickly took a bite of the meat………… and it was delicious. It’s really delicious. It’s the best hot pot I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t stop eating it. I open another can of beer that I bought.

“This one is also ……… good, too.”

Yikes, it’s so good, I start to laugh. I guess happiness makes you burst out laughing. I’m a strong drinker, and two or three cans of beer won’t get me drunk. But I started to feel better.

“Ah, I want a drink too!!”

“No, you’re underage, right? This is for adults.”

“Warning. The age of adulthood in this world is 18 years old. Therefore, Shiny Blue, can drink.”

“What? I mean, I still had my in-ear speaker on. All right, Shiny, you drink too!!”

“Yes!! I’ll have one too!!”

“What about you, Kirie?”

“Sake is God’s blood ……, of course I’ll have some.”

“Things are looking good, huh.”

Unfortunately for Mireina, she’s on the juice. I’d like to see her drunk, though. But it’s too dangerous, so I’ll refrain from doing so. Sorry.

“I’ve got work tomorrow, so …… in moderation.”

“It’s all right, Mireina~ ……”

“Yes, God exists. The great God who created this world. God watches over us and we worship Him …… oh a wonderful life ……”

Hmmm…are you drunk? Shiny is flirting with Mireina, and Kirie is repeating unintelligible phrases and praying. I’m starting to feel a little better too.

“Oh~……, I’m starting to have a good feeling …….”

“”Ko, even Kota-san is …… feeling comfortable.”

“Uhehe, Mireina-chan is so cute~…… fir.”

“Uhehehe. It’s good, it’s good, it’s good, it’s good.”

“Oh God, help me ……”

“Ugh~…… it’s been a long time since I got drunk……”

I’m starting to feel a bit fuzzy. It’s been a long time since I’ve had alcohol, and I’m getting drunk much more quickly……Something is making me sleepy.


“Oh, Kota-san, help”


The last thing I saw was Shiny squeezing Mireina’s b*****s.



I found myself on the bed in my room.

I hadn’t changed clothes or bathed. My head was throbbing a little. …… Maybe I have a mild hangover. I’ll buy a nutritional drink with points later.

Anyway, I got dressed and went to the dining room. Then, there was Mireina, preparing breakfast.

“Good morning, Mireina.”

“Good morning, Kota-san.”

“… Well, yesterday”


“Yes, um, …….”

I’m kind of scared of Mireina. She’s smiling, but it’s like she’s got a black aura around her. As expected, I get it. I guess she was the one who carried me to the bed.

“I’m sorry about that…”

“…… Alcohol is forbidden for a while.”

“Yes, ma’am. I understand.”

“Good. Then please wait a little longer. Food will be ready soon.”

“Oh, okay.”

Mireina laughed and resumed cooking. It seems that she is making a porridge for us that is easy on the stomach. This level of care is saintly. No one could ever duplicate it, right?

I return to my room and head to the bathroom with a change of clothes. I should at least take a quick shower to get rid of the smell.

So I opened the bathroom door.



There was Kirie, completely naked.

Her white skin had a reddish tint to it, perhaps from the shower. Her long white hair was tied up, and my eyes were glued to her beautiful naked body.

Her b*****s were huge. They were bigger than Mireina’s and had a beautiful shape. Only the tips were peach-colored and plump.

The waist and the lower half of her body are also wonderfully slim, and she has the style of a top model. This is wonderful.

“I’m a little embarrassed to be seen like this.”

“Oh, I see. …… Sorry.”

She doesn’t try to hide her nudity at all, but proudly exposes it all. I don’t think she is embarrassed, and her complexion remains normal. I’m not in the mood for this!

I hurriedly closed the door and returned to my room.

Oh no. I’m feeling too energetic this morning.