For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 114

Before the Regular Test (Rin and Kotone)

Today, three days before the regular test.


Towa-kun and Kato-san had promised to study together, and I was visiting Kotone-chan’s house to give her a report on the previous day.


I would have liked to study with everyone, but …

But friendship between boys is also important.


It is unfortunate, but I must not be selfish and annoy Towa-kun.

So I try not to worry about it as much as possible and run my pen.


However, Kotone-chan seemed to be quite concerned about the fact that the two of them were not here.

As proof of this, she has been grumbling and sulking, saying, “Kenichi was stolen by Tokiwagi-kun.”

That’s not the only reason she’s grumpy, though…


I shifted my gaze from the teaching materials to Kotone-chan.

Then Kotone-chan, whose eyes met mine, drooped down on the table.


“… Hah. Ke~ni~chi~…”

“It can’t be helped. Maybe there are stories that pile up between boys.”

“…It’s before the … test, and I want him to help me. This test, it’s rather a pinch…”

“Kato-san said “I’ll ask Wakamiya to take care of Kotone because she’ll be spoiled if it’s me!”, right?”

“… Yes, but …huhhh.”

She sighed loudly and said something cute, “… Kenichi shortage.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at that, and Kotone-chan looked more unhappy, her mouth agape.


“… Rin’s an idiot, a fool, a cool-headed, stubborn, a jerk, and as much of a chicken as Tokiwagi-kun.”

“Oh, um, Kotone ……-chan?”


When I was puzzled by the sudden abuse, Kotone-chan corrected her posture and pointed a finger at me with a beaming smile.


“… Why don’t you make use of your weapons? Are those big b*****s for decoration? Are they just a waste of meat?”

“Um, …… erm. I’m hurt by the stones, too, you know? Besides, these are not weapons, but changes in secondary s****l characteristics…”

“… I’m not asking you to be knowledgeable. I’m talking about weapons to make a man fall in love with you.”

“You can drop it off… Kotone-chan? It’s not very flattering, is it?”

“Which … mouth … Review Rin’s behavior since the vacations. It’s a bunch of haggling…”


I tilted my head and proceeded to review my actions as Kotone-chan told me to do.


Let’s see, since that day…

It started with making breakfast for Towa-kun.

In the morning, I went to wake him up,… Oh, but he got up and studied today, didn’t he?

Then we just had breakfast together, and then we headed off to school together.



It’s still healthy, and there’s not a shred of pettiness in it.


“We just had breakfast together in the morning, and going to school was perfectly normal.”

“…What are you talking about?”

“Koho-nyehyan! Hi-hyara-nyai~ (Kotone-chan! Don’t pull~)”

“… You should be sorry!”


While saying such things, she pulled on my cheeks with both hands.

She moved them to the right and to the left, kneading them, and when she finally let go of them, her cheeks were numb.


Ugh…… it hurts.

I said in frustration as I rubbed my cheeks.


“It’s terrible, Kotone-chan. My cheeks are surely turning red…”

“…It’s because I’m … in love with you.”

“I don’t think so, do you?”

“… You were all over Tokiwagi-kun at school and there was a lot of commotion.”

“As usual.”

“… And that close to each other, like pressing your bodies against each other…”

“As usual.”

“When you were about to stumble…, Tokiwagi-kun was there to support you.”

“As usual.”

“That’s what you always do, too! I’m so envious.”


“… No, it’s nothing!”


As if to cover up the words I was about to say, she hurriedly waved both hands at me.

I couldn’t help but giggle because it was so cute how she tried to hide it even though it was obvious.


“Anyway. If you’re going to flirt so flamboyantly to show it off there… shouldn’t you have let the chicken say it the other day?”

“That’s what I say, Kotone-chan. We’ve finally moved forward, so there’s no need to …”

“All the way forward. You should just go out with him now. Or rather, because it looks like it already.”


With a sigh, Kotone-chan said so.


I didn’t think so…

I only see it in my lover…

That’s what it looks like to those around me…



I’m so happy to think so.

My face is hot.


While I was thinking that, Kotone-chan turned her eyes to me as if she wanted to say something.


“… I think it’s great that we missed the chance to win this time. If I had to use a metaphor, it would be as pathetic as losing by a foul with two steps when a king’s move would have assured victory.”

“Your metaphor is unique.”

“… Love is momentum. If you don’t hold a man’s reins, you’ll end up flying around like a wobbly fluffball. Men have brains below and above.”

“That’s new to me. I didn’t … learn that men have two brains.”

“… Hah, happy-go-lucky person!”


For some reason, Kotone-chan is hanging her head and drooping.

But I think the whole happy-go-lucky thing is a terrible idea, don’t you?

No matter how ignorant I am, you should not make fun of me.


But I knew that Kotone-chan was concerned about me, so I swallowed my words.


“If you don’t hold the …. reins, your feelings may waver and he may cheat on you… Are you sure?”

“Fufu. I am happy for Kotone-chan’s feelings, but Towa-kun will not cheat on me. So I am confident that there is nothing to worry about.”

“Though cheating doesn’t apply when you haven’t even started dating yet. …It’s not too late. You should be firmly committed to Tokiwagi-kun.”


Kotone-chan looked at me with serious eyes.

I returned it with a smile.


” But we’re trying so hard, you know?”

“……So what?”

“I was so excited to see him. I am feeling full of energy, and I am just trying to do my best. So I want to wait and support him as he tries his best.”

“So you want to wait and support him as he tries his best.”


The other day, Towa-kun put his feelings forward in a way that I could not have imagined from him before.

Towa-kun, who had been desperately enduring and holding back from something, finally opened his mouth.


Without deceiving or muddying the waters – he told me he was genuine.

Then I had to respond to his courage.


You have to appear to be calm and relaxed…

You have to reassure him.

He has finally taken the first step…


Kotone-chan let out a small puff of air and shrugged her shoulders in disappointment.


“… Absolutely. I’m worried that Rin is going to become a bad man maker.”


I can feel my mouth tearing at the somewhat happy expression on her face in the midst of her exasperation.


But it’s offensive to say that I am a no-good man-making machine.

Towa-kun was certainly a bit of a degenerate in the past, but he…

Now he is not like that at all.


It is a natural flow of casual concern and follow-up.

There is no sense of guilt.


I don’t think she will ever talk about it from her mouth, but she does it in such a natural way that I feel no sense of discomfort.


Metaphorically speaking, he prepared what I needed when I was cooking, covered me with a terrycloth so I wouldn’t catch a cold when I dozed off, and matched my stride when I walked… The list goes on and on.


Oh, it’s the same when going up on the escalator.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, he tries to stand behind me every time.

I’m sure that’s also Towa-kun’s concern.

So he’s definitely not a bad guy.


Maybe because I was remembering such things, I seem to have taken a little pause.

Kotone-chan looked worried, so I coughed lightly.


“That’s not true. I don’t just spoil him. I will carefully support his studies. I will cook what he likes, I will rub his shoulders when he is tired, and I will give him money if he needs it.”

“… Isn’t it too sweet?”

“Um, is that so?”

“… Yeah. Exactly. You should be a little less lenient and a little tougher. The candy and the whip are important.”


Kotone-chan’s advice made me twist my head and think.

Thinking it over, I realize that I may have been too lenient in some areas.


I have heard that strength training is the same, but when you train something to the critical point, you can improve it.

So I guess that means it is not good enough as it is.


“I see… Surely, you could have been kind in your studies!”

“… Yes?”

“I am awake! I knew I had to learn all my English, not from a vocabulary book, but from a paper dictionary! From now on, I’m going to do it with a great deal of vigor!”

“… No, Rin? I’m not talking about studying, I’m talking about … sweetness.”

“Wow! Which one is it!!”


When I put my hands on my hips and puffed out my cheeks to express my disapproval, Kotone-chan sighed sadly.


“What … I’m trying to say is that … about the living aspect. I mean too much of everything.”

“I can’t do that. I can’t help it.”

“… Huh, I thought so.”


Kotone-chan was stifled and exhaled as if she had given up.

Then she smiled and looked up to the heavens.


“You guys have that …… relationship. I might even envy you a little.”


She looked happy and yet sad.

I could see the complexity in her expression.


“Is that so?”

“Yes, … I envy your atmosphere and confidence, believing with certainty…”


“… Don’t pet me! Don’t treat me like a child anymore.”

“It’s okay~”


When I hugged Kotone-chan and stroked her head, at first she narrowed her eyes and let me stroke her, but then her expression instantly changed to a huff.

Kotone-chan’s cheeks were stained red as she brushed my hand away in exasperation, and she looked somewhat embarrassed.


Then, perhaps trying to change the subject, she took a sip of her tea and straightened her posture.

She looked cool, but her cheeks were as flushed as ever.


“…So Rin. Are you really going to do it?”


I nod vigorously and give a thumbs up to Kotone-chan, who looks at me as if she is trying to see my expression.


“Of course!”


If Towa-kun is looking forward and working hard, I will go even further.

I myself must move on and change.

I know that is what I absolutely need to do in the future…


So, even if she doesn’t like it, even if she tries to stop me – I’m not going to stop.

If there are obstacles, I will remove them all!


As I was gasping for air, Kotone-chan put her hand on my head.


“… Well, I know it’s impossible to stop you.”

” If you decide to do it, you have to do it.”

“…I understand. But let me at least cooperate.”

“Ehehe~ I love Kotone-chan~”

“… Oh no! Don’t play around with me, I’m not a cat.”


Thank you, Kotone-chan.

I muttered and hugged Kotone-chan.


Kotone-chan sighed and said.


“…I’ll be rooting for you… Good luck.”


She patted me on the back a few times to get me fired up.