Delivery man in another world – The world’s strongest Trucker Chapter 8

Trucker gets goblin treasure

TL/ED: Bogdi

“It’s so dim, …… Tama, there’s no trace of life, right?”

“Yes. There’s no bio-signs. The cave is definitely empty.”


With the truck’s lights on, we slowly made our way through the cave.

Mireina is cooking lunch in the kitchen, using the ingredients she had with her. I’ve taught her how to use the equipment, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she cooks.

“There’s a signal 120 meters ahead. Equipment and treasures of the adventurers who fell victim to the goblins have been identified.”

“Oh, there they are.”


It was dark, so I drove in third gear. The light from the car is not enough to reach the ground. It was also narrow and the ceiling was low. When I thought about it, I wondered if I’d have to back up on the return drive. I wonder if I can make a U-turn somewhere.

“Hey, Tama. Is there a place in this cave where we can make a U-turn?”

“Searching ………. There’s a dome-shaped space ahead. Driver Assistance Function activated. Rearview monitor deployed.”

“Oh, I see we have one.”

A part of the windshield turned into a rearview monitor. Now I feel a little safer on the way back.

Besides, I’m curious about the strength of this truck. How tough is a level 10 vehicle body? How tough is a level 10 vehicle body? What would happen if it hit a rock or a wall? I can’t repair it. …… Hmmm.

“Tama, what happens if the truck is damaged or wrecked?”

“If your truck gets damaged or wrecked, you can spend points to repair it. Currently, there are reward points for killing monsters, but you can also exchange money for points.”

“Wow……, how strong is vehicle body level 10?”

“In this world, a level 10 vehicle body can completely protect against a blow from a Behemoth.”

“I don’t understand this example…….”

As I was saying this, we arrived at our destination.

It was probably the deepest part of the cave and it was shaped like a semi-circular dome. At the back of the dome, there was a random pile of armors and swords.

“Is that the treasure?”

“Yes. That’s what the metal signature is. Swords, armor, coins, bills, precious metals and other equipment have been gathered here.”

“…… Hmmm, that doesn’t sound good. If I think about it, I’m a thief. ……”

When I hesitated to think about it, the door behind me opened and Mireina appeared.

In her pink apron, she looked like a newlywed wife.

“Kota-san, your meal is ready.”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”



Well, we’ll think about it after we’ve eaten. Mireina’s food is getting cold.





Mireina made a combination of meat and vegetable soup and some hard bread. She looked a little apologetic, as if she didn’t have the right ingredients.

“I’m sorry… this is all we have left of the ingredients. ……”

“It’s okay. When we get out of the cave, we can find some fruit to eat.”


As I said that, I took a sip of the soup ………. It’s so good. The saltiness is just right and it’s just the way I like it. I can have many more bowls of this.

“You know, about the treasure …….”


I consulted with Mireina.

I explained to her that it was not treasure, but the belongings of an adventurer and that the precious metals were accessories for adventurers.

“You should take it. If you think about the adventurers who died in this cave, you should use it for Kota-san’s future life rather than leaving it in a dark cave. If you sell it to a weapon and armor shop, you can make money, and if you repair it and sell it, the armor will be useful to its new owner. So, Kota-san, let’s take it for the sake of those who have passed away.”


I see. That’s one way to think about it.

It is true that I don’t want to act like a thief and depending on Mireina’s opinion, I might even consider leaving them. But if it’s going to be our livelihood, we might as well take it.

“Well, thanks for that ……, Mireina.”

“No. It’s nothing serious.”


We finished our meal and Mireina and I went outside.





Tama said there was no sign of life, but it was scary in the dark like this.

I tucked my Desert Eagle into my pants, Mireina equipped her sword and we went outside.

I used a flashlight to illuminate the abandoned armory, but there was quite a bit of armor and ……… human remains.

“Uh-oh …….”

“Poor fellows. …… At least let’s bury them outside.”


In my 26 years of life, I had never seen a human skull before. Holding a real skull, not a model of a dummy, Mireina started to put the bones into a bag she was carrying. I feel so pathetic.

Instead, I gathered together the gear and opened the door of the truck’s body. Oh, by the way, I’ve got a room and a bedroom now, but it looks like a regular four-ton truck on the outside. Well, I don’t care about the details.


There are quite a few of them.

Swords, armor, necklaces, rings and bags of coins and bills. There are more than 30 swords alone. There are cheap copper swords, shiny knives and necklaces. The bills were quite thick, which made me wonder if they might have been adventurers who were transporting cash.

“Kota-san. Excuse me.”

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m retrieving my dog tags and taking them to the guild. If they don’t confirm death, they’ll be missing forever….”

“I see……”


After about fifteen minutes, the recovery was complete and Mireina and I left the cave.

When we left the cave, I asked Tama about something.

“Tama, is there a good vantage point nearby?”

“Search complete. There is a relatively safe space a mile and a half west of here that is well traveled. It’s probably the best place to bury them.”  “Thank you, Tama-san….”


The place Tama instructed us to go was along the road, but in an open area and even if we buried the human remains off the road, there would be no problem with the traffic.

We didn’t have a shovel, so we picked up a rod and dug a hole, buried the human remains there, and put a rock on top to add flowers. The rock was heavy, but the two of us rolled it over and set it in place.

“Phew. …… This is good, right?”

“Yes. I hope they will watch over the safety of this road.”



I spend some points and offer them a drink.

I know it’s a selfish image, but I think adventurers like to drink and they should have a drink in the afterlife.

“Well, let’s go …….”

“…… Yes.”

I was a little sad, but I changed my mind and went.

I got in the truck and turned on the radio.


“Okay!! Let’s head to the commercial Kingdom of Zenimouke! We’ll exchange for cash, get the money, and rent an office for the shipping company!!”

“Yes! Let’s go!”


I pressed the gas pedal and the truck began to move.