For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 106

How Did This Happen?

……How did this happen?

This is the only thought that comes to mind right now.

It was fine until I came to Rin’s house wearing a suit I wasn’t used to.

I knew where Rin’s home was and I knew her had money.

However, I was a little surprised to find out that the entire top floor of the apartment building was owned by the Wakamiya family, and I thought to myself,’ Well, Rin surely could have done that.’

Yes, compared to the current situation …

I looked at Rin’s father, who was sitting in front of me.

Then he smiled freshly.

“If I were to speak for Tokiwagi-kun’s thoughts and feelings right now, it would be, ‘How did this happen?’ I guess that’s about it.”

“…… Please don’t read my thoughts naturally.”

“I’m sorry. In my line of work, I’m pretty sensitive to people’s feelings.”

Rin’s father stood tall in front of me and stretched out.

His toned body was healthy and strong, and he looked more formidable than I ever could have been.

Is this what a skinny type of person is supposed to look like…?

The other day, I couldn’t tell because he was wearing clothes, but if he had hit me …, it would have hurt a lot…

Looking at Rin’s father makes me think so, and my body shivers.

“Um, …… I thought I was here to eat …”

“I know.”

He said with a cool face, “I know that.”

…. What?

I’m crazy or ……?

I just don’t have the common sense to know that this is what it means to interact with family?

I, for one, do not have the knowledge about the existence of family and interacting with them.

Is that why I feel uncomfortable ……?

I think he could tell by the look on my face.

Rin’s father smiled thinly and brushed his hair out of his face with both hands.

“It’s the late summer heat, and sweat needs to be shed. And if you leave the sweat on, it’s bad for your skin.”

“I understand that, but …”

“Then it’s not a problem.”


–They are still father and daughter.

When they start something, they will not back down, no matter how hard it is.

There is such an atmosphere.

This is the same as Rin…

I chuckled and looked up at the ceiling, which was filled with white mist.

Let me just say one thing.

Why did I take a bath with Rin’s father!!!?

I exclaimed in my mind.

I try not to show it on my face, but I have a feeling that Rin’s father knows everything.

He smiles at me every time I think about it.

“I can’t help it. I’ll answer your question, Tokiwagi-kun.”

“Um, can you please stop reading my mind?”

“Even so, I can’t help it, because I understand. The only person I can’t read is Lisa.”

“That’s great, Lisa-san…”

“I wanted to have a talk with you, Tokiwagi-kun. The beginning is the key, and in that sense, it is important to have a “bare-knuckle” relationship with someone, isn’t it? That’s why I set up this opportunity.”

“I see….”

“This is the best way to have a heart-to-heart talk. And by the way, it’s soundproofed, so you don’t have to worry about any leaks.”

“It’s certainly a good place to talk.”

“Yes, that’s right, isn’t it?”

Rin’s father laughed, carefree and casually.

I think that this “relationship” can only be established if we are comfortable with each other to some extent…

Well, I’ll give him a hundred percent, and I’ll agree with that…

“I feel like the means of taking you out to the bath was intentional….”

“Everyone makes mistakes. I had no idea that there was a banana peel in the house and Lisa fell and poured tea on you. This was a really unfortunate accident.”

“Well, thank goodness it was cold tea that was poured on me.”

“I guess that’s what they call a blessing in disguise. But I never thought she would pour it on me as well. …… I’m sure she’s mopping the floor right now. Totally, there’s always plenty of mischievousness.”

Lisa-san, who had fallen on a banana peel, spun around and poured tea on me and Rin’s father.

I think it was a foul play, to be honest, when she stuck her tongue out a little and looked like she had “done it” …

Well, it’s more the sequence of events.

“I mean, I know it’s …… rude, but the real purpose is something else, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem to me that you’re just trying to make up a reason to invite me to take a bath.”

“You came straight to the point. I want Rin to think of it as nothing more than a prank by her parents.”

I sighed.

I guess Rin could tell what they were going to do.

Maybe that’s why she was so nervous today.

Well, I don’t know why they did this …

So they told Rin the purpose on the surface, and they originally had another objective.

But that doesn’t mean they should pour tea on me.

I guess the reason she made me wear a suit was because she didn’t want me to get my clothes wet.

“I’m sorry, Tokiwagi-kun. I’m sorry for being rude as soon as I arrived…”

“It’s all right. I didn’t expect a bath, but I was… wondering if there was something going on.”

Rin’s father’s eyes widened in slight surprise.

He then slowly lowered his own eyes.

“You did all this roundabout thing… for Rin’s sake?”

“Half right.”


I tilted my head, unsure about the other half.

“One reason is that I didn’t want Rin to have any unnecessary thoughts. So I’m sure Lisa is probably making fun of Rin right about now… to cover it up.”

“I’m sure it’s hard to have a family that is too perceptive.”

“Fufu. Yes, it is. I feel like I’m playing mind games all the time, because I can’t fake being inept.”

“If it were me, I’d probably have a hole in my stomach…”

I’d be dead in a household like that, no doubt about it…

Ah, but if you think about it … I’m always getting some sort of psychological warfare, a suicide attack, from Rin, so I guess that means I have some experience.

Well, I can’t deny that I feel like I’m a pawn in the game…

“Um, what’s the other half?”

“I wanted to have a man-to-man conversation with Tokiwagi-kun. A real conversation without any pretenses, falsehoods, or misrepresentations.”

“…It doesn’t matter if Rin is there.”

“Really? I think that since it’s you, you won’t say what you really think in Rin’s presence. Besides, even if you wanted to talk privately, you know it would be overheard in front of Rin, don’t you?”

It’s obvious that Rin would ask questions later if we were to talk close to her…

‘I won’t let you go until you tell me!’ I can see her taking a hard-line approach to that.

I sighed and looked at Rin’s father.

“I’m sorry, but I had to resort to this. Because the best way for me to see who you are as a person is to be alone with you and not be disturbed by anyone.”

“I see. But it’s quite forced, isn’t it? …”

“But that’s not the real reason either.”

“Then …”

“I guess it’s so you don’t have to keep it up.”

“Huh?” came out of my mouth.

I had not expected such a response, and I could not help but let it slip out.

“People tend to have bad tendencies when they accumulate things. I can tell just by listening to Rin that you have an idea. And that you are a hoarder for that.”


“So I’ll speak honestly, too, and to make it easier for you to speak honestly, you have to first not conceal it yourself.”

I remained silent and thought about it.

But I was convinced.

This is the reason why he answered my questions immediately after I asked him…

First of all, I show my sincerity.

On top of that, he puts the other person in the same playing field …… He’s a really good person.

But maybe for the first time.

…I’ve never felt such a feeling of respect …… for an adult.

Rin’s father repeated his words to me.

His tone of voice was slow, as if he were trying to persuade me.

“But I want you to rest assured. I won’t tell anyone about what I heard here, and when I get out of here, I’ll just say that we talked about games.”

I shook my head hesitantly.

Rin’s father smiled at me in satisfaction.

“Rin often says so, “Something is ‘different’ about Tokiwagi-kun these days”. I wonder what’s bothering you too.”

“Indeed, Rin said something similar to that to me a while ago. …… I did have a change of heart, so …… maybe that’s why.”

I huffed and puffed.

In my mind, I remembered the last day of summer vacation when I talked with Rin.

The scene of that day, which gave me a opportunity …… once again.

“Tokiwagi-kun. What are your thoughts and what do you want to do from now on?”

These words made me clench my fists.