Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 39-40

Trucker, delivery completed.

TLN: (There is no Chapter 39…)

“New item “Dekotora Fusion” has been acquired. Would you like an explanation?”


I answered that almost unconsciously.

It was better to listen to everything Tama had to say right here than to ask something. I made that decision on the spur of the moment. Above all, there is no time to lose. At this very moment, Taiyo will be caught and devoured by Genbuou Basartes.

“The “Dekotora Fusion” is the complete combat form of the truck. Its offensive power surpasses that of the [Armament], and it can manipulate weapons dedicated to its combat form.”

“Really, … it has that kind of power?”

“The president’s voice authentication code is required for the transformation. Please enter the voice authentication code with a voice of 80 decibels or higher.”

“… What is that?”

“It’s just a specification.”

“I’m twenty-six, … do I have to scream like a special effects superhero?”

“President, we don’t have time for this.”

I know this is not the time to joke around in this situation. But I can’t resist.

The text displayed on the uncracked electric power window is a voice-activated code. If I yell it out, the truck will transform into a combat configuration. That means we have a chance to take down that turtle.

“Tama, are you sure we can beat him?”

“Yes, it is possible.”

“All right… I’ll do it.”

I wiped the blood from my forehead and checked again.

Shiny and Kirie holding Mireina in their arms. Taiyo, who stood up even though he had fainted to protect Tsukiyo and the others. And Genbuou Basartes a monster turtle that looked to be about 10 meters in height.

I’m not a hero, I’m just a carrier. So I have nothing to do with the Four Heavenly Kings or the Demon Lord. What I’m going to do is just exterminate monsters. It’s no different than shooting goblins with a machine gun or running over them.

“Hey there, you damn turtle!”

My cries were heard.

Not only the turtles, but Shiny and the others who had regained consciousness, including Tsukiyo, saw me.

I must have looked ridiculous screaming in the overturned and destroyed truck.

But this is where my battle begins.

“Machine Transformation! Dekotora fusioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!”

I shouted with all my might. I had no sense of shame.

“Voice verification code confirmed. Transforming into 《Dekotora Kaiser》”

“So, Dekotora Kaiser?”

The next moment, the truck glowed and its battered chassis rose up.

In an instant, the destroyed parts are repaired, and the windshield is repaired cleanly.

“Oh, woooow!?”

“The final safety device is deactivated. Transformation sequence activated. Transformation of arms. Transformation of legs. Body transformation.”

The truck chassis cracked, and the aluminum body also deformed. The truck is transformed like a Transformer.

The view becomes elevated and the seat shaked. And the seat moved to the roof for some reason.

However, it is not the roof part, and it is quite narrow. The front and left/right visibility secured, but it looks like a cockpit of a robot. In front of me was a familiar steering wheel. No doubt, this is the head of a robot.

“Transformation sequence complete. Please enter the final recognition code.”

Then the words appeared again on the screen in front of me.

I’m supposed to scream again? I’m going to go all the way.

“Dekotora Kaiser! Start delivery!”

The truck transformed into a robot. It’s just like a movie robot.


“Huh, transformed?”

“It’s a robot…it’s amazing!!”

“Well… what is that?”

“What is that? What is that!?”

I can hear the hero party making noise. I can still pick up the sounds from here.

“Please select your control method. Type A control stick. Type B hand controller.”

“Eh, well…”

“The Type B hand controller is recommended. It is simpler to operate and you will be more familiar with it.”

“Okay then, that’s it.”

Then, the steering wheel part cracked open and a familiar controller appeared from inside. Hey, hey, this is a console controller, isn’t it?

“I will provide detailed support. You just control the machine as if you were playing a game.”

“It’s like playing a video game on the spot. Well, I’m the type of person who starts a game without reading the manual… Okay, let’s go!”

From my vantage point, the Dekotora Kaiser is probably about the same size as Genbuou Basartes.

I grab the controller and slowly move the analog stick forward. Then the Dekotora Kaiser slowly moved forward.

“W-What is that!? An iron giant!?”

“It’s Dekotora Kaiser, you turtle!!”

I pushed the analog stick forward as hard as I could, and the Dekotora Kaiser began to run.

“President. The buttons on the controller are action commands. You can use punch, kick, jump, and weapons. As for the armament, I will choose it at my discretion.”

“I’ll leave it to you!”

I press the yellow button with the analog stick down. The Dekotora Kaiser then made a dash jump and passed over Genbuou Basartes’s head.

“Take that!”

“Nuuuu‼ B-but, my shell!?”

From behind Genbuou Basartes, I quickly pressed the red button. Then, the Dekotora Kaiser’s punch cracked Genbuou Basartes’s shell.

Apparently, Genbuou Basartes did not expect to have his shell cracked.

“Ku, fufufu, gahahahaha!! I didn’t expect you to crack my shell!! It’s getting fun!!”

“Same here, you bastaaaaaard!”

Before I knew it, my fear had vanished. The unrealistic scene paralyzed my senses. Because it’s a robot, right?

But I’ve been playing this kind of game for a while. I sometimes stop by the arcade on my way home. I’m not afraid of fighting games.



A series of furious red button strikes. A regular rush of punches hit Genbuou Basartes. Occasionally, I pressed the green button to unleash a kick.

“Machine gun sweep.”


“Nice! There’s an opening!”


A machine gun sweeps from my line of sight, or head, and a shower of bullets rains down on the exposed face. He was holding his arms crossed in front of his chest to guard against the punches, and that’s what got him in trouble.

I took that opportunity to input the crosshair bottom right diagonal right + red button… short uppercut that caught him in the jaw and blew him away ‼ Genbuou Basartes was blown away and fell on his back.

“That’s a hell of a lot of power…”

“It’s a perfect fighting form. Power, durability, and speed have all been increased.”


“It can also be enhanced with points. With the unlocking of Machine Transformation, new functions have been added.”

“I’ll get to that later. I’m going to finish him off.”

“Understood. I’m deploying the Dekotora Kaiser’s exclusive weapon, the Driving Buster.”

Then a huge object flew in from somewhere.

It looked like a big, rugged sword, yet at the same time like a thick cannon, a special weapon used by superheroes.

“The “Driving Buster” is a special weapon that can transform into two types of modes: a large sword mode and a cannon mode.”

“Oh, oh, something like that, I don’t care anymore. No tsk tsk.”

Thanks to the hit on his chin, Genbuou Basartes stood up, dizzy. I was so scared, but now I’m not scared at all. In fact, I wanted to get it over with.

“Oh, you…, this, this me, this me, the strongest of the four Heavenly Kings, … by a mere human.”

Wow… that’s a line that sounds like a villain’s playbook. The giant tortoise Genbuou Basartes is dizzy. I’m going to make a decision here.

I press the L button on the controller, transform the Driving Buster into Cannon Mode, and point the barrel of the cannon at Genbuou Basartes. The screen in the cockpit locked onto him.

“It’s over, Genbuou Basartes. I’m going to deliver you to the afterlife!!”

“Full charge.”

Oh, man, that line might be cool.

The barrel of the cannon was full of beams of light. I pressed the blue button.

“Driving Cannon” firing.”

“Take thisssss!!”

A thick laser beam is fired from the barrel of the cannon, enveloping Genbuou Basartes.

“Guaaaahhhh!? This me!”

Gradually, Genbuou Basartes’s body disintegrated, and by the time the beam of light disappeared, Genbuou Basartes’s body was completely obliterated. I’ve won now.

“The life response has been completely lost. Genbuou Basartes, has been defeated. Level has increased. Level 40 reached. You can acquire a new transformation mechanism.”

“We’ll get to all of that later. Let me out first.” 


Slowly the seat descended and exited. How cool it appeared that the robot’s crotch was like an exit, and it has become an indescribably uncool appearance. This is a bad idea.

I unbuckle my seatbelt. Then three girls came running in front of me.




“Is everyone all right? Mireina, are you hurt?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Chris-san healed all of us. Kota-san was able to hold off Genbuou Basartes for a while.”

“I see…that’s good.”


I hugged Mireina in front of me as hard as I could.

I honestly thought she was dead. After being blown up and rolling around like that, I was really glad that she was okay, even if my blood was running cold.

“Wait!! You’re too close!!”

“What is it, are you envious? Come here.”

“What are you talking about, you idiot!!”

“Then don’t hesitate, excuse me, President.”

“Oh, oh.”

Kirie hugged me tightly. She hugged me gently so that I and Mireina were wrapped together, and I hugged her back, too, defeated.

After enjoying the two girls for a while, Shiny got impatient and yelled at me.

“Oh, it’s over!!”

“Oh, Shiny.

“Oh, God, I was just getting started.”

“Oh, yeah. And, more importantly…”

I looked for the hero party and saw four of them looking up at the Dekotora Kaiser. What are they doing?

I looked up at the Dekotora Kaiser again.

It was a white and silver robot about 10 meters tall. It looked like something out of a SFX movie, with remnants of a truck in places.

“It’s cool… and it’s strong…”

“I definitely want this strength in our party.”

“Certainly. It’s amazing.”

“So this is the Iron Giant called ‘Robot’ that Taiyo was talking about~”

The Dekotora Kaiser, having done its job, returned to its original truck form, making a loud noise. It’s really amazing. It’s like a Transformer.

I headed for Taiyo and the others, and Taiyo excitedly said.

“Old man, old man!! This robot is amazing!! Please join us by all means!!”

“No, I won’t. This robot is not a tool of war, it’s a tool of work.”

“But it’s a force to be reckoned with…”

“I’m sorry. This time I had a hand in it because one of our employees was hit, but essentially the battle is the job of you and your party of heroes. Or can’t a hero summoned to another world fight without the help of a truck driver who died and came back to life?”

Well, I knew that the hero party would try to recruit me.

I think this is the most troublesome thing this time around.

Taiyo took a bite out of my provocative words.

“That’s not true, I am the strongest hero, and I’m going to become even stronger so that I can defeat the Four Heavenly Kings by myself!!”

“That’s great. But remember, you’re not alone, right?” 


Just as I had Mireina and the others, Taiyo has Tsukiyo and the others.

Well, Taiyo can still be very strong. I’m not sure how much more powerful the Four Heavenly Kings can be.

Perhaps understanding my stiff determination, neither Tsukiyo nor Kiraboshi tried to recruit me. Instead, they praised Taiyo for fighting well.

“Taiyo, that … was so cool. I was impressed.”

“It was wonderful of you to stand up even though you fainted, and to hold up your sword to protect us, Taiyo-san.”

“It’s already great!! I’m liking it more and more!!”

“Oh, oh…hehehe”

Taiyo scratched his head in embarrassment. If anything, he was cool. In my honest opinion, I was quite impressed with him.

“Now, let’s go home. We’re all a wreck. Why don’t you go take a bath?”

“That’s good. Then all the girls first!!”

“Ah, what about a bath?”

“Come on, you’ll be surprised, won’t you?”

“Umm, what does that mean?”

“Hmm, it’s a nice hot spring. Chris, you should come too. I want to check on my sister’s progress.”

“Hey, what’s that!! I’m growing, too!! “

Everyone got into the truck and I went to the driver’s seat by myself.

The girls went to take a bath, and Taiyo sat down on the couch and fell asleep.

“Thanks, Tama.”

“I’m honored to be of service. “

I really wanted to thank Tama.

Without Tama, Genbuou Basartes could not have been defeated.

It was thanks to Tama that the transformation took place. I am here with everyone because of Tama.

“Now, shall we go back to Olesanjo?”

“Yes, I’ll search for the shortest route.”

When I get back, I’m going to give the truck a good wash.


After dropping off the heroes in Olesanjo, we returned to Zenimouke.

Apparently, Taiyo was determined to become strong enough to defeat the Four Heavenly Kings and the Demon Lord on his own, and the Tsukiyoe and others seemed to be acutely aware of their own lack of power. They are going to train further and upgrade their weapons, and it seems that they will start training without a break.

It is a good thing that they are not soliciting me anymore. Tsukiyo also gave me a pep talk, saying she wouldn’t say anything unnecessary and that I should do my best as a carrier.

We went back to Zenimouke and decided to resume work again after a few days of vacation.

By the way, we are all washing the truck today. Shiny and I are washing the chassis, while Mireina and Kirie are cleaning the seats.

“Mmm-hmm, how do you feel, Tama?“

“Comfortable. Thank you, Shiny Blue.”

“Let’s get you cleaned up~”

“Mireina, you’re in a good mood.”

“Yes!! I’m working from tomorrow, so I have to do my best, Tama-san!!”

“I haven’t felt this way for a long time. No, I’m just getting back to the way I should be.”

Tomorrow, I will resume working as a shipping company. It’s a busy but fun day at Agatsuma Transport Company. I don’t want to get involved with the Demon Lord, the Four Heavenly Kings, or any of that bad stuff anymore.

“Tama, I’m counting on you tomorrow.”

“Understood. President.”

“Fufu, it would be nice if there were a lot of requests.”

“They’re coming. They are looking forward to your reopening. Niramana told me.”

“Then, let’s have a feast today to cheer up the business. How about hot and spicy hotpot?”

We are Agatsuma Shipping Company. It’s going to be busy tomorrow.