Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 4

Trucker, strengthen the truck.

“Well, there you go.”

“Um …”

“Okay, here’s how you open it.”

I opened the passenger door and let Mireina in. I got into the driver’s seat and fastened my seatbelt.

“Mireina, put your seatbelt on.”


“Here, you pull this string, right, through the hole.

“Oh, so it holds you in place.”

Well, I don’t mean to cause an accident, but just in case.

“I am the Divine Intelligence “Customization Support” associated with the “Dekotora”. Nice to meet you Mireina.”

“Who!? What!?”

“Calm down. Just think of it as the voice of this truck.”

“”Truck”? That’s this vehicle, isn’t it?”


Mireina was looking around the truck. Well, I’m sure it’s very unusual for her.

“Master would you like an explanation of the [Vehicle Body Enhancement]?” ”Yes, please.”

“Awesome. [You can enhance the strength, speed and load capacity of this truck. The truck itself can be made into a different type of vehicle as the level goes up.]”

“A different type of vehicle!? For example?”

“Yes. The current level is 4 and the first vehicle type will be opened at level 20. At that time, you’ll be given several options to choose from and you’ll be able to change your vehicle to the one you want. Of course, the basic “truck form” remains intact.”

Hmmm, does it feel like a robot from a children’s cartoon? Well, it’s convenient, I guess.

Mireina remained puzzled. She didn’t seem to understand what it meant.

“I’ll show you the current status.”


[Vehicle name]: Undecided. Level 4.

[Driver]: Kota Azuma

[Vehicle specs]

 ○ Maximum speed 140km/h

 ○ Maximum load capacity 3.5t


 ○ [Machine gun] [Small missile] [Makibishi] [High-frequency blade] [Hook shot] [Bearing bullet] [Electromagnetic whip]

[Interior equipment]

   ○ [Roof] [Rear Space] [Audio]

[Reinforced body.]

 ○ None

 ○ Experience points ・ [211]

 ○ The following items have not yet been unlocked.


“Oh, my points are increasing. Could it be the fighter goblin points?”

“Yes. Would you like to spend the points to perform maintenance?”

“Yes, ….. then enhance the vehicle.”



 ○ Experience points ・ [211]

[Vehicle enhancement] 

   ○ Body strength level 1, 10 experience points consumed.

 ○ Tire strength level 1, 10 experience points consumed.

 ○ Engine power level 1, 10 experience points consumed.

[Vehicle Conversion]

 ○ Not available.


 ○ Not available.

 The following items are not unlocked.


“…..Hey, what’s this thing?”

“Not available at this time. I can’t give you any details.”

“Hmm, well, okay. I’ll just go ahead….”

I spent 70 points to enhance three items. I don’t need that much engine power and safety comes first.


 ○ Experience points ・ [141]

[Vehicle enhancement] 

   ○ Body strength level 3, 30 experience points consumed.

 ○ Tire strength level 3, 30 experience points consumed.

 ○ Engine power level 3, 30 experience points consumed.

[Vehicle Conversion]

 ○ Not available.


 ○ Not available.

 The following items are not unlocked.


“All right, let’s move on to the cabin equipment.”



 ○ Experience points ・ [141]

○ Equipment list

 Cushion: 2 points

 Audio: already purchased

 Toilet: 50 points

 Livingroom: 180 points

 Shower: 200 points

 Bedroom: 500 points

   Following items are not yet available.


Hmmm, I’m curious about the living room, but I think I’ll go for the toilet.

I’d be embarrassed to do it outside with Mireina there. And I’m sure Mireina will do the same. Oops, s****l harassment.

“Then set up a toilet room. After that, I’ll use it when I collect points again.” ”I understand … Installation completed”

“Oh, oh!?”


Then, the truck suddenly vibrated.

I turned around and saw that the back space had disappeared and the truck was much wider in depth. It was wide enough for me to stand and walk.

Moreover, there were campervan-like entrances and exits on both sides of the truck, so that I could enter and exit from the outside. And there is now an entrance with a door behind the driver’s seat.

“Hey, this is….”

I unbuckled my seatbelt and went in through the outside entrance and opened the door behind the driver’s seat.

“Oh, it’s a flush toilet!? Look, Mireina, it’s a toilet!”

“Oh, a toilet? Why are you all of a sudden going to ….”

“Well, never mind. Anyway, this solves the toilet problem. Feel free to use it, Mireina-san.”


I went back to the driver’s seat and confirmed the situation.

“You know, that….”

“The excrement will be decomposed in the truck. Water is filtered from the air, so don’t worry.”

“I didn’t ask you anything, but thank you for your kindness.”

The voice answered easily and without embarrassment the question that I was wondering about.

“Oh, and what kind of fuel does the truck use?”

“The fuel is air and the air is taken into the vehicle to be used as energy. It’s infinite energy.”

“This is outrageous.”

That’s why the fuel gauge is always full. I’m so grateful I’m about to cry.

“Okay. That’s about it. Let’s accumulate some points and set up a living room next.”

“Okay, yes. Please.”

Mireina doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. Well, I’m sure she’ll be happy when we set up the living quarters. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.

“Alright. Customization Support, please locate the Symphonia Flower.”

“Aye, Master. ——— identified. The Flower of Symphonia was found 11 kilometers east of your current location, near a goblin nest.”

“Goblin nest?”

“Yes. The goblin nest is a cave and the Symphonia Flower is blooming at the top of the cave.”

“Well, I’m sure you can find it in such a place.”

“All right, we’ve got some points to earn, so let’s get going.”

With me and Mireina on board, I started the truck.