Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 42

Trucker, Listening to the Past ①

How Nina met Shiny. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.


We, minus Shiny, decided to listen to Nina’s story over an after-dinner drink. Mireina went to the trouble of re-brewing tea for that purpose. Let’s listen to her story carefully.


“I met Shiny Blue five years ago when she was 14 years old. I had just turned 20 and had just inherited the title of “Blue” from the previous “Rainbow-colored Adventurer of Arcobaleno”.

“Wow, I knew you were strong.”

“Of course! At that time, Nina-san was called the strongest “Blue” of all time! She was asked many times at the age of 20 to lead the Olesanjo Knights because of her ability to lead and teach rather than her individual abilities.”



Mireina, you’re scaring her.  Nina’s in a bit of trouble.


“Mireina, calm down. We don’t want you hoisting me up too high.”



I was angry with Mireina and depressed, and Mireina was embarrassed and sunk in shame when Nina pointed it out to her. Kirie sipped her tea leisurely and urged Nina to continue.


“I was at the peak of my skills at the time, so I gave up on honing my own skills and thought about training my successor.”

“Th-that’s… no way.”

“I didn’t feel I had that much talent to begin with. My combat skills are entirely the result of hard work, which is also the result of training myself to the point of vomiting blood.”


Surprisingly, Nina is such a hard worker. Nina is the type of person who trains with such a heavy heart.


“It is true that I am better at training others than I am at training myself. I am so specialized in this skill that my personal strength seems to be a blur. Of course, it does not mean that I am weak.”


That’s true. I saw Nina take out Mud Kong with a single punch.


“That was when I met Shiny Blue…”


Oh, finally, you’re getting to the point.


“I met Shiny Blue at Gonz’s Armory.”


“It’s where Kota and I sold the armor we found in the goblin caves. It is also called the adventurer’s preparation shop, and it is the perfect place for new adventurers to get their first equipment. I got my equipment there through the guild.”

“Heh, I didn’t know that.”


In short, it is the first weapon shop in the game. It’s a store that sells iron swords and leather armor and stuff like that.


“Yes, that’s right. In Gonz’s armory, there was Shiny Blue. I was suspicious at first when I saw a girl in tattered clothes and a white hood hiding her face, selling a number of jewels I had never seen before on the counter for cash, and buying iron swords and armor there. I was surprised when I tried to question her about where she got such expensive jewelry.”


Nina rested her chin on the table, nostalgically.


“The girl was sooty but very beautiful… blue hair and eyes, slender but strong, and she stared at me. At that moment, I thought, this jewelry must belong to the girl. That’s how much I sensed something noble from the girl.”


“Noble… Shiny?” 


I can understand why Kirie is so skeptical. I can’t believe it either.


“Yes. Though the cheeky attitude is the same as now.”


Nina smiled as she reminisced about the past.


*****《Five years ago, Nina’s point of view》*****


When I became an “Adventurer of the Seven Colors” and started to make my name known here in Zenimouke, I, Niramana, used to stroll around the town.

People say I am one of the strongest adventurers, but I disagree. I think there are plenty of people stronger than me, and my predecessor “Blue” also told me that I am better suited to training and raising others than to fighting.


My true role is to find and train the next Blue. I am not so dull that I do not understand that. I knew that my predecessor had made me Blue for that purpose.

That is why I walk the streets and look for the next successor. This Zenimouke attracts any number of young people who knock on the guild’s door to become adventurers, or adventurers who stop by to replenish their supplies.


“Well… it’s not that easy to find them.”


People on the street look at me with envy, and some even smile wryly. But none of them are much. At least, all of them are inferior to me.

Then a familiar group of adventurers approached me.


“Hey Niramana, how are you doing?”

“As usual, Becks, Giele, and Girdle.”

“Ah, Nina, are you alone as usual? I know I’ve told you a hundred times, but would you like to come on an adventure with us?”

“Sorry, Giele. I’ve got things to do.”

“Seriously…, but we won’t give up on you, will we? I can’t give up on a woman of your stature.”

“Girdle, you’re not so bad yourself.”


Becks, the swordsman; Giele, the sorceress; and Girdle, the shieldman. This group of adventurers is one of the top five A-level adventurers in Zenimouke, the “Trinity” team. They are a group of people who have invited me to join their group many times, and they are also my drinking buddies.


“Well, okay. Hey, Niramana, you’re coming with us tonight.”

“Sure. You’re going to work now?”

“Yes, we’re taking down the “Gash Wolf”” that haunts the Kinlin Road. It’s a simple request, and we’ll get you a round of drinks when we get paid.”

“…I understand. Let’s look forward to it.”

“See you later tonight, Nina, bye-bye.”

“Fufufu, I owe you one now…”


Girdle said something, but I didn’t care. I wondered if he was planning to invite me to join the group using alcohol as a topic. Well, I don’t think Becks could pull off such a trick, and Giele probably just wants to drink normally, so it was probably Girdle’s idea.

I saw Becks and the others off and walked around town again.


“… It’s been a while, let’s say hello.”


What caught my eye was a single armory shop. It was a store frequented by adventurers who were just starting out, with the sign “Gonz Armory” hanging on the wall. Gonz, the owner, never forgets anyone who has visited his store even once. Gonz says he’s so clear-headed that he’s able to do that, but I think he’s lying.

I smiled a little and opened the door to Gonz’s store.


“Welcome … Oh, Niramana. You’re as pretty as ever, and you’ve become more attractive.”


Gonz’s eyes were fixed on my chest. The old man is still the same as ever.


“Well, thank you. I was passing by, so I stopped by to say hello.”


Apparently, he had a visitor. A traveler in a tattered cloak seemed to be in the middle of talking to Gonz.


“I want to buy with this. Find me some clothes and equipment.”

“Okay… oh!? This is…”


Out of the traveler’s pocket came a pile of beautiful jewels. Rubies like bright red fine wine, aquamarines like blue sky, emeralds of clear green, etc. Even an amateur like me could tell they were expensive.




I was instantly wary of this traveler.

Gems of this magnitude are rare on the market. Even in this commercial city of Zenimouke, it would be rare to see one. The fact that a traveler wearing such a ragged piece of clothing has them could mean that they are either in a very bad situation or they could be classified as a bandit.


“Hm… sorry, but you can’t buy with them here. It’s too expensive and the contents of the store’s safe are not enough.”

“I don’t want your money. I want you to find me some equipment. I’ll trade for it.”

“I’m sorry…, but I can’t do that either. It’s not a fair exchange.”

“Eh~, I don’t care, so it’s fine. Clothes and equipment are more important than jewelry like this, and I can’t become an adventurer without a sword.”


Adventurer. With that one word, I made my move.

I walked up to the traveler and put my hand on her shoulder.


“May I have a word? If you want to be an adventurer, I can give you some advice.”



I had intended to probe the traveler and determine her true identity. The possible sources of so much jewelry are bandits and royal tomb robbers. I was going to talk to her and extract some information from her, but I … couldn’t help but fawn over her.


“What are you doing, staring at people’s faces?”

“…Ah, I’m sorry.”


The hood that was wrapped around her head fell off due to the force of the grab. Then, a beautiful pair of “Blue” swayed in the air.

Her face was a little d***y, but she was a beautiful girl. Her beautiful blue eyes shining on her well-defined face reminded me of the blue sky. She was only a child, but I knew it intuitively.


“I am Niramana. I can advise you on equipment if you want.”


This girl and I will have a long relationship.