I will devote all energy to spoiling my childhood friend, a beautiful Kuudere girl who can’t be honest with herself Chapter 13.5

The Aim of a Certain Handsome Boy  (Saotome’s POV)

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My name is Saotome Hayato. I am a sophomore at Tenkei Private High School.

I know this is very brash, but let me declare it here and now. I am a handsome guy.

I’m the object of admiration for many girls in the school, people cheer for me when I walk down the street, and when I talk to them, most of them are glued to my good looks. If I count the number of times that I have been confessed to since junior high school, it would be in the triple digits, and on Valentine’s Day, I get so many chocolates that I can’t eat them all, so I feel depressed when that season approaches.


It’s great to be popular! I really think so. The jealous glances from the poor non-attractive guys give me a tremendous sense of superiority, and I can feel like an idol just by walking around the school. There’s nothing better than that.

But that’s not the point.

When I evaluate people, I think of their looks first and foremost. For example, if someone confesses to me and they are not beautiful, I get very angry. You’re wasting my time! I think like that.

But I’m playing the role of a fresh, handsome guy, and I don’t want to antagonize the girls by giving them the cold shoulder, no matter how ugly they are. I think being a nice guy is a high score.

Oh, the confession reminded me. I’m currently dating around a double-digit number of girls at the same time, and they’re all pretty good looking because I’m very selective.

{ED: Nothing much, He’s scum}

But I don’t have any affection for these girls. I’m dating them for a status. It’s more like a collection or an ornamental thing. They’re more like stress relievers. This is the privilege of a handsome man.

I believe her name was Shirayuki Kotoba.

In addition to being a beautiful girl, she had a rare appearance with silver hair and blue eyes. And, I heard that she was extremely cold towards men.

When I heard that, I couldn’t help but grin and laugh. I want this girl to be my girlfriend. I wanted to show her off and brag about her to the guys around me. If it worked, I would have more tools.

With that in mind, I decided to try to make a move on her as soon as possible after school the next day. And yet… 

“Damn it!”

I shouted, and I kicked the wall. A guy who was like a boyfriend to her.

“If it weren’t for Sasaki Tsuzuri, that bastard!”

I gritted my teeth. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about him since before the entrance ceremony. I had been hearing a lot of rumors about him since before the entrance ceremony, that he’s a perfect guy.

When I first heard the rumor, I couldn’t help but laugh. I thought, “He’s probably nothing, and he’s no match for me.

But my prediction was wrong, and today I tasted defeat for the first time in my high school life.

I had no idea what to expect in terms of academics and athletics. Well, he had a pretty good figure. So instead of belittling his looks and getting Shirayuki, I was outplayed by those two.

On top of that, in my impatience, I unintentionally revealed my true self, and my reputation among the first-year girls was ruined. It was the worst way to lose, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“The girl was just like that… Ah, so frustrating!”

Shirayuki was too cold and salty towards all the guys except Sasaki. This was the first time that a girl had ever given me such a cold shoulder, and it had completely broken my pride. I was not the kind of person who can give up under such circumstances!

I’ll definitely make her mine, as a way to take revenge on him! That’s what I vowed to myself.