Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 5

Trucker, try arming yourself.

“Funfu-n ♪”

“Oh, Kota-san, what’s that sound?”

“Ah, it’s called a radio, you can listen to celebrities chatting and singing with it. Isn’t it interesting?”

“Well, yes, it’s playing some nice music.”


Well, I guess so. What’s playing right now is this week’s hit chart and it’s the latest song by a five-member national idol group. To be honest, I don’t care about it, but I’m glad it’s Japanese music.

“Master, we have a goblin 400 meters ahead. Do you want me to run it over?”

“If you ever say you’re going to run someone over again, I’ll get really angry. You’re asking me this on purpose when you’re armed, right?”

“No, there are only four of them, so I thought it would be faster to run over them than to deploy our weapons.”

“…… Yeah, I know, but… Oh, well, I guess we’ll just have to try another weapon.”

“Yes, Master. Please select a weapon.”


 [Armament List]

 ○ [Machine gun]

 ○ [Small missiles]

 ○ [Makibishi]

 ○ [High frequency blade]

 ○ [Hook shot]

 ○ [Bearing bullet]

 ○ [Electromagnetic whip]




“It’s too ……disturbing for me now.”


While I was pondering the horrible lineup, Mireina was peering curiously at the windshield.

“What’s a missile?”

“Oh, missiles are ……… huh? Can you read?”

“Yes. I don’t understand what a missile is though.”


Oh, Kanji and Katakana are widespread in this world? That’s good information.

“It has a visual translator, so it will give the appropriate text to the species looking at the screen.”

“…… I see.” 


Mireina has her head tilted back.

Hmm, she’s kind of cute. Come to think of it, I wonder how old Mireina is. I think she’s in high school, judging by her sizes.

“Hey, how old are you Mireina?”

“Me? I’m 17.”

Oh, wow. It’s a real JK! I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to enjoy the b*****s of such a cute little JK, but this other world is not abandoned. ……… My thoughts are totally that of an old man. I’m only 26.

While I was thinking that, I saw a monster.

“Kota-san, it’s a goblin! It’s a common green goblin. Its fighting ability is not very high, but it appears in groups, so it’s quite a troublesome monster.”

“”As expected of an adventurer. Then deploy the …. [High-Frequency Blade]!”

“Yes, Master. [High-Frequency Blade] deploying.”


Then, from the rear of the truck, just below the left and right side body of the truck, a two-meter-long metal blade unfolded.

“What is it……?”

“Is that the sword ……?”


As Mireina and I watched in the rearview mirror, we suddenly heard a strong vibrating sound coming from the blade: “BEEEEEEEEE!”. I knew it was useless without a direct hit.

“Master, please continue rushing into the goblin swarm. You are free to run them over or cut them up.”

“You really need to shut up! Armament change. Uh, [Bearing bullet]!”

“Understood. [Bearing bullet] deployed.”


I saw the front hood open. It seems that’s the launch pad.

Small missiles are too obvious, the electromagnetic whip is probably a melee weapon anyway and the Makibishi and hook shot don’t seem like weapons that would be used against the enemy in front of us. I’ll go with the cheap bullets for now.

“Gya!! Gagaa !!”

“Gau, Gaaaa!”


Oh, I’ve been noticed. That’s because a high-frequency blade makes such a loud noise. The range is around 80 meters.

“Master, the range of the bearing bullets is 30 meters. I recommend an additional 50 meters.”

“All right, let’s go, Mireina!”



I shifted from third gear to top gear and stepped on the gas pedal. The speed increases to 40 kilometers per hour, and the distance between us and the goblins is quickly reduced.

“Customized support! Fire bearing bullets!”

“Roger that. I’m firing.”

The four goblins were reduced to pieces of meat.

The speed of the bullets was so fast that I couldn’t see any metallic bullets at all. Before I knew it, the bullet were fired and flew away, engulfing the goblins and the surrounding trees.

“Wow, that was amazing …….”

“What the heck was that? ……”

Both me and Mireina were surprised. I mean, the weapons are so dangerous. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t choose the small missiles.

“Your level has increased. [Handgun] has been unlocked.”

“What? Handgun?”

“Yes. Would you like an explanation?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Open the dashboard, please.”

“Dashboard, what’s that?”

I turned towards Mireina and reached for the dashboard. …… Inside the dashboard was a shiny black handgun. Of course I would never carry such a crazy thing.

“Emergency equipment. Desert Eagle. Nine rounds, magnum ammunition.”

“No, why? What does it have to do with trucks?”

“Isn’t there a gun in the dashboard of every truck and car?”

“What kind of common sense is that? That’s the world of movies. …… No, I’m Japanese and I don’t care about that common sense!”

“I see. But a handgun is also a fine weapon, so I recommend carrying one.”

“….Well, it’s cool, I’ll take it.”

I never got the chance to screw with a real one. I’ll take it, despite what she said.


“The goblins have been exterminated. Let’s move on.”

“Hey, ……, who is this voice, Saputo? Who is she?”

“Hmm, I don’t know either. It’s kind of hard to call someone like that.”

“Yes. Uh, Kastama. …….”

“Customization support.”

“Yes. Then how about calling it Tama-san? Don’t you think it’s cute?”

“Tama …….. I like that. Okay, from now on you’re ‘Tama’. Okay?”

“I’m Tama, ………. As of today, my name will be changed from “Customized Support” to “Tama”. Thank you, Mireina-sama.”

“No problem~.”

“Haha, you have good taste, Mireina-san.”

“Is that right? Um, ……just Mireina is fine. Kota-san.

“Yeah? Mireina then.”
“Yes, Kota-san.”


I’ve always called her Mireina in my mind. It’s more comfortable.

“Okay, let’s go. Mireina, Tama.”

“Yes please.”

“Understood, Master. The goblin’s nest is four kilometers east of our current location. And I’m picking up a metal signature from the goblin’s nest.”

“Metal signature?”

“Yes, Master. The details are unknown at this time. We’ll know more once we get closer. My guess is that it’s some kind of treasure.”


The treasure is …… Well, the goal is the “Symphonia Flower”. I’ll keep that in mind.

If we don’t hurry, the sun will set soon. Let’s get going and head for the “Commercial Kingdom of Zenimouke”.


I stepped on the gas pedal again, heading for the goblin’s nest.