Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 31

Trucker departing for Olesanjo

Now, Shiny and I are making a delivery to a neighboring settlement.


“Shiny, what kind of place is Olesanjo?”


It’s been a few days since Nina’s visit. We were working and preparing to leave for Olesanjo. The company had announced a few days before that it would be temporarily closed. We even made a sign for this purpose and put it in front of the office.


“It’s a big country, maybe even bigger than Zenimouke. It would take two months by carriage from here.”

“Wow……, that’s two weeks by truck.”


That’s a lot of work. We need to stock up on food before we go.


“It would be best to stop at a few towns before continuing on to Olesanjo. It would be hard to go on without any supplies.”

“We can’t keep enough food for two weeks. Tama, please find me the best route to Olesanjo.”



Shiny takes a bite of her Pocky and I take a sip of my bottled tea. My tea is also deducted from my salary. Shiny is not the only one.


“I’d like to see the new….. holy sword, by the way.”

“I’m quite curious too.”


Because it’s a weapon that has overturned the conventional wisdom in my mind.

It was quite a shock to me that there was such a concept as the latest model of a legendary holy sword.


A few days after that conversation, the holy sword finally arrived.




After closing the office and preparing to leave for Olesanjo, Nina and a few adventurers arrived with large cases in their arms.


“Excuse me. Let’s talk about work right away.”


Nina-san, out of the blue. The beautiful and cool guild leader.

Mireina got up to prepare tea, Shiny looked at the cases the adventurers were carrying, and for some reason, Kirie was in a prayerful pose with her hands together.


“First of all, this is the newest model of the Holy Sword and the exclusive weapons of the heroes’ party.”

“There are four cases….., you don’t mean all of them are holy swords?”

“No. There is only one sword, and the rest are a staff, a bow, and a gauntlet.”


“You want to take a look? Some people are interested in it.”

“What? Who are you talking about?”

“Well, I don’t know. So what do you want to see? I don’t care if you want to take a look.”

“Well, since they’re here, let’s take a look.”


I said, and the adventurers opened the case.

What was stored in the case was a cool weapon.


“Oh, …’s so cool, it looks like it can transform.”

“It reacts to the magic power of the heroes and transforms into a high-powered form. It is called a mass-change alloy, and as the name implies, when magic power is channeled through it, it transforms into the form stored in the alloy, with the effect of greatly increasing combat capability.”


Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. Besides, we don’t need that information.


“The current holy sword cannot fully draw out the power of the heroes. So they redesigned the weapons to fit the body of the heroes’ party and made them the best weapons using the latest technology. This will satisfy the party.”



I was a little curious.

Why do they need new weapons? It’s as if there is a powerful enemy…………………. No way.

As soon as I had a bad premonition, Nina smiled and said.


“Hmm, with this, I’m sure they can defeat the ‘Demon Lord’ too.”




Demon Lord, Demon Lord, Demon Lord, that Demon Lord? Is there a Demon Lord in this world? Are you kidding? I’ve never heard about such a powerful and dangerous being.


“The recent increase in monster activity is due to the emergence of a high-ranking member of the Demon Lord’s army.”

“I knew………. that Mud Kong ………. was what you meant.”

“I’m scared…………of the Demon Lord.””

“I didn’t think there was any harm done around here…..”


Ah, so everyone knows. Apparently, the existence of the Demon Lord is a given in this world. I may have received a terrible request.


“Anyway, if I give this weapon to the party, they will defeat the Demon Lord, right?”

“Yes, the heroes are still young, but they have potential. If they are trained, they will surely become strong.”

“As I recall, they are on a journey right now, right?”

“Yes, that is right. The journey is more of an introduction. The miracle of healing of Saint Chris is necessary to defeat the Demon Lord. They are currently training in Olesanjo.”



Then, after listening to some precautions, Nina and the others left. The rest is just a matter of transporting this equipment and delivering it to the heroes.


“The request itself is easy, but the distance to Olesanjo is tricky.”

“It’s going to be a long trip, and we’ll need to stop at towns along the way to restock.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Olesanjou is a famous tourist destination.”

“We’d better get the things loaded up and get back to work.”


The shipping company was finally getting some traction with Zenimouke. We didn’t want to be gone so many times.


We loaded the weapons on the truck and left Zenimouke.




When we get in the truck, Shiny gets in next to me. Today Shiny is in her blue gear.


“The route to the “Kingdom of the Heroes, Olesanjo.” is set. The route is through the sludge swamp beyond the Kewasi Mountains. There are two confirmed dangerous species. Rock dragons inhabiting the Kewasi Mountains. The Green Viper inhabits the sludge swamp.”

“Can you arm the truck to go along with the Dangerous Species………?”

“No problem.”


No problem. Well, I had a feeling. I’ve reinforced the truck and it’s still doing no damage. Maybe we could even defeat the Demon Lord too?


“Outrageous as ever. A rock dragon is a dangerous species like the Venom Dragon, and it’s supposed to be defeated by a group of advanced adventurers, right?”

“However, you took the Venom Dragon on your own, didn’t you?”

“Well, that’s just……!!”


Well, Shiny knew the danger of the Venom Dragon’s venom spitting down on the surrounding towns and villages. She didn’t have time to spare to gather adventurers, I know.

Then I heard a voice from behind the driver’s seat.


“Shiny, you’ll have to switch places later.”

“We’ll switch every break.”

“Yes, yes. I know.”


There was a bit of a struggle over who would ride in the passenger seat. I suggested that they draw straws. It is only Shiny that has a good luck at times like this.


“Then, I’m going to prepare for lunch.”

“I have prayer time.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes, I pray to God for a funny calamity to happen to Shiny. God will help those who believe in him. I’m sure he will grant my wish.”

“You’re still bitter about your defeat, aren’t you!?”


That’s a lot of noise, even if it is fun. This will keep me from getting bored and keep me running. And while we’re at it, let’s turn on the radio and get going.


“Alright, let’s hit the road.”




No monsters appeared on the road, and we proceeded at a reasonable speed. We passed the wagons ahead of us and waved at them as they passed us. It is interesting to see the coachman’s stunned look whenever we pass each other.

Incidentally, Mireina is standing next to me.


“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“I guess it’s been a while because Shiny was always next to me.”

“Yes. But I feel ……… at ease next to Kota-san.”

“Well, is that so?”



I don’t know, I feel so embarrassed.

Mireina was also looking forward silently, and only the sound of the radio was echoing. I was so nervous that I didn’t care about that.


“Kota-san, this is for you.”

“… What is this?”

“It’s a good luck charm. I put my prayers for your safe driving.”

“Oh, oh …”


What Mireina offered was a small handmade sack. There is something in it, but I can’t check because I’m driving. I took the charm and slipped it into my b****t pocket.


“Thank you, Mireina.”

“No, I am the one who should be thanking you.”


The time with Mireina passes peacefully.




After lunch, Kirie was next to me.

When we drove from Omigod, she was in the living room the whole time, partly because she didn’t know how to get around. This is probably the first time she’s ever sat in the passenger seat.


“President, this is a wonderful ride. The chair is soft, it doesn’t vibrate as much as a horse-drawn carriage, and best of all, it’s wonderful to be able to go this fast.”

“That’s good to hear. Would you like something to drink?”

“… Then, … milk.”



I asked Tama to order a bottle of tea for me and a carton of milk for Kirie, and a bag popped out of the dashboard.


“… What kind of mechanism is this really?”

“I don’t know. It’s a gift from God, I guess.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful!”


I was joking……….. No, I’m not wrong?




“Deploying [Laser cutter]]. Firing.”



The rock dragon was shredded and killed instantly.


“[Gatling Gun] deployed. Firing in bursts.”



We proceeded for a week, leaving the Green Viper as a beehive. We stopped at a town along the way to do some shopping, and the trip to Olesanjo was going well.

The truck’s level had risen to 37, but no new armament had been acquired. Frankly, I don’t need any more. There’s more than enough.

The road changed from bumpy to well-maintained and it finally came into view.


“Oh, is that it?….”

“Identified the Kingdom of Heroes, Olesanjo.”


Three girls are in a thermal bath. I’d like to join them and play. What am I talking about? That’s a crime.


“Tama, can you call Mireina and the others?”

“Possible. The announcement function is activated. Do you want me to activate the video as well?”

“…………… Voice only.”


I’m not bothered. I’m not thinking that I want to see Mireina and the other girls naked, right? It’s a crime.


“Are you sure?”

“I told you, don’t ask me to confirm!!”


Tama’s making fun of me.