For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House Chapter 95

Tickling Rin’s Heart

A den where couples and friends gather, that’s the courtyard.

But eating under the big tree in such a courtyard has been our regular position since the first semester.


Since it was still September, the temperature was still high.

Therefore, having lunch under the shade of this tree was cooler than the surrounding area, and the occasional breeze was quite pleasant.


Sometimes the sun shines on my body.

I could feel the sweat pouring out of me every time it happened.


“It’s so hot…….”


As I muttered to the sun, Rin wiped the sweat from my forehead with a handkerchief, as if she had been waiting for it.

In the past, I would have blushed and been upset by this little exchange.

However, after the long summer vacation, perhaps I had developed a tolerance, and I was able to say, “Thank you.” without showing any signs of embarrassment.

I’ve matured a lot, I think to myself.


However, Rin’s cheeks puffed up in disapproval at my nonchalant demeanor.


“Towa-kun doesn’t feel anything for me…….”


“…… Rin. A chicken will grow up from a chick.”


“Yes, but ……. It’s sad that I can’t see Towa-kun blushing and turning his face away to hide it. It was so cute…….”


“Haha. That’s because Towa is a tsundere! When there’s a lot of dere, it’s inevitable!”


“You two…….”


I sigh and loosen my tie as the three of them begin to tease me.


But it’s still hot…….

I fan my face with my hand, and before I knew it, Rin was staring at me with a glint in her eyes.


“Towa-kun! Can I try that again!?”


“Yeah…….? What do you mean by that……?”


I flinched at Rin who was suddenly excited and moved closer to me.

I decided to fan her face with my hand.


“Is that it?”


“Not it! It’s the one before.”


“It’s so hot…….”


“Not that, but one before …………, Towa-kun. You did that on purpose, didn’t you……?”


I tilted my head.

Rin puffs out her cheeks and grabs my shoulder.

The hand that grabs me has a lot of strength in it and it hurts …… needlessly.


“What I want you to do is to loosen your tie! Anyway, one more time! Just one time, just one time~!”


“Wow, okay! All right, just don’t shake me.”


She grabs me by the shoulders and rocks me back and forth.

I mean, why is she so desperate for that ……?


I sigh and raise my tie up again.

Then, as Rin requested, I made a motion to loosen the tie.


“Haaaa great.”



She looks soooo sloppy.


Could it be called an expression of ecstasy?

I think people would be surprised to see a Ria this……

I guess she can’t show it to them though…….


“Towa-kun! Next time~”


“Hey, wasn’t that one weepy moment?”


“What you just said is one thing. What I’m going to say next is something else!”


“That’s a load of nonsense.”


“Fufu. I’ve learned Towa-kun’s signature move.”


It’s like if Rin, who is rather honest, learns some twisted tricks like me, she’s going to get out of hand…….

I’m afraid it’s going to be very bad.


I sigh at Rin, who looks so proud of herself.


“Towa, it is also important to give up in moderation. Negotiations are sometimes about deliberately setting a high obstacle, and the next compromise is the real goal.”


“Ah! Kato-san, you can’t say that…….”


“Oh, I see. …… It is true that there have been several such cases …….”


Kenichi’s words made me realize that I was right.

Certainly, when I look back on my life with Rin, I can think of nothing but things that come to mind.

For example, the cotton candy photo at the summer festival is a good example…….


Oh no. I’m learning a lot.


While I was thinking about this, Fuji-san, who was looking at me and Rin enviously, poked Kenichi on the shoulder.


“…… Hey, Kenichi, do it too.”


“What, me too!?”


“… Yeah. I want to savor it too.”


“I don’t wear ties all that seriously, it’s such a hassle to straighten them……”


“Do it …….”


Fuji-san said with a smile, a wonderful smile at that.

Her tone was calm, yet powerful. So Kenichi could only say “Yes” .


Kenichi sighed and put his tie back on.

Then, like me, he put his hand on his tie and loosened it.


“………… This may be good.”


“That’s right! Personally, when he will come home, I want him to loosen his tie and say, “I’m so tired today!”.”


“I know ……. It makes me want to spoil him.”


“I know exactly what you mean! I think it’s especially important for me to be able to see your collarbone when you’re wearing a shirt that’s just a little bit loose.”


“…… I think it might be the glistening sweat in the summer time.”


Rin says with a glint in her eyes, “That’s nice too.” and suddenly the girl talk that had begun has accelerated even further.

It’s like a runaway mode and we can’t seem to stop it.


Rin is unstoppable when she’s like this…….


“Hey Kenichi? Is this a conversation we’re allowed to have?”


“It’s a strange situation, Towa. I was just wondering about that too.”


“”…… Huh?””


Kenichi and I look at each other and laugh.


I bet she will make me do it again when we return home….

We were both thinking like that.