Episode 69 For some reason, I ended up going to the pool with the riajus⑥

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“I’m so tired. ……”


I slowly turn my shoulders a few times to loosen up my sluggish body.

The people passing in front of me looked similarly tired, stretching their bodies and sighing loudly.

But despite their fatigue, their expressions were cheerful and somehow satisfied.

They looked as if they were about to shout, “We’ve had our fun!”

I looked at them blankly and let out a deep sigh.

The sun was beginning to set, and the shadows at my feet seemed to grow slightly larger.

“You look so pale!”

“It’s cold!”

I hear a cool voice beside me, and at the same time I feel something cold pressing against my neck, making me shiver.

I looked at the guy as if to complain, and he was holding out a plastic bottle to me.

“Here, drink this.”


“Oh ……, thank you ……. But don’t hit me so suddenly. It”ll scare the s**t out of me.”






I sigh at Kenichi, who doesn’t seem to be offended at all.

He still has the same refreshingly handsome smile …….

The smile on his face made several women turn to look at him.

…… After all, it’s eye-catching.


I really feel like I’m being stared at by everyone around me today.  Rin is the “goddess”, Kenichi is the “ultimate handsome guy”, Fuji is the “beautiful girl” …….

And I … “a tagalong” …

(TLN: I feel this is better than the direct translation, which is “goldfish pooch” so….)



I don’t know how you could be with these people and not have a mental breakdown.

If it were a regular situation, you might be jealous and have a sour look on your face, but if you accepted the …… pure fact, you would not feel that way at all.

In fact, it’s so natural that it’s become synonymous with …… breathing.

I’ve grown up.

“You’re looking a bit dazed again. Towa, I want to talk to you about something……”

“Hmm? Is it possible that you want to talk about our future plans? I think we said we would go to a festival.”

“Let’s have an erotic talk!”



I was taken aback by Kenichi’s outlandish statement.

And it’s a topic that will only make him feel empty if he talks about it with a guy like me who has never had a girlfriend.

It’s all imagination. Nothing is based on experience.


“This is the only kind of conversation that men have, right? Men talking to each other with the setting sun in the background. ………… it’s great!”

“The topic we’ re trying to talk about is disgusting, though.”

Normally, talking with the setting sun in the background is about friendship or some other invisible and vague thing. ……

I mean, the sun hasn’t set that far yet …


It’s not like the sun has set that low yet. ……

“Well, how was Wakamiya?”


“Why … what?”


“Oh! You’re such an idiot! You know how she hugged you from behind when you were on the water slide? Tell me what you felt!”

“Oh, …… well, …… nothing.”

It smelled good, and the warmth that lingered on my back was soft and …… comforting.

The arms that hugged me around my waist were really thin …….

I can’t believe I was so nervous that I felt like my heart was going to …… fail me.

There’s no way I can say this …….

“Hmm. So that’s it? You’re saying you’re not conscious of anything?”


“… I’m conscious. In a situation like that, it’s impossible not to be.”


“Hahaha! Well, that’s right! That’s right ~”


“… Don’t laugh!”


Kenichi said with a laugh, “I’m glad Towa is a normal guy.”


Is that really enough to make him laugh?


I clear my throat lightly with “Hmm!”

And I decided to change the subject, which I couldn’t stand.

I had something to say.

“Kenichi, thank you for today …… for everything.”

“What are you talking about?”

He stopped laughing, wiped away his tears and replied in a carefree voice.

“You’ve been following me, right? Just to make sure nothing weird happens.”



Kenichi rolled his eyes at my words and fell silent.

Then he muttered, ” Dammit,” and scratched his cheek embarrassedly.

“I didn’t think that Towa would notice me. ……. To be honest, I am surprised.”

“If you’re so blatant, everyone would notice.”


Waiting in the locker room.

At the swimming pool.

Even when I went to buy shaved ice …

When I was on the waterslide, he was always trying to keep strange guys away.


Picking up girls is common at swimming pools.

If that happens, it will definitely make Rin and Fuji feel uncomfortable.

Even if Kenichi was there, they might still hit on them.

Because they are such attractive beautiful girls that you want to talk to them. ……

This is why Kenichi has to make sure that he doesn’t give them a chance …….

He was always keeping a close eye on them.



This is how real handsome guys are …….

“I see. ……. But if it was the old Towa, I don’t think you would have noticed.”

” I haven’t changed at all.”

“Well, I guess I’ll just leave it at that. By the way, don’t tell Kotone, okay? She’ll say, “So, are you really enjoying yourself? “Okay.”

“OK, I won’t tell you.”


“I’m saved”


At the same time, our eyes met and we couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well, Kenichi, I can’ t believe what a reckless display you put on today at ……. You’ re in serious trouble, okay?”

“Well, But if you don’t do that, you’ll be stuck thinking about where you can repay Rin , and you’ll be even more stuck. I’m sure it’s none of my business, but…”

“Uh …”


I knew exactly what he meant.

Rin has always taken care of me, so I wanted to do something for her.

I just don’t know what I should do.

“Well, I understand why you’re thinking about it. But I think you’ll find out more by trying than by standing around without an answer.”

“I see……”


“Don’t try to solve your debt with money or material things, okay? It’s not that easy in Towa’s case.”

“That’s going to be hard…”


It’s true that I don’t have any money, but …….

“If there’s one thing Towa can do, it’s make Wakamiya smile. I don’t care what it takes.”

“A smile. ……. If that’s the case, anyone can do it.”

“No one can do it. Wakamiya only shows her real emotions in front of you.”


It is true that the impression I have now is different from the impression I had when I first saw Rin.

She was godlike, hard to get close to, and so perfect that she lived in another dimension.

That’s what I thought.

But the more I interacted with her, the more I realized that she was not ……

 –She’ s surprisingly pushy.

 –She is not good at some things.

 –The more I got to know her, the more human she became.

There is no doubt that the more you get to know her, the more human and …… attractive she becomes.

There is a different side to her …… that shows itself to me.

So at least we are not “just acquaintances”.

I believe I can conclude that …….

I’m not convinced that it’s as simple as that.

While I was silent, trying to think, Kenichi shrugged his shoulders and sighed.


“What you think of this is up to you. …… I know that you have a lot on your mind, and I understand that. Your relationship is new. So, please …… keep that in mind, at least for a little while.”



I frowned at the unpleasant feeling of painful tingling.

Then I looked at Kenichi, who looked more serious than ever, and sighed.

 ——5 minutes later

“Oh, you’re here.”

The two of them came running up to us.

I don’t think it’s been that long since we left. ……

“Um, ……, sorry to keep you waiting.”


Her wet blonde hair reflected in the sunlight, glistening like a jewel. 


It seems that she has made minimal preparations and was in a hurry to get out of the changing room and she has no makeup on.

“…… Rin, there’s no need to be so hasty. You could not get ready in time, as expected. ……”

“But it would be wrong to keep you waiting. …..”

“Wakamiya~ Men are supposed to wait, so you don’t have to rush out.”

“……Is that so?”


“…… Rin, I told you. It’s just that ,unlike boys, we take a lot of time to prepare, so it’s unavoidable.

“… I want to be as cute as possible in front of Kenichi,” Fuji whispered.

Rin bowed her head, “I’m sorry.”

Kenichi looks embarrassed and places his hand on Fuji’s head.

She looked at Kenichi with a sweet gaze and hugged him tightly.


…… Please, don’t flirt with him in front of me.

I complained inwardly.


I glanced at Rin, who was smiling and staring at the two of them.

That’s it–


“‘Rin, you’ll catch a cold if you stay wet. …… Here, towel.”

“Eh, ah, yes …….”


Rin took the towel I offered her and blinked several times with a puzzled expression.

Seeing her like that, I tilted my head.

“Hmm? What’s wrong with it? Oh, …… in case it”s not d***y because I haven”t used it yet. ……”

“No! That’s …”


“In that case it’s fine.”


“… Thank you …. Towa-kun.”


She looked at me briefly with enchanting eyes, and then buried her face in a towel so that I could not see her expression.

The only thing I could see was a little bit of her ear, which was reddish as if she had been sunburned.

“…… Kenichi. Is that the kind of guy Towa is?”


“Well, he’s that kind of guy.”

“What’s with this ……  tone? ……”

I couldn’t stand the way the two of them were looking at me like they wanted to say something, so I looked up at the sky.

The cloudless blue sky was beginning to be covered with a faint reddish curtain.


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