For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 105

Growing Up, Apparently

Rin and I have regained our composure, and we have resumed studying for the test.

However, it is hard to say that Rin is calm because of her emotional state.

I stopped fumbling around, but …….

Instead, Rin’s behavior was that of a cat, and she had become a cat, settling between my legs and playing with me.

Even if I …… pampered her, it was too much stimulation.

I kept taking deep breaths, just because of the delicate position Rin was in.

“Rin, doesn’t this make it harder for you to study?”

“I feel more at ease here than at my parents’ house. I’m even more focused than at home.”

“I’m not so sure about that, though. It is hard for me, you know?”

“While you’re at it, I recommend you study your vocabulary.”

“No, that’s not the point…”

With Rin in front of me, I can’t touch the reference books spread out on the table.

One could say that we end up in a two-person stance, but if we end up in a hugging position from behind, we are no longer in a position to study.

Well, Rin, who has become like this, won’t listen to me~.

She tries to maintain this position at all costs, and I don’t want to make things worse by resisting.

So I don’t have a choice but ………… yeah?

I tilt my head, feeling uncomfortable with the problem Rin is solving.

I was looking at what she was writing.

“Rin, doesn’t the solution to this problem you’re solving right now …… meet the requirements?”

“……Uh, what is it? That’s true…”

Like a precise machine, Rin never makes a mistake in answering a question.

In fact, I had not seen it since I became involved with Rin.

It’s …… unusual and strange.

The thought that popped into my head…… and thinking back on it, I felt like I could see some strange signs of Rin’s behavior today in many places.

I’m going to ask her…….

“Hey, Rin, what’s going on? You’re not acting like yourself today.”

“No, it’s nothing……”

“What happened?”


She silently turns over and begins to fidget.

It’s too difficult for me to make that move when she’s between my legs…….

I might as well ask something else.

“By the way, do you need to go to the bathroom? You’re fidgeting.”

“No, I’m not! Don’t ask a woman such a thing.”

“Sorry, sorry. But if it’s not the toilet, what else could it be?”


“Rin always approaches me without hesitation. There is no need to be so reserved at a time like this. I know you have something to say, don’t you? You’ve been like that all day, and it worries me….”

“Eh……, ah, yes.”

Rin’s eyes widened in surprise, then her cheeks flushed red, and for some reason she puffed out her cheeks unhappily.

“Why do you look so unhappy……?”

“Lately, Towa-kun, I feel like you’ve been too perceptive. Until now, you’ve often been insensitive…….”

“People grow up, you know.”

“Mmm. It’s kind of frustrating.”

I gently patted Rin’s head.

“Ehehe~,” she laughed happily and playfully attached herself to me, but immediately huffed and stared at my face.

I think it’s Rin’s conditioned reflex to happily squint her eyes when she’s petted…….

It’s a cute gesture.

“Actually, I wanted to tell you a story.”

“A story? You’re being strangely formal ……, so don’t be shy.”

“I’d like you to have dinner at my house today …….”

“Oh, I see. You wanted me to come with you?”

“Yes, ……. That’s right…..”

I smile at her as she says this with a hint of confidence.

There’s no need to be shy about it.

We had an agreement.

But it made sense.

This is the reason why Rin, who usually starts cooking dinner, didn’t seem to start at all…

“I don’t think you should be afraid to ask, especially if that’s what you’re talking about. I was originally planning to go.”

“That’s right, but Towa-kun, ……. Well, you know…….”

“What is it, you’re being awfully clumsy.”

I tilted my head at the puzzled Rin.

Rin glanced at me repeatedly, as if she were checking my expression.

Then she squeezed my hand and began to speak as if she had made up her mind.

“I …… It’s the first time for me …… to invite a boy to my home. So I’m nervous …… my …… room, and I’m embarrassed.”

“That’s what you mean. Don’t worry, I won’t come in your room and look at it.”

“Mmm. I’d like you to take a look.”

“Which one is it ……?”

I sighed and shrugged.

“And they say that if you fail the first time, it becomes awkward and you can’t move on. …… They say it’s hard to start the next time, and it causes fights…….”

“That’s the home story, right?”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it? Is there anything else?”

“…. No, that’s fine.”

Rin tilted her head adorably.

Is this ignorance or is this on purpose ……?

It’s hard to judge.

And she drops bomb unknowingly…….

“Well, I guess we should be on our way now. It’s bad to make them wait, so let’s get ready.”

“Yes! Then, please put this on.”

“This is a suit, right?”

“Yes, it is. Oh, by the way, the size should be fine.”

How do you know my size!?

My throat starts to start grumbling, but I swallow it firmly.

Then I looked at Rin, who was smiling at me, and sighed.

“Hey, isn’t it strange to be in a suit in the first place?”

“Really? I read in a book that a suit is the basis for an important conversation.”

“What kind of book is that…..?”

It must be my imagination that I can see something like ……, an information magazine for marriages ……, which I can see from Rin’s bag.

Yeah, it must be my imagination.

The idea blowing up a few levels of quirkiness…

That, I’m starting to think that Rin could be …….

“Rest assured it’s not a tailsuit.”

“What reassurance, ……. I have to make Rin change her wrong thoughts and knowledge for once.”

“The one who is wrong is Towa-kun, right?”

“…… Just to give you a reference……, I’m going to ask you. Where are you?”

“Going to a stranger’s house, greeting…… it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s an important ceremony….. In other words, you have to be in formal attire. So you need to wear a suit.”

“Why is that so ……?”

I’d like to tweak it, but…….

Well, I’m sure if I tsk and try it, I’ll lose.

The greeting that Rin mentions is not a normal greeting anyway.

It would probably encourage misunderstandings.

I can easily imagine such a thing.

Well, I guess that’s proof that we’ve known each other that long.

Thinking of this gave me a strangely warm feeling, and it seemed to bring up the desire not to try too hard.

“Well, let’s go anyway, Rin.”

“Don’t you want to argue about that ……?”

“The result won’t change.”

If I argue against it, it will be dismissed, or I will break down in tears.

So, I go to the result without taking a detour.

By doing this…

“Muuu…… somehow I feel like I’m being played by Towa-kun today.”

On the contrary, Rin can retaliate.

Besides, I can see Rin’s cute reaction…

The first thing I did was to poke Rin’s cheeks and smile at her.

Then Rin murmured, “You got me.” and squeezed my arm.