For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 104

What kind of conversation did you have?

“Listen to me, Towa-kun! My mother is so terrible!!”


These were the first words out of Rin’s mouth when she recovered from her outburst.


“What in the world did you have to talk about?”

“She started off by saying, ‘Love is war, it’s a matter of taking and being taken’.”

“Well, I’ve heard that before. Love is a game, and it’s worse to be deprived of it if you’re slow to take it.”

“It seems that my mother has declared war on me……”

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s what Lisa-san meant…….”

“If I think back on it, there were a lot of things that were suspicious ……. I guess I was a little careless.”

“Hey, listen to me!”


Rin looks at me with a difficult expression on her face and grunts.

It would be vain to say it’s business as usual, but it seems that my appeal didn’t reach Rin’s ears.


She seems to be thinking about something, but …… it’s probably a misunderstanding or something anyway.

I’m sure Lisa-san was just trying to stir up Rin….


With this thought in mind, I patted Rin on the head as she was getting close to me.


Her cheeks puffed out in anger, but as I continued to gently pat her, her eyes gradually closed with a pleasant smile.


I hope this will calm her down…….


Perhaps my wish was answered, Rin sat there with a blank expression on her face as if nothing had happened, and coughed cutely.


Her face was red, probably because she was embarrassed by her own behavior.


“Thank you ……. But I kind of feel like I’m being treated like a child.”

“Because this is the best way to calm Rin down. In that sense, you may be a child in a way.”

“Mmmm. Are you sure, Towa-kun ……? If you’re going to be so mean, I have an idea…”


She was so upset that she sat down and then she came close to me again and hugged me head-on.

She then attached herself to me, and Rin’s twin hills were pressed against my chest.


Rin then whispered in my ear, “Am I still a child?” and attacked me using her weapons to the fullest.


She was obviously trying to tease me.

I laughed and then I gave Rin a bump on the head.


“Beware, it hurts…….”

“You know, Rin. That kind of thing should not be done in a joking manner. Besides, I’m used to it now, so it won’t work on me.”

“……Eh, is that so?”

“Of course.”


… Of course, it was a lie.

Fortunately, Rin seemed to believe my lie, or she would have been at a loss as to what to do.


Baka …….

How can it not be effective?

There is no way I would be safe from being attached, invited, or stimulated by a girl like Rin.



Just plain thinness.

Endurance by willpower.


I just endure on those two points…….

Well, I’m getting better at that act these days.


“Well, that’s what I’m saying, so stay away.”

“….. That’s a lie.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Certainly, I don’t see the agitation in your facial expressions and actions as I did before…. but your heart rate doesn’t lie.”


You’re a lie detector!!

I tsk in my mind.


Her reaction was strangely quiet, because she was measuring my heart rate……


“….. Isn’t that a bit of a cheap trick?”

“It’s a special skill, so it can’t be helped. Towa-kun’s heart rate before and his current heartbeat are the same, so it’s not hard to imagine that you’re only altering your facial expressions.”

“I guess I underestimated the divine specifications~…”


I drop my shoulders and slump down on the spot.

The embarrassment of my performance being discovered …… already, if there was a hole, I’d want to jump in it.


“So, unless Towa-kun really doesn’t want to, I’ll ………… do this and replenish warmth.”

“…… Huh. These things are for lovers…….”

“Then, I would like to ask you to pay in advance.”

“I don’t know if there’s such a thing as advance payment…….”


Rin’s unwillingness to back down……It’s pointless to resist, isn’t it?

I chuckled and cowered my shoulders.


This kind of attitude of Rin’s is often when she is inspired by something. So I am sure that something was said on the phone with Lisa that inspired her.


I can’t imagine what kind of conversation they had…


Rin buried her face in my chest and moved her head to rub against me.

It tickled me irresistibly and also made me smile.


“Before I go home, I’m marking Towa-kun.”

“No, what kind of conversation did you really have ……?”


I sigh and pat Rin’s head.


Next time I see Lisa-san, I’ll ask her not to aggravate Rin.


That’s what I decided in my mind.