I will devote all energy to spoiling my childhood friend, a beautiful Kuudere girl who can’t be honest with herself Chapter 12

Childhood Friend and new trouble

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After school.

The incident about the face-down lap pillow was forgotten when I prostrated myself in front of Kotoba. By the way, my head where I got smacked was still tingling.

The scent was so addictive! I would love to smell it again.
{ED: Scent f****h}

Kotoba didn’t talk to me for a while, but when I kept apologizing repeatedly, she seemed to have no choice but to accept my apology. I wondered if she was fine now, so I called out to her.

“Kotoba, it’s time to go home.”

When i told her that, Kotoba said

“Yes, because if we’re late we may be attacked by a pervert like Tsuzuri-kun”

She replied in a curt manner.

“I’m sorry about earlier.”

I apologized to Kotoba. I guess I was too embarrassed to talk to her, but she was not in a pleasant mood. Kotoba had been pouting since a while ago.

Just as I was wondering what I could do to improve Kotoba’s mood, I heard a rustle in the hallway.

“Oh!, it’s Saotome-senpai!”

{ED: Here I was wondering where the Flirty Senpai was.}

“Oh, my God! So cool! But why are you in our classroom?”

The girls shouted with delight. On the other hand, the reaction from the boys was:

“Hey, isn’t that Saotome Senpai?”

“The rumored “prince of women” is here.”

It was the worst level. I heard that he has a very bad reputation with women. Many boys, even freshmen, know this. It seemed to be almost unheard of among the girls, though.

But even so, I had a bad feeling about this. I’m not sure what the reason was for a senior who has a terrible reputation with women to come to this classroom. There was a ridiculously beautiful girl, Shirayuki Kotoba.

“Is there a girl here named Shirayuki-san? I’ve been wondering if you’d like to go out to a coffee shop with me?”

{ED: Grab your stuff and get out, Kid has a horrible pick-up line.}

That hunch came true.

All eyes were on Kotoba at once. However, Kotoba was very strict towards boys other than me.

“Could you please not talk to me so casually?”

Oh! Kotoba turned her eyes to absolute zero and clearly rejected him.

In response, the girls voiced their criticism.

{ED: Get lost peanut Gallery}

“What’s with that girl, she’s so arrogant.”

“No matter how good of a friend she is with Sasaki-kun, she’s getting a little carried away.”

The invitation was extended by Saotome-senpai, who was very popular among the girls. Everyone must have been thinking about her harsh attitude as she ripped up his invitation and threw it away.

I don’t want Kotoba to be criticized like this. For that reason, I started to speak.

“Oh, is it Saotome-senpai? I had plans with her today, so can I ask you to leave?”

He looked towards me for a moment. It was a glare of clear negative emotions.

“Who are you? I’m talking to Shirayuki-san right now.”

He smiled at me.

“Kotoba doesn’t want to talk to you, did you not hear me? I’m sure you heard me.”

That was the extent of my displeasure with this Saotome guy.

First of all, this guy is flirtatious in appearance. He is not at all suitable for the gentle and goddess-like beauty of Kotoba. He’s flirtatious in other ways as well.

He comes to seduce a girl he’s never met before, a girl he only knew from a visual point of view. I’m sure he’s a horrible person who only values people based on their looks.

It’s an unfounded assumption. 

It was my personal opinion that I was disgusted with his attitude towards Kotoba.

Well I don’t have time to think about it. I refuted his words with mine 

“It didn’t seem to me that Kotoba was responding to you at all. What’s more, were you listening to what I was saying? Didn’t I tell you that I have an appointment with Kotoba later?”

Without the slightest trace of shame, Saotome spoke to Kotoba once again.

“I didn’t say anything about today. If you have free time tomorrow, please let me know. I’m sure I can find time for you.”

Kotoba turned her icy eyes on Saotome again as she spoke.

“I have no intention of interacting with you in any way. Tsuzuri-kun, let’s go home.”

“Ah, yes, Kotoba. Please excuse me, Senpai.”

Taking those words as a signal, we tried to leave the classroom. But Saotome-senpai stood in front of the door as if to block our way.

“Wait, please! I genuinely just want to get to know you! I have no ill intentions whatsoever. So, if you have any free time, you can visit…”

{ED: Kid your intentions are oozing out of you}

How could he be so hard to get rid of? The blood was completely rushing to my head. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to his words all the way through, so I cut him off mid-sentence.

“You’re the kind of person that doesn’t know when to quit. I’m sorry, but Kotoba and I have an important agreement that we will go home together every day, hang out at each other’s houses and go on dates. I would appreciate it if you could leave as soon as you understand.”

I said and glared at him. He gave me a defeated, hostile glare.

“You shut up! You tell me…”

{ED: First part was to Tsuzuri and second was to Kotoba}

He’s been provoked so much that his d***y inner self is about to come out.

Neither of them were willing to back down at all.

The worst atmosphere was formed when such a tense situation arose. That means… 

This means that instead of a fight between Kotoba and Ichijo, it’s now me vs Saotome.

{ED: If I was there I’d just call the teacher and would get it over with, well not many are as practical as me. Fun Fact: I had to use another Tranq ( Candy) to calm down.}