For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 116

I did my best



About a week had passed since the end of the regular test.

The test results had finally come in, and I was reworking the questions I had made mistakes on.


My answer sheets were scattered on the table, and Rin was looking at them with a smile on her face.

It was indescribably cute that she sometimes made a lazy sound like before and had a loose expression on her face.


If I were to use a metaphor, I would say that it was innocent, like a child expressing her happiness honestly.

It’s embarrassing to be that happy…


I increased the pace at which I solved the problems to cover up my embarrassment, and Rin, who had grown numb to the fact that she was not being cared for, poked me on the cheek.


“Um, what’s wrong?”

“Towa-kun hasn’t been treating me well since a while ago, so I tried to appeal to you.”

“As you can see, I’m studying…”

“Really? You’re making the same mistake again, and I thought you were just trying to distract me.”


“Towa-kun. It’s not good to study while not concentrating. It is a waste of time and inefficient.”

“Well, that … is certainly true.”


When I gave up and put down my pen, Rin smiled happily.


“You did well on this test, didn’t you~? Your score went up a lot!”

“Rin, it’s all thanks to you, isn’t it? I couldn’t have done it by myself.”

“No, no, that’s not true. I only taught you, but it was Towa-kun himself who did the hard work.”

“Rin is being modest. The teachers at the school don’t think that I did a good job.”

“Is that so …?”

“Well~ I wonder how many teachers doubted me today…”


Every time I get a test back, I get looked at twice.

It’s like they didn’t grade it themselves…


‘Well~, Tokiwagi-kun. When I saw this score, I thought I got the answer wrong.’ or ‘You don’t think… I cheated?’ It’s … terrible.


When I cowered my shoulders, Rin wrinkled her brow and gave me a difficult look.


“Indeed, just recently, I was told, “Wakamiya-san, you’ve done a great job rehabilitating a delinquent.” I didn’t know what they were talking about, so I told them they had the wrong person, but…”

“That delinquent is probably … no, it’s definitely me.”

“Towa-kun is the delinquent…?”

” Yes. I certainly don’t think that’s the case when I reflect on my behavior before the summer break. My attitude in class wasn’t very flattering before, and I was always late. In other words, I was a bad student and a delinquent.”



Rin suddenly became silent and started to write something with bullet points.


On it, she wrote, “Punish the person who said bad things about Towa-kun!” and the subject made me chuckle.

But when I looked at… and saw Rin’s face, the highlight seemed to have disappeared from her eyes, and I felt scared and shuddered.


What is it?

Something … cold, isn’t it?


As I’m thinking about it, Rin let out a low, suspicious laugh.


“… Fufufu.”

“Hey… Rin?”

“Are you making assumptions without even trying to get to know me well…? Fine…, I guess that means I have to protest this severely.”

“No, no, it’s not necessary, is it?”

“Boycott classes? No, that will not work … Because of me, Towa-kun’s flag will not be seen.”


“Do you want to use force here? Or is it a blackout as my mother taught me how to … ensure that we do it one by one?”

“… Rin? You’re joking now, right? “


“Just … come back.”



I gave Rin a chop on the head in an attempt to tame her outburst.

Then Rin, who sounded like a cat and freaked out, glared at me disapprovingly.

She glared at me disapprovingly.

It might have hurt a little, but she seemed to be blaming me, as she pressed her head against me.


“Haaah … Why is Rin so quick to go off the rails?”

“Love is blind. For the sake of the person you love, you want to act even if you have to drop everything!”

“No, no. Even so, your thoughts are becoming violent.”

“Love is war. You can’t help but shed blood.”

“Sorry to be so cool about wasting your time, but you’re … wrong, okay?”

“There is a future beyond our mistakes.”

” The future is bleak, though.”


I sigh and look at Rin, who doesn’t seem to be sorry.

For some reason she seemed to be good at it, and I sighed even louder.


I’ll have to make her reflect on this one properly…

If that’s the case…


“Okay …, I’ve made up my mind.”

“What are you doing?”

” If Rin uses force to cause trouble for those around us, I’m not going to ‘talk to Rin’ at all.”

“… Towa-kun. If you do that…”


“I’m going to show meaningful tears and walk away, okay? On a crowded lunch break…”

” Hey, don’t take that seriously. There are just so many bad rumors about me, you know? Some of them include ‘Rin is being threatened.’ …”

“That would confirm the rumors.””


That’s the death of high school life.

I’ll get a total beating from the guys, and I definitely won’t be able to go to school…

Well, I’m sure she’s joking, but…

I guess she knows that if she takes that action, it will become a fact.



Thinking about it, it would be seriously scary … if Rin acted in a calculating manner.


“But recently, Rin seems to have acquired a woman’s arsenal….”

“Fufu. Maybe it means I’m growing every day too.”

“Haha…that’s tough, really.”

“You can praise me even more~”


And then Rin puffed her chest out.


When she does that in her dignified style, you know…

My eyes were at a loss for places to look and I dropped my gaze to the floor.


“Let’s just stop talking about it for now.”

“Well, okay. But I’m still worried if we get swept away here… Don’t do anything really weird, okay?”


“Don’t you dare to be silent!!”

“Well, well, well. What do you care about the details? We have things to do first.”

“Things to do??”


I twisted my head and thought.




Cleaning my room?

I don’t know… at this point.


“Huh? Do you perhaps not know…?”

“Well… well.”

“Your efforts will be rewarded! A prize for all your hard work!”



It certainly sounds like she said something like that …


But if it’s a reward, Rin should get it.

She’s helping me study for no pay.

Well, I know I’d say, “Thank you!” ‘, but I know she would turn me down…


So I can’t be the only one to receive a reward.


“I don’t really want a reward, but…”

“Don’t be shy! You wanted Chinese food before, and would you like a meal? I’m fine with anything.”

“Anything is fine at … You’re still sounding as dangerous as ever~”

“By the way. No asking, no telling? I don’t accept compensation, or free of charge, or that my debt is … I’ll do it because I want to. That’s all!”

“As usual, Esper…”


I had to laugh at the way she read my thoughts.


But what should I do?

I’m sure the stubborn Rin won’t budge …hmmm.


However, I miss the idea of Chinese food.

I remember … before, I tried to make a strange request as a joke and ended up quitting, didn’t I?

It seems like a long time ago, even though not so many months have passed yet.


Compared to then and now, we’ve become much, well, less reserved with each other.

Then it’s not … right to be reserved in a strange way.


“Then, Rin … I’m going to ask you to do one thing for me.”

“Don’t say one, but two or even three?”

“If you are too lenient with me like that, Fuji-san will give you a hard time. She is going to give you a look of dismay and say, “… You’ve gone too far.”

“Mm… surely that’s true.”


Rin looked embarrassed and stuck out her tongue. I’m sure she knows it too.

I crossed my arms and looked worried.


“Please use one … so that I can be blamed when she finds out…”

“Haha. That’s what I was going to do.”

“Then go on…”


It’s hard for me to say it when she spread her hands out like that and posed for something so repetitive…

But I guess it can’t be helped.


I coughed to compose myself and checked with Rin.


“I’ll tell you first. Can you … not laugh at what I’m about to ask you to do?””

“I won’t laugh. It’s okay.”

“Thanks … then.”


I took a deep breath and sat down in front of Rin.


I always remember … after I do a test or exam and get a good score.

I feel bad …


Because of these feelings, my gaze naturally moved downward to stare at my knees.

I clenched my fists on my knees and managed to move my mouth, which had suddenly become very heavy, even though I wasn’t angry.


 Rin … ‘You did a great job’ … Can I ask you to say just that …?”


Rin looked at me with a slight pout as I asked her to do so while turning my face away from her.

But soon after, she smiled like a loving goddess and hugged my head.


“You did a great job, Towa-kun.”


She whispered in a gentle voice as she stroked my head.

I felt so much lighter and a weight that was stuck on my heart was lifted.


“Thank you…”


I muttered and left her to it for a while.