Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 35

Trucker leaves for the dangerous zone.

The day after Mireina’s coming out. After breakfast, the four of us were relaxing when Tama made an announcement.

“President. We have a visitor. The individual’s name is Tsukiyo Kirara.”

“Oh, already here …, is it just one person?”

“Yes. Checking the area around the truck …, no other heroes detected.”

“Hmm, she came alone?”

I got up to pick her up and headed for the door at the front of the truck.

“Ah, I’ll guide her here, please get the tea ready.”


Mireina smiles at me. It seems that she doesn’t care about yesterday’s incident. I don’t want this to drag on too long, and I want Mireina-chan to have a smile on her face.

I opened the door and called out to the girl, who was looking around.

“Hey, this way.”

“Wow, you scared me. I’m here to talk … in detail.”

“Yeah. Come on in anyway. I’ll at least offer you some tea.”


“Well, why are you alone?”

“Everyone else is training at the castle. Taiyo is a very serious person. He trains every day in order to defeat the Demon Lord.”

“Hmmm. I’m surprised at that.”

I invited the hero girl inside and took out a pair of slippers. The actuality that the truck’s living room is strictly no footwear. This is because I am Japanese, and at first Mireina and the others were puzzled. However, I would not compromise on this.

The hero girl was scurrying around in the truck’s surprisingly spacious interior. Hmmm, the surprises are just beginning.

“Come on in.”

“Yes, excuse me………. Eh, eeeeeh!? What is this!?”

“Welcome. Please have a seat.”

“We have snacks.”

“Please make yourself at home first.”

The living room is spacious. There is a dining table and chairs in the kitchen, a carpeted floor, and a sofa. It’s a place for us to relax.

“Wh- what is going on …?”

“Well, this is my cheat skill, 《Dekotora》. I can modify the truck to my liking.”

“Ch- cheat skill…. W-wow.”

“Oh, and don’t tell this to the stupid hero. If he sees this, he’ll get very irritated.”

“Sure … I understand.”

“Then, please take a seat. Uh, Tsukiyo …, okay?”


I show Tsukiyo to her seat. Then, Mireina immediately offered tea and Shiny offered a box of Pocky. The first time she saw a box of Pocky, she was surprised to see it was made in Japan, but when I smiled at her, she understood.

“Delicious … I never thought I’d get to eat pocky in another world.”

“I’ll let you eat as much as you want here. I can’t give them to you as souvenirs, though.”

“Thank you very much, … I wish I could give some to Kiraboshi, too…”


“No, not that kind… and, sorry, I came here to talk to you.”

Tightening her expression, Tsukiyo began to give details.


“First, as for the whereabouts of Genbuou Basartes, we have received information that he is living in the deepest part of the bottomless swamp of Sokonashi.”

“The bottomless swamps? What’s that?”

“The Sokonashi Swamp. It’s a very dangerous area.”

As usual, this world’s sense of naming things is unexplainable.

“It seems that he tames the dangerous and super-dangerous species that live there and feeds on them as his own food. He hasn’t touched humans yet, but… it’s only a matter of time before he does. Once he gets a taste for humans, you can bet there will be massive damage to towns and villages.”

“Oh, really? Is it possible to win!?”

As Kirie said, it took the previous generation of heroes over 40 years to defeat the Demon Lord, right? I don’t think a child who looks like he was summoned less than a year ago can defeat one of the Four Heavenly Kings, a group of such monsters.

“Yes, we will defeat him. Unlike the previous generation of heroes, the technology of the holy sword and equipment has advanced. No matter what kind of opponent we face, we won’t fall behind.”

Well, that’s true. It would certainly be different if we added the technological advancement. Damn, I don’t know.

“Kota and the others need to drive us to the middle of the Sokonashi swamp. After dropping us off, you will return to the entrance and wait for us. This is the plan.”

“I see…”

As for me, my plan was to encourage Taiyo to go in alone, and then take the girls with me while he does so, and then we’ll be off. But if there is a chance to win, maybe it would be better to fight with all the heroes.



Mireina tugs lightly on my sleeve. The expression on her face is uneasy.

Probably because she knows how strong the Four Heavenly Kings are. That’s why she is worried.

“Don’t worry. It might be easier than you think. I’ll entrust this part to you.”


Her voice was faint and almost muffled. The anxiety is still there. But, as long as I took the job, I had no choice but to do it.

“We leave in three days and leave the route to you.”

“Eh, is that okay?”

“Yes. I thought it would be strange to specify the route, since you are a carrier.”

“Hahaha, you’re right. Then leave it to us.”

“Yes, we will take care of it.”

After saying that, Tsukiyo left. Apparently, she was going to train at the castle. I don’t care about Taiyo, but I don’t want to see such a robust girl die. Let’s hope he can defeat the Four Heavenly Kings.

“It’s true that the time period is different from that of the previous generation of heroes. Perhaps he could defeat the Four Heavenly Kings.”

“It’s possible, but … we don’t know what the Four Heavenly Kings are capable of. We can only guess what will happen.”


“What’s wrong, Mireina?”

“… No, I’m still worried.”

“It’s going to be all right. It seems unlikely that we will ever face the Four Heavenly Kings.”

I later learned that I had been naive in my thinking.


The next day. We decide to make careful preparations for the long trip.

Mireina and the others go out for shopping, while I reinforce the truck. It’s been a while since I’ve done this.

“Tama, do you have data on the Four Heavenly Kings?”

“No data on the Four Heavenly Kings. There is a lack of data related to the demon lord. You can get the information by scanning the target creature.”

“Hmmm, so if I scan the one called Genbuou Basartes, I can get data on the demon race?”

“Yes, we can get the data about the Demon Lords by scanning the target creature. Since the target’s combat capability is unknown, I recommend upgrading the truck.”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve earned a lot of points, so let’s do this. Give me the status of the truck, please.”

“Understood. Due to the increase in the number of items, the system screen has been reorganized. Please touch the windshield to open the relevant section.”

“Touch the windshield, you mean … touch screen system?”

I haven’t called up a truck enhancement screen in a while.


[Vehicle name]: Undecided, Level 37

[Driver]: Kota Azuma

[Vehicle specification] [Truck form]

[Armament details]

[Equipment details]

[Vehicle interior]

[Vehicle Reinforcement Details]

[Experience Points]

[Drive-In Details]

[Additional Equipment Details]

○ Following items are not yet unlocked.


“Oh, that’s pretty clear. Then let’s try it out and touch the experience points.”


 [Experience Points]

 ○Experience Points 《129500》


“120,000!? I didn’t know there were this many.”

“The average number of points for a dangerous species is 10,000. The number of dangerous species we defeated in the Danger Mountains is 18. If we calculate the point consumption so far, it comes out to this number.”

“Well, I’ve been shopping and eating quite a bit…”

That means at least 60,000 points of buying and eating. Shiny had Pocky and coffee. Mireina had potato chips and fruit juice. Kirie had surume squid, and milk. I drink tea and beer, too.

“I’m going to shop with my points in mind from now on. Open up the vehicle enhancement.”



[Vehicle Enhancement]

 ○ Body strength level 15, Experience value consumption 600

 ○ Tire strength level 15, Experience value consumption 600

 ○ Engine power level 10, Experience value consumption 100

[Vehicle Body Modification Details]


 ○ The following items have not yet been unlocked.


“Well…, let’s just raise all the levels to 30.”



[Vehicle Enhancement]

 ○ Body strength level 30, Experience value consumption 3000

 ○ Tire strength level 30, Experience value consumption 3000

 ○ Engine power level 30, Experience value consumption 3000

[Vehicle Body Modification Details]


 ○ The following items have not yet been unlocked.


“I think it will be fine. I don’t know how strong they are.”

I don’t want to waste any more points, so I’ll stop here for now. Come to think of it, I haven’t checked the equipment in the vehicle recently. I wonder if there is any equipment that would be useful.

“Tama, I’ll need the interior equipment.”



 ○ Interior Equipment

 [Residence room details]

 [Bedroom details]

 [Shower room details]

 ○Not purchased




 ○ The following items have not yet been unlocked.


“What’s that, a basement? What’s this?”

” It was unlocked when we leveled up in the Danger Mountains. I gave you the details.”

” Oh, is that so?”

” Yes. Just when Lady Mireina called for the meal.”


I wasn’t listening. Maybe I was more interested in the meal that Mireina-chan was making. That can’t be helped, yeah.

“Umm…, let’s see the details of the basement then.”

“Understood. The basement will be unlocked after spending 20,000 points, is that alright?”

“Ummm… Okay, buy it!!”

“Understood, thank you very much. Basement available. Showing entries.”



○Commercial refrigerator [12000]

○Wine cellar [10000]

○ Closet [8000]

○ Storage case [800]

 ○ The following items have not yet been unlocked.


This is a complete warehouse, but it’s perfect for long trips, and it would be nice to have a big commercial refrigerator.

I don’t need a wine cellar. I’m a beer drinker, and Shiny and Kirie don’t drink that much. If I want wine, I’ll just buy it by the bottle.

“Let’s see, let’s get a commercial refrigerator and about four storage cases.”

“Understood…Installation complete”


That’s about it for now. We can add the rest as the levels go up and more items are added. I wonder if Mireina will like the commercial refrigerator.

After a short break, I’ll go fetch Mireina and the others.


The basement was set up with a staircase directly next to the kitchen. Mireina was very pleased with the commercial refrigerator and immediately put the food she had bought into the refrigerator in the basement. I’m glad she’s happy.

Two days later, the day came to take the heroes to the Sokonashi Swamp. We went to the designated place to pick them up, and they were waiting for us with the back part of their wagon. It seemed that they were going to use that to connect to the truck.

“Hey, old man, let’s get on with it!!”

“Oh, stop with the old man. I’m only 26.”

“Really? You look so tired, I thought you must be over 30.”

“Leave me alone. Mind your own business.”

I back the truck up and use the tow bar to connect the wagon to the back of the truck.

Then a girl with loose wavy hair approached me. This girl, I think, is Taiyo’s harem No. 1.

“Thank you for your time, Kota-sama. I look forward to working with you today.”

“Oh, um…”

“I’m Kiraboshi, Enjido Kiraboshi. Please call me Kiraboshi.”

“I understand. I’m looking forward to working with you, Kiraboshi.”

“Yes. That … I apologize for any inconvenience caused by Taiyo-kun’s selfishness…”

“I’ve already told Tsukiyo that it’s okay. I’m sure you have a lot of work to do babysitting Taiyo. You don’t have to worry about us too, so take it easy on us.”

“… Your concern is greatly appreciated.”

What a solid-looking girl. Her name is also amazing, maybe she was a rich young lady.

Kiraboshi bowed politely and went to Taiyo.

“Okay, here we go.”

“O-okay, then, let’s go!! Our goal is the Four Heavenly Demon King of the Sokonashi Swamp! Wait for us, Genbuou Basartes, we will defeat you!!”

Taiyo pulled out his sword and declared.

We’re going to have to deal with this stuff as we go along. It’s a real pain.

I let out a sigh and got into the driver’s seat.