Episode 68 For some reason, I ended up going to the pool with the riajus⑤

TL/ED: Bogdi

Human beings are not good ,when they try something they are not used to.

“Failure is an experience, let’s use it to do better next time.”

Some people might say that. But I think differently.

Failure is just that, failure. It’s hard, it’s exhausting, it’s depressing.

You will only exhaust your mind and body. ……


Besides, if you don’t have the will to work hard, you will simply be left with the bitter experience of failure.

Only a few people are able to face their failures without complaining.


And only a handful of them will be able to use their life experience to improve their skills in the future.

…… It’s hard to swim.


I sighed and looked up at the sky.

“That’s why I said … People aren’t designed to float on the water …”


After pool practice, I was naturally exhausted, and I was lying in a chair.

It doesn’t matter how good Rin’s teaching is, if the pupil is no good, it’s no use.

A good coach cannot create a good player.


“Hey, Towa~. Are you alive? I didn’t think you could swim that well. ……”

“… You’ re a dried up slacker.”

“Towa-kun ……. I’m sorry, I overdid it …….”

I waved my hands in the air and muttered, “Don’t worry about it.”

Rin was fanning me with a traditional folding fan, trying to relieve my fatigue. 

A cool breeze passed over my tired body as if caressing it.

What kind of breeze do people feel comfortable with? It’s a folding fan that can create it.

Yes, it’s cool and pleasant.

As I twisted my body, the towel covering my face shifted a little, and I caught a glimpse of the benevolent goddess.

I stared blankly at Rin’s figure, wanting to take a picture of her.

When Rin noticed my gaze, she smiled gently and placed her own hand over mine.

The blood in my body starts to boil.

The hand that was touching Rin’s was hot, and my blood seemed to be concentrated there.

I raise my body to cover it up and turn my head once on each side.


“Hmmm. …… I’m okay now.”

“You can rest a little longer if you want. You worked so hard earlier, it’s no wonder you’re tired.”

“No, I’m well rested.”

“Are you sure? You can’t overdo it, okay? In the meantime, let’s have a nutritional drink ……. Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll get it for you right away!”

“You’re worrying too much. …… You’re not my mom. I don’t know why you’re bringing that …… thing.””

The more prepared you are, the more …… you can do.

You’re too prepared for it …

I mean, when did you prepare for something like that?

At least I don’t think there was one at home. ………… Well, I guess there’s no point in thinking about it.

Rin seems to be searching for something while looking at me with a worried look in her eyes.

Well, perhaps she’ …… is trying to find out if I …… am lying.

I shrugged my shoulders.


“….. Rin, you’re not pleased with the way I’m is acting?”

“No, Towa-kun is very good at hiding things, so …… I can’ t let my guard down. I’ve got to be careful, especially if he suddenly starts smiling.”

“You don’t trust me?”


“Haha! Well, it’s because of you do it daily.”


She kept staring at me.

I have a weakness for those eyes that seem to see through everything. I can’t help but feel that no matter what I do, it’s useless.

I can’t help but sigh.

It seems that the sales smile that I developed at my part-time job is no longer working for Rin.

“I’m worried about Towa-kun, because he sometimes pushes himself too hard without anyone knowing. I think he’s trying to force his body to move, even though he’s too tired to move. ……”

“Don’t worry, I don’t work that hard at things I’m not good at.”




“Really,…. I’m not a hardworking and serious person.”


It makes me sad to say it, but facts are facts.

I can’ t say, “I can’t move yet,” after I’ve been given this much time off.

And if I show my tiredness, …… Rin, who takes care of me in a …… rewarding way, is too close ……… …It will kill me in a different way.

“I’m not sure what’s bothering you so much, Rin.”

“Well, you looked like you were in a lot of pain a while ago, and then you suddenly got up. ……”

“Oh, so that’s what …… you mean. I guess so. …… Yeah. That was …… no big deal.”


“You’re not lying?”


“No, it’s not a big deal.”


I couldn’t look directly at her and looked away.

Rin held my face in her hands and made it impossible for me to escape.


Damn ……, I need get my eyes off it.

Even though, she’s wearing a s**y swimsuit, it’s even more poisonous to my eyes, than her usual self, …….


I was able to a get close-up …… of it.

Is there no such thing as shame for Rin?

Ah, my face is hot!


“Well, well, well, Wakamiya-san, you should leave it at that. If you go too far, you’ll make Towa feel pity for you.”

As if to help me out, Kenichi interjected.

Rin tilted her head slightly as she turned her face only towards Kenichi.


“Pity for me……?”


“Yeah, there’s a certain line that a man can’t cross. It’s just not the right thing to do.”

“To me, he looks like he’s pushing himself …….”

“No, no, no, I don’t think he’s physically tired like Wakamiya-san is worried about. It’s just that it’s not what he’s forcing himself to do.”

“… I don’t really understand.”


Kenichi smiled wickedly at me as I lost my faith in him.

“Wakamiya, if you’re so worried, why don’t you stay with me? Today, all the time …”


“Kenichi … what are you saying?”


“What I’ve always planned to.”



“…… Then I’ll stay with Kenichi the whole time.”

Kenichi gently pats Fuji’s head.

Then the two …… gaze at each other. Only around the two of them, I feel a fluffy aura of happiness overflowing.


“Oh, you two. Don’t forget that we’re here, okay?”

“…… You should read the atmosphere, Tokiwagi-kun.”

“Unfortunately, if I could read the air, I wouldn’t be in Group D.”

“… Mmmm.”


“Kotone, don’t be so pissed! I’ll see you at …… later, okay?”

“… I understand. I promise.”


Fuji-san doesn’t hide her love for Kenichi in front of us, does she?   At school, she’s a little salty about it though …


“Now, it’s time to go to …… the specialty of this pool!”

“… Yeah. I want to go.”


“A specialty? Is there such a thing?”


“It’s that. “


Kenichi looked in the direction he was pointing.

“I want to go there.”




A giant water slide!

Fun with friends!

Couples can have fun with each other!




There was a sign that said that.

I stiffened, my face tightening.

I had a feeling about it.

I’ve seen the billboard many times before coming here.

“Towa-kun, that sounds interesting! I’ve never experienced anything like it, so I’m very interested!”

“…… There’s no reason not to go when you’re here.”

“I know, right? And, Towa-kun…… ah, well, I guess I know without asking.”

“I’m sure you can guess.”

I don’t want to go.

A water slide for someone who can barely hold on to a float?

When I’m ejected from the exit, I’m sure there will be a screaming sound.


“It’s a two-seater, so don’t worry, Towa.”

“Even if I was told that …”


I looked at Rin next to me.

Rin’s big eyes flickered and seemed to be filled with anticipation.


Wow, …….

Her eyes are shining so brightly. …… She looks like she really wants to go …….

Ugh. It’s hard to refuse …….


“I understand your concern, Towa-kun. But it’s gonna be okay!”

“Is that so ……?”

“I’m not going to let you drown or anything like that happen. I’ll make sure you’re safe.”



“Leave it to me.”



I mean, …… that’s usually a line a man would say. ……


Rin stuck her thumb up and tapped herself on her arm.

Wow ……, she’ s so thin …….

At first glance, her body looks unreliable, but somehow it gives me a sense of security.

Is this what you call Rin quality?

It’s like, “Safe, secure, and flawless!” It’s like that.


“Well, let’s raise the tension!”


“” Whoooo! “”




The three of us were in high spirits, and Kanazuchi was a grumpy.

As if to lead me on, Rin hugged my arm and pulled me along with her.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Rin.

She is normally very polite, but at times like this she is very forceful,…….

I looked at the clear blue sky and let out a breath.


The scorching, hellish heat had somehow eased, and the pleasant afternoon …… meant that the end of our time at the pool was approaching.

…… Maybe it was surprisingly fun.

“Towa-kun, did something good happen to you?”

“Nothing really, …… why?”

“You seemed to be smiling a little.”

“…… It was just your imagination. I was just sneezing.”

“Fufu. Is that so? So let’s leave it like that.”


Rin smiled, and I snorted in a moody manner.


After this, I was well assisted and was able to finish the waterslide safely,…….

Let’s just say that I wasn’t safe in a way because Rin was holding me tightly ………….