Episode 67 For some reason, I ended up going to the pool with the riajus④

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After overcoming the ordeal of putting sunscreen on a beautiful girl’s back, I found myself in a swimming pool.

Holding on to the floatation ring, I just let myself drift. Even with just that, I could feel the heat slowly receding from my body and face.

In addition to the pleasant coolness of the water, it feels so good that one might fall asleep.

“…… Hey, can I ask you something?

“What is it?

“How small is it?”

“Is it small?”

Many men and women are holding themselves and floating on large floatation rings..

Our balance is bad, and Rin is kind of close as well …

Damn … what should I do in this situation?

I don’t know because I don’t have any experience.

I don’t know if I was aware of my heart, but I think our current situation was funny, because Kenichi and Fuji, who were also behind us, were grinning.

Fuji was floating with her body completely in the middle of the floating ring, supported by her sides.

Kenichi is following her, pushing her along. …… Well, that’s how the two of them are.

Even so, it makes Fuji-san look pretty.

“What do you mean it’s small? The pool is huge, right?”

“No, I’m not talking about the pool. ……”

“I’m talking about your back Towa-kun.”

Rin’s white fingers gently touch my back.

My heart started to race and tickle, and I felt like I was about to make a strange noise, but I held it back.

Then I sighed to hide my embarrassment.

“I’m more on the thin side, ……. I mean, …… you know what I’m talking about, right?”

With a small laugh, Rin gave me an innocent smile, like a child playing a prank.

This gap is usually displayed between adults.

This is the kind of thing that can really shake your heart. ……

This is what is known as the “Gap Moe”.

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“Well, I know.”

“Then you should hold on to the other side for balance…”

“I don’t want to.”

“Eh …”

Before I can say anything else, I sigh at Rin, who refuses to move.

Even if I move my body to the side a little bit she still follows me tightly.

Maybe they are teasing me?

“Think about it, Towa-kun. If we hold the floats across from each other, the size of the floats will increase. The overall length will be longer, and it will be a problem for the people around you.”

“Ah, if you ask me …”

“On that note, if we’ re holding on to the same spot, we won’ t disturb them. So, you can see which is the better choice, can’t you?”

“Huh, I can’t help it. ………… No, wait. No, wait a minute. Won’t that put too much weight on one side and cause us to sink?”

“I’m on the lighter side, so I won’t sink.”

“That’s not the point. ……”

Strangely, the ring does not sink.

It’s true that, as Rin said, it doesn’t sink at all, even though we’re together.

Are today’s floats specially treated or something to make them harder to sink?

“I’m confident in my core, so I won’t put my weight on it, so that it doesn’t sinks. So you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Well, that’s why it doesn’t sink …?”

“Yes, but is it strange?”

It’s not the performance of the float, but …… Rin’s godlike physical abilities that are doing the work?

When I looked sideways at Rin, she noticed my gaze and tilted her head to the side and smiled.

I don’t think I could handle it if it were me, but ……. 

It’s not impossible for Rin?

It’s strange that just by adding the words “if you’re Rin,” you feel like you can do it all: ……. 

I’m actually doing it …

“Isn’t it funny, if it’s …… Rin?”

“There’s something implied in the way you are saying that ……. I’m not sure what to think.”

I ignore Rin, who pouts in frustration, and concentrate on not sinking.

Watch out …….

I was distracted by Rin and I was about to lose my balance.

“Well … Towa-kun. I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination, but it seems like you’re putting a lot of effort into the hand that grabs the float ……?”

“… People aren’t designed to float on the water.”

“… Maybe, you are overdoing it, because you can’t swim?”

“Sadly, …… I am unfortunately a terrestrial creature. I’m not the kind of guy who can spend time in water. So it’s only natural that I’m incompatible with water.”

“That’s right …”

 Rin looks down apologetically.

 ——I’m sorry.

I thought I made it seem like I wasn’t serious, but I guess that didn’t work …… on Rin.

I hope you’re not thinking, “I’m sorry I forced you to come to the pool,” but judging by your expression, you’re thinking …….

Yes, I can’t swim.

I can hold on to things and float, but I can’t do things like swim 25 meters.

I don’t know what it is about me, but even when I try my best to flap my legs, I end up sinking instead of moving forward.

Well, it’s no wonder I couldn’t do it since the only chance I had to go to the pool in the first place was for school classes.

The fact that I had been skipping …… pool class was also bad, of course. ……

Now, what should I say to Rin ……?

If I say the wrong thing, it could get me in trouble.

Mainly because my heart is going to hurt …….

“Rin, you don’t have to look like that, I–“

“Towa ~! If you can’t swim, why don’t you ask Wakamiya to teach you how to swim?”

“Wait, Kenichi! Don’t say unnecessary things….”

I stare at Kenichi, who calls out from behind.

Because if you say that …

“Let me teach you. I’ll teach you, and I’ll make sure you can swim, Towa-kun!”

Huh, I knew it would be like this at …….

“I’m not interested in swimming. It’s not like I’ll be here that much.”

“Then we’ll come back to the pool and we’ll practice.”

“Why would you do that? ……. I’m not coming.”

“Don’t you want to go ….with me?”

She pulls her face close to mine and stares straight at me. 

Her eyes looked moist like an abandoned puppy.

“………… Tsk. That’s not fair, the way you asked. ……”

“Which one is it?”

“Well, …… if we get the chance, …….”

“Then it’s decided!

I sigh, still as pushy as ever.

Rin, who has become like this, will never back down. ……

So you have no choice but to back off.

Now that this has happened, there is no way for me to resist …

I didn’t want to start this process, so I hid the fact that I can’t swim. …… Kenichi you …….

I glared at him as if to convey my resentment to the root of all evil.

But Kenichi didn’t seem particularly bothered by it, and gave an amused smile.

“Don’t stare at me like that, Towa! It’s okay. There’s no harm in knowing how to swim.”

“It’s not good.”

“And wouldn’t it be great for a man to have Wakamiya take him under her wing and teach him everything she knows?”

“… No comment”

The best for a man.

He’s not wrong at all.

I get to be taught by the most beautiful girl in school, a goddess of sorts.

Instead of hating it, I should cry and rejoice.

But I can’t be honest about it.

I’m too blessed, it’s too good to be …….

I can’t honestly say that I’m not happy about the way my feelings are growing.

This is because the bigger the expectations, the bigger the reaction will be. ……

After all, the world is just a place where there are no plusses or minuses.

Good things are always followed by bad things.

Too much of a good thing will become a bad thing.

“Towa? You’re not trying to think about anything extra, right?”

“What? That’s not true.”

“Hmm ……, I see ……. I think I’ll leave this to Wakamiya. I think it’s better that way.”

“… I agree. I think that’s good. Rin is full of motivation.”

I turned my face away from the two who were saying something I didn’t like and looked at Rin fearfully.

When our eyes met, Rin smiled and grabbed my hand tightly, as if to say, “I won’t let you go.”

And Rin’s eyes were not her usual clear eyes, but intense eyes that seemed to be burning with a sense of duty.

I felt my face tense up. 

My head started to hurt as I thought about what could happen next.

“Let’s get on with it. Let’s get to it. The sooner the better.”

“…… Oh, I knew that would happen. By the way, ……, do I have any right to refuse?”

“No “


“Let’s go.”

Rin pulled me with the float and moved it to the poolside.

I chuckled at her handiness and forcefulness.

I don’t feel bad about Rin’s forcefulness. 

It’s not …… good to think that way, though. ……

“Well, I’m going to do my best! First, we’re going to practice in a children’s pool to learn swimming form.”

“That’s immoral, so let’s not do that, okay?”

“Fufu. It’s a joke. Let’s do our best.”

Her charming smile.

I felt a little pain in my chest when I saw it.

I muttered, “It can’t be helped,” and followed her as she pulled me by the hand.


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