For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 118

The Ultimate Choice is a Troubling One

——The ultimate choice.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make such a choice?

For example, which would you rather marry, “a good-looking guy with a good personality but no money” or “an ugly guy with a bad personality but money?”

Which would you rather marry?

In terms of work, which is the best person to work with?

“The one who is not sociable and cocky, but can get the job done.”

“The one who is amiable and cute, but a no-go at work.”


–What do you think when you hear this?

I suspect that opinions are more divided than you might think about which one to choose.

There might be a controversy about the choice, and it might lead to a heated discussion…… as a story.

Well, this is just an extreme example, but there are always times when people are faced with a choice.

A choice that cannot be answered immediately… A choice that worries and troubles you.

A choice that troubles you.

I think that’s what I call the ultimate choice.


“Towa-kun? Please come back to me.”

My body was shaken and I was suddenly brought back to reality.

Then she puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction and held something in her hand out in front of me.

“Come on, Towa-kun. You can’t run away now, can you? Please decide quickly!”

“I’m told to decide… Do I really have to decide?”

“Of course! Go ahead.”


Damn … there is no escape home.

Even if I tried to escape reality, like right now, I’d be forced back in.

Rin seemed to be staring at my face, trying not to miss a single gesture.

If my gaze moves, she follows it sensitively…

Haah… no matter how I think about it, I can’t escape any more.

As a man, I had to make a decision.

But I couldn’t make up my mind.

“Come on, hurry up …! Please choose which cheerleading costume you like best!”

“No, seriously, I can’t choose!?!?”

Yes, I can. This is the ultimate choice… I have to make now.

There are several cheerleader costumes lined up in front of me.

I’d like to praise her for having such a good selection.

But there’s no way I’m going to be able to decide on something like this right away.

“Rin, I just want to make sure. This is for the sports festival, right?”

“That’s right.”

“I see…”

“Oh, but don’t worry. Even if I wear these, it’s only when I’m cheering for Towa-kun.”

“No, that’s why …. That’s why it’s troubling…”

A beautiful girl cheering for a man who can’t do any physical activity.

From the outside, it is an indescribable sight.

And it is sure to be a bad sight when it comes to the presence of the entire school’s students turning their heads to look at me.

Rin wearing a cheerleader costume and cheering… No matter how you think about it, it’s a shameless act.

If she cheers, on the contrary, it’s going to cut down on my mental health.

I think it would look good on a guy like Kenichi who can show you how cool he is…

I sighed and looked at Rin’s face as she pressed me to make a choice.

“No, but you know what? Don’t you have to cheer for your class before you cheer for me?”

“I will cheer for my class as a class, but I will be there to cheer for all the competitions in which Towa-kun will be competing, okay? By the way, Kotone-chan will be with me.”

“Fuji-san will be with you, too? … Wouldn’t it be awkward if Rin, dressed as a cheerleader, was cheering for me?”

“That’s not a problem.”

“Yeah…? Why?”

“Kotone-chan will be dressed the same way!”

I tilted my head.

Let’s see… Fuji-san will be dressed the same way?

In other words, a cheerleader …?

“Then maybe, … my choice will also determine Fuji-san’s outfit?”

“Heh. It’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?”

“No, no, no! That’s a no-no!!”

“I already have Kato-san’s approval.”

“He didn’t ask Fuji-san for confirmation, so he must be a convinced criminal!”

The fact that she dared to ask Kenichi for confirmation means that she probably thought that Fuji-san would show some reluctance, … or refuse.

Or perhaps because Fuji-san would wear it, albeit reluctantly, if Kenichi asked for it…?

Well, I think Fuji-san is very possessive about Kenichi, so she might do it to let people know about the relationship.

But either way.

If I choose, it means that not only Rin but also Kenichi and Fuji-san will know my taste…

No, no, no. That would be too embarrassing!

“Towa-kun is so selfish! Or do you want a different option?”

“No, I already have a bad feeling about that too… I mean, I’ve already imagined it…”

“What a surprise…”

“It’s a white surprise, hey… Anyone can imagine if you came to my home with cheerleader outfits and a school uniform.”


“Hey, don’t stick your tongue out like that.”

Well, that gesture is cute, too.

I mean, I think Rin has been learning gestures that tantalize men lately…

Still, the school uniform, eh?

I’ve always thought of it as something you would wear to cheer on a baseball team or something, but I guess Rin is planning on doing that at the sports festival.

It’s just a matter of if I choose it.

What looks like a headband is peeking out of the bag that contained the costume, and …


But there’s more than just the headband, there’s a white cloth too… no way.

“… Hey, Rin.”

“Do you feel like you’ve finally made up your mind?”

“If my hunch is correct…, I have a feeling that what’s underneath the school uniform isn’t good.”

“… Towa-kun is n*****y, isn’t he? I can’t believe you care about such things…”

Rin said shyly.

She blushed and looked up at me shyly, which I found very endearing.

The face of the person who was not surprised to see me was about to turn red as well, but the complexion remained unchanged as it was, neutralized by an attitude that clearly made me turn away from the subject.

My chest area looks subtly distressed…

Maybe so…

“Rin … Wrong knowledge, again Kenichi?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t fool around, you don’t have to do it… if you’re embarrassed by the subtle sense of shame left behind.”


“You’re wrapped too tightly. Maybe Fuji or Kenichi suggested that you don’t push yourself too hard.”


Rin’s face clouded with apology and she walked into the bathroom, and after the sound of cloth rubbing against the floor, she changed into her normal clothes and returned.

In her hand was a neatly folded “sarashi”, which she tucked into a bag to hide it.

“I am so relieved now! By the way, Towa-kun, as usual, you are very aware of things.”

“No, that’s not true. I’ve always been insensitive, so I’m not the most perceptive person.”

“No, no, no. People who are insensitive don’t even think in their wildest dreams that they are insensitive, you know? The reason why they say it out loud like Towa-kun is because they are acting. In fact, Towa-kun probably just didn’t say it even though you were aware of it until now…”

“Do you think so? No, you might be right…”

“That’s right. Towa-kun can be honest and kind with children, but to his classmates, you were salty, weren’t you?”

“Oh, I didn’t try to get involved… I’m sorry about that now.”


Did Rin just say “with children”?

Well, it’s no use worrying about it…

“Well, Towa-kun! Let’s get back on track and make a decision! I recommend this mini-skirt.”

“Oh, you weren’t done talking about it yet.”

“Fufu~. It’s not over until you decide.”

Rin is full of enthusiasm.

She will wear the clothes I’ve chosen without hesitation.

Rin in cheerleader outfit.

I’d be lying if I said, I wouldn’t want to see her in cheerleader outfit.

I’d rather see it. I want to see it so much!


“Rin……I knew it, but please don’t wear the cheerleading outfit. I’m sorry you had to go through all that trouble to get this together.”

I scratched my head and shifted my gaze from Rin to the floor.

I could sense from Rin that she was dissatisfied.

I looked up slightly and saw her looking at me with staring eyes.


“It’s no use puffing up your cheeks so cutely…or rather, it’s normal.”

“Normal… what is it?”

“… Rin’s appearance. I don’t want too many people around to see …”

Her large eyes blinked.

Then, with a smile on his face, she hugged my arm and pulled me close to her.

“Ehehe~, then I won’t wear it!”


Needless to say, Rin was in a good mood from start to finish and seemed to be about to start humming and dancing at any moment.