Episode 66 For some reason, I ended up going to the pool with the riajus ③

Tl: Bogdi
Ed: Bogdi

“… Both of you are late.”


When I arrived at the umbrella, where Kenichi and Fuji, Fuji was waiting with a slightly dissatisfied expression.


“Don’t say that, Kotone! I wasn’t sure he”ll be fine. But it looks like it was for nothing. But it looks like it was all for naught! Towa!”


“……, speak for yourself.”


I answered with a sigh and looked away from Kenichi, who had a grinning face.

For some reason, Fuji-san, who seemed to be in a bad mood until a while ago, looks at me with warm eyes.


Well, it can’t be helped, even if you see it with that kind of eyes …

Because Rin is still clinging to my hand.


It’s kind of hot, it smells good, and … it’s soft.

My head is spinning.


But one strange thing is that Rin is sensitive to the gaze of the surrounding people for some reason.

Normally, I don’t think she would be too concerned about it. ……

“Rin, why are you looking so frightened?”

“I thought I heard someone swear, so I’m looking for the owner of the voice.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about it. Anyway, it’s almost everyone around.”


A beautiful girl, a goddess, a very handsome man and me.

I’m not going to lie, I can’t blame them for having doubts and wanting to complain about me when I’m in this group.

(“Why that guy? Is it the power of money?  Why him?”)

If there’s anyone who thinks, “They look great together! If there are people who think that, I recommend that they go to the hospital.

It’s not normal and it’s should not be possible. ……

“… everyone?”


Rin who groans, shivers, like a scared cat … No, in this case it is a cute cat.


The eyes following me are sharp, but I don’t feel scared.

It’s so cute that I want to scratch her chin like you would a cat.

But of course I don’t. ……

“I …… have a few words to complain to say to them!”

“…… Rin, calm down.”

“I’m not sure what to say, but I’m going to say something.”

“…… will you calm down.”

When Rin with teary eyes nodded, Fuji let go of Rin’s cheeks.


“But … Kotone-chan. I just want to make a statement …”


“… No. If Rin speaks out, it gets more complicated.”




“… I understand your feelings, but hold back. You know what he’ll do if you act like that,……, don’t you?”


Fuji-san glances at me.

Hey, why are you looking at me …


“Uh … that’s right … I was not thinking straight …”


“… I hope you understand. More than that …”


Fuji took something out of his pouch and handed it to Kenichi.


“… Kenichi, could you put some sunscreen me please? I forgot to apply it.”


“Hmm? … Oh! Leave it to me! Do you want it on your back?”


“… Yeah. Please.”


When Fuji was lying on her lounge chair, she handed Kenichi a sunscreen cream bottle.

As expected,  … It’s a natural exchange and there is no sense of discomfort.

If it were me, would be able to apply it ………… ?


I look at her with that feeling,  I felt a strange gaze from the Fuji.


Is it just me?

I felt like she was looking out for something …….

As I’m thinking about this, I get a thump on my shoulder.

When I turned around, I saw Rin, her face flushed red, holding out what I thought was sunscreen cream at me.

“Well … Rin. What is that …?”


“Oh, that … I want to ask … Sunscreen …”


Rin, who is always dignified and dignified, feels weird when she asks for something strange.

I felt a heat as if the blood of my whole body was concentrated on my face, and it was very hot ….

Maybe I’m blushing like Rin.


I deliberately turned my eyes away and muttered “hot,” and fanned my face with my hands.


“… Isn’t it better to ask Fuji-san?”


” Kotone-chan is being helped by Katou-san …”


“She can help you after they finish.”


“…… I can’t do it because the product Rin is using doesn’t mix well with my skin. So Tokiwagi-kun will do it.”


Fuji opens her mouth as if to interrupt my argument.


“If so…., if Kenichi does it …”


“…… You’re not going to let someone else’s boyfriend do it, are you? I’m not sure what to say.”

“……Excuse me”


I reflexively apologized after feeling a cold gaze from Fuji ,that could kill people.


I wonder what.

I felt that the blood that had been concentrated on my face a while ago was being pulled back at once.


……  Fuji, I’m scared.


“Give up, Towa! Are you so conscious of Wakamiya-san?”


“… That’s not true.”


I denied it , but I was shocked in my heart.

I mean, it’s more difficult to say that I am not aware of it … this situation.


“Towa-kun….,isn’t it alright?”


Rin’s big eyes look at me with anxiety.


This is foul play, isn’t it …


I don’t know how to resist her.


…… If anyone knows, I would also like to know.

I sigh.


“Okay … I’ll do it …. do you want it on your back?”




Rin showed an innocent smile and made a happy gesture.

Looking at this situation, I feel my hears beginning to beat faster.


I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to do it.


“Well then, you can start.”




Rin lay prone like Fuji-san.

In front of this defenseless figure, a sigh leaked from my mouth again.


…… There no choice but to do it?


I made up my mind and squeezed some sunscreen cream on my hands.

Then I put my hand on the white and delicate skin on Rin’s back.


“Cha …”


“Um … are you okay?”


“Okay, I was just surprised because it was unexpectedly cold.”


“……I see”




“Is there something strange?”


“No … I just thought that Towa-kun’s hand was big.”


“A man’s hand is like this …”


“It’s kind of warm.”


“… I’ll continue.”


“Yes, please”


I start applying the cream around her shoulders and continue to apply the cream toward her waist.

When it was finished, I got some more sunscreen  and applied it on her back.


Rin’s back, which I touched for the first time, was smooth and beautiful with no rough spots.


…… Is she perfect to such a state?

I laughed unintentionally.


“Hah……… No, it’s nothing.”


“Well, that’s fine,but …”


As soon as I got to her waist, a glossy voice leaked from Rin.

I intended to pretend I couldn’t hear it, but it seems that Rin was also embarrassed.


Her ears were red and her cheeks were stained cherry red even as far as I could see.


If you’re embarrassed, you shouldn’t have asked me. ……

I shake my head from side to side as if to shake off the empty thoughts that I have in my head.


My bad friend looked at such a situation with a grin.


“Kenichi, why are you grinning …”


“Nothing. I’m smiling.

“…… Good for you, Rin.”

“…This is not a spectacle. Don’t involve yourself in someone else’s affair…”


I cursed.

Rin saw me like that and when our eyes met, she smiled gently.

When I gently turned away from Rin, I sighed.