Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 34

Trucker learns Mireina’s secret

Mireina was against it, which I didn’t expect.

Normally she would say, “I’ll leave it to the president,” or “I’ll follow Kota-san” but this was the clearest refusal she had ever made.

“What’s wrong with Mireina? Are you perhaps afraid?”

“…Yes. Everyone knows how strong the demon army is. I’m scared…”

“It’s all right. I’m here and the heroes are here, right? And with the armament of the truck, any monster will be no problem.”

“I am not proud, but I also know magic. I may not be able to fight, but I can at least protect you.”

“…That’s not what I mean.”

“Mireina? What’s really wrong?”

Mireina is acting strange. She’s scared, but more than that, she looks frightened… I’ve never seen Mireina like this before.

Anyway, we can’t accept the request with Mireina in this condition. I’m going to ask the heroes to give up on this.

“I understand. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to decline the request.”

“I agree. I’m sorry, Mireina, that was insensitive.”

“I am sorry, too. Is there something wrong?”

“… Yes.”

“Okay, then, this conversation is over. We’re going back to Zenimouke.”

I turn around and face the girl hero, Tsukiyo.

“Sorry, my colleague isn’t feeling well. I’m sorry…”

“Oh, well, …I guess it can’t be helped.”

“I’m sorry. I hope you can defeat the Four Heavenly Kings safely.”

“Yes, thank you.”

But here comes the insensitive hero.

“Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute!!”

“Taiyo …… what? Kota-san is …”

“Just shut up, Tsukiyo. I heard you, old man. Why would you refuse? You can get paid a lot of money just to transport us, and we’ll guarantee your safety along the way, and we’ll promote your company everywhere we go! What are you complaining about!?”

I couldn’t say, “That’s your attitude, you little… And as long as Mileena is scared, I won’t accept any unreasonable requests.” In the first place, I don’t even want to get involved with the Demon King or the Four Heavenly Kings.

“Kiraboshi, Chris…”

“I’m sorry, Tsukiyo-chan…”

“No, it’s just that Taiyo really wants to hear what he has to say…”

“Totally …”

“That’s why, old man. You’re going to transport us, right? If you want, we can say that you contributed to the defeat of the Four Heavenly Kings. If I, as a hero, report to the king, you will also be paid a reward. You don’t have to do any work, you can just relax and live happily for a while.”


This kid was completely absorbed in his position as a “hero”.

I was wondering what to do, when Shiny finally snapped.

“You know what!! We said we don’t accept your request!! You can talk to him all you want, but if you think you’re going to get away with whatever you say, you’re mistaken!!”

“Oh? ……… Wow, you’re really pretty. And you look strong. Would you like to join our party?”

“Huh ……? What are you talking about, you idiot?”

I didn’t expect Shiny to be recruited. What’s going on in this guy’s head? Next to him, Kirie was holding her head and asking Chris.

“Chris… what is it about this hero that made you fall in love with him? I can’t understand it at all…”

“That’s none of Kirie’s business! Taiyo is so strong and cool!”

“I see. Well, it’s up to the individual to decide who they love, isn’t it?”

“M~m, you’re making fun of me ~~~~~!”

“No, I don’t mean that.”

They are arguing with each other over there. I’m the older one here, so I had to calm the situation down.

“Stop it, people!!”

I was thinking about it, but then I was beaten to the punch by …… Mireina.

We all look at Mireina. She looked around at all of us with sad eyes and said clearly to the little bastard hero, Taiyo.

“Dear hero, we accept… your offer for transportation …”

“Oh. Hehe, you should have said so from the beginning.”

“Sorry about …”

” Hey, Mireina!!”

“It’s all right, Kota-san. We are a shipping company, so if someone wants …… to deliver, we have to help them.”


Mireina smiles sadly. Why does she look so distressed… What is she hiding? What is frightening her…?

There was a moment of silence, and the most sane hero of them all, Tsukiyo, stepped forward.

“……… We will leave you alone for the day. I’ll report back with more details as soon as I can.”

“…… Got it. The truck is parked here, so come when you’re ready.”

“Yes. Sorry about…….”

“I’m glad to hear that. Well, let’s go get something to eat before we leave.”

“Yay!! I want cake!!”

“I’m going to…”

“Come on, let’s go.”


Taiyo the hero starts to walk with Chris and Kiraboshi. Tsukiyo started to walk with him, but stopped and turned around.

“Please don’t be offended ……. Taiyo doesn’t mean to offend. He’s just trying to save the world in his own way, and he’s not sensitive …… to his surroundings or to other people’s feelings.”

“Yeah, that’s why you guys are here, right? I don’t know about Chris.”

“Without me and Kiraboshi, he’s going to keep getting worse and worse… That’s why ……”

“I know. I don’t care, so go for it. Don’t let the stress get to your stomach, okay?”

“Pfft……, yes.”

Tsukiyo laughed a little, bowed her head and ran after them.


After parting with the heroes, we went back to the truck to talk. We sat in the living room, each of us in a chair. Mireina was silent, and Kirie made tea for everyone. First, let’s hear what Mireina has to say.

“What’s really going on, Mireina?”

“…I’m sorry.”

“I’m not mad at you. Everyone is afraid of the Four Heavenly Kings and monsters, but I feel something more than that from you, Mireina…”

“It’s …”

“Can’t you tell me? I’m curious about your secret.”


Hmmm, this is a landmine.

Mireina is trembling, her fists on her knees are shaking. It looked as if she was holding back something, as if she wanted to spit it out. I don’t know, but if she doesn’t want to say it, she doesn’t have to say it, in my opinion.

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”

So she said. I said she didn’t have to say it.

Neither Mireina, Shiny, nor Kirie seemed to understand what I meant.

“If Mireina doesn’t want to say it, she doesn’t have to say it. All we have to do is take the heroes to the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King. After that, we can go back to Zenimouke and start work as usual.”

“… Kota-san.”

My opinion is like this. Then both Shiny and Kirie smiled.

“Well, yes. Ignore all the details! Let’s just get it over with and get back to business as usual!”

“Yes. There is no Demon King or Four Heavenly Kings in our daily life. Let’s just do our job as couriers and go home.”

“Shiny…… Kirie……”

“That’s what I meant. Well, let’s use the points and have some snacks!!”

“Great!! I want a Pocky!!”

“I’ll have squid and fish. Milk for my drink.”


“What about you, Mireina?”

“……… Ugh …… ugh ……”


Mireina began to cry quietly.

Shiny hugged Mireina close to her chest. Then Mireina hugged Shiny and started to cry as hard as she could. What am I supposed to do, I didn’t expect this.

“I’m sorry …… I, I ……””

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, don’t cry. Come on, don’t cry.”


“Here’s a handkerchief.”


Hmmm. I know it’s inappropriate, but… crying face Mireina is so cute too.

The way the girls hug each other and comfort a crying Mireina is ……, what am I saying at a time like this? 

“Well, I’m …… going to talk to you. I want everyone to know …… about me.”



About Mireina. In other words, a profile on Mireina. I don’t know anything about Mireina. The only thing I know about her is that she ran away from home to become an adventurer and that her parents live far away.

“I ……, I, that ……, that ……, that …….”

“Mireina, don’t be so hard on yourself. We’re on your side.”

“Yes, we are. That’s why.”

“That’s why!! I want you to know!!”

“Mi-Mireina? Calm down.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Hu…”

Mireina took a deep breath and looked straight at us, as if she had made up her mind.

“I am …… I am not a human being. I am a demon, of the same species as the Demon Lord.”


“Well, demon tribe? What’s a demon species…?”

” It’s just as the word says. The demon species is a breed of beings descended primarily from the demon lord, and they live in a certain region.”

” Heh~, ……, what’s up with that, guys?”

Shiny and Kirie were up in arms. Shiny’s mouth was gaping open and Kirie’s eyes were wide open and she was holding her mouth. I’ve never seen this kind of face before.

“Well, the demon tribe …… a lie, isn’t it? Didn’t the demon tribe die out ……?”

“No, they live in cities on the continent of Coronzone. I come from there.”

“Isn’t the Coronzone continent …… the continent of death? The extremely dangerous area with a danger level of SSS, a magical land of death where it is said that no one has ever returned after entering!?”

“It is said that the Demon Lord’s Castle exists in the innermost part of the Coronzone continent. It is said that the previous generation of heroes only stepped into the castle after 40 years had passed since they were summoned. It is said that even a hero with unparalleled power finally arrived there while losing his friends…”

“Yeah, seriously.”

I don’t know about the previous generation of heroes, but it sounds like a very bad place to be. I mean, did Mireina come from a place like that? She seems a little weak for that.

“Then, is Mireina really …… strong?”

“No, no, I’m not very good at …… magic or sorcery, I can only study, and I was afraid of being harassed by my sisters and brothers, so I escaped to this continent using a transfer grimoire.”

” Then why did you become an adventurer?”

” I wanted to be an adventurer for once after reading the stories of the …… human world.”


“This is my secret, …… though you may not believe it.”

“No, I don’t believe you, Mireina is Mireina, right? And I don’t know if you’re a demon or not, but you look just like a human.”

She doesn’t have a tail, horns, or devilish wings. I’d like to see that, …… Mireina-chan, the …… little devil.

“I understand that Mireina is a Demon, and I’ve been wondering why you’ve been so frightened.”

” I think that the “Genbuou Basartes” is the most evil of the Four Heavenly Kings and that he came to this continent to hunt …… for them. I don’t know how powerful Hero-sama is, but to tell the truth, I don’t think he’s an existence that humans can handle.”

“Is he so dangerous!?”

“Yes…, because even on the continent of Coronzone, Basartes-sama was regarded as a danger.”

“Are you serious…”

They’re going to go and pick a fight with a monster like that? This is the death of the heroes.

“… Okay, let’s run away after we leave them behind.”

“I agree.”

“I agree. Um, can I take Chris with us?”

“Of course. If possible, I’d like to bring back the girls. If the worst happens, we’ll use Taiyo as bait and run away as fast as we can. Taiyo will probably say that he will beat him in a one-on-one fight, so let’s escape while he’s still alive.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea. Let’s go with that idea.”

“Ah, that.”

“What’s wrong, Mireina?”

“Is it okay if I leave…?


“Because I’m a demon ……”

“What does that matter? And if it weren’t for Mireina, we wouldn’t have any company, would we?”

” That’s right. I won’t be able to do enough accounting on my own. And who is going to prepare lunches and delicious dinners for the president? I don’t want Shiny cooking my meals.”

“Oh yeah… Hey, don’t casually disrespect me …!!”

“I’m sorry, I just…”

“This is it!!”

“Thanks, Shiny and Kirie ……. And, Kota-san.”

“Well, that’s that.”

Now I know Mireina’s secret. I feel like our bond is even stronger now.