I will devote all energy to spoiling my childhood friend, a beautiful Kuudere girl who can’t be honest with herself Chapter 13

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The standoff between me and Saotome continued for a while. In the tense air, it was Saotome who finally spoke up.

“What? Are you two going home together? It’s not like you two are dating or anything, is it?”

He said a little apprehensively. It’s true that Kotoba and I weren’t dating. However, it was obvious that our distance is closer than how it would be between normal childhood friends, and if you had any romantic experience, can’t you at least guess from that?

Well, normally, if we weren’t in a relationship, we would hesitate at this point. But our relationship is not that simple, besides, hesitating would give away an opening.

“No, we’re not dating ‘yet’.”

Of course, I didn’t want to leave any room for an error, so I emphasized on the “yet” part. But when Saotome heard this, he gave a ridiculing smile towards us.

“Huh? If you’re not in a relationship. Then what are you to Shirayuki-san?”

Those words would have silenced any normal person. But Kotoba and I are different. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that question for a long time, and I’ll proudly answer it.

“Kotoba and I are ‘Childhood Friends’. She and I haven’t been separated since birth. There’s no space for you to butt in.”

Hearing this, Saotome rolled his eyes for a moment, but his expression quickly returned to normal. And then.

“Childhood friend? You’re just a childhood friend and you’re acting like a boyfriend. I’m sure it’s a great annoyance for Shirayuki-san to be hounded by this kind of person. Am I right?”

He said the worst thing he could have said.

The statement made the crowd, especially the women look perplexed.

“Saotome is good-looking, but he’s probably the worst.”

“That’s a little disgusting.”

“I wonder if that rumor the dumb boys in the sports department were talking about was true.”

The girls’ opinion of him, which was so high before he entered the classroom, plummeted. His popularity among first-year students probably died at that moment.

However, the purpose of “what you shouldn’t say” is not to lose your popularity with others. Yes, the most important reason is… 

“Who said anything about annoyance? You are a self-conscious person with an ugly personality. I hate self-conscious fools who don’t know anything about Tsuzuri-kun, and they are the most despicable people in the world. It’s unpleasant to say the least! I never want to see your face again!”

The reason was that Kotoba was furious. Saotome was slightly overwhelmed by her rage. Once again, silence fell over the classroom.

After a while… 


He must have been overwhelmed. He left the classroom with a small click of his tongue. I was a little relieved, but at the same time I felt a tremor in my heart.

What the hell was that senior doing here?

I wondered if he would be able to give up on Kotoba after just one try.

A little while later, we were on our way home. Kotoba and I were returning home walking side by side. We were silent for a while, but finally Kotoba started to speak.

“Thank you for your help earlier, Tsuzuri-Kun.”

“No, no need to thank me. I’m the one who has to protect Kotoba there.”

When I said that, Kotoba looked at me with an embarrassed, but somewhat dumbfounded expression.

“I don’t know how you can say such words without the slightest speck of embarrassment. I admire your mentality.”

Yeah, I don’t feel like I’m being praised at all.”

A complete change from earlier. Her venomous tongue was at its best again today. However, her composed expression changed to one of unease.

“What should I do if I get tangled up again tomorrow?”

She said feebly. Kotoba is quite critical of boys. But it’s not because she’s ” high and mighty “, it’s simply because she’s scared.

I tried to reassure Kotonoha by speaking softly to her.

“Don’t worry. If something like that happens, I’ll be there for you.”

“… “

Silence. It was a strange and comfortable atmosphere, though I didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, she turned around and looked at me.

“Thank you Tsuzuri-Kun. Please continue to be my escort, okay?”

She gave me her best smile. It was so beautiful that even the sun was a haze.

“Kotoba, do it again! Please!”

In my desperation to see that smile again.

“Damn it! I was just in a good mood, but… BAKA!”

It was a very peaceful and irreplaceable everyday routine. But no major progress had been made in their relationship. Is this the way it should be? Isn’t it time to gather up the courage and take a step forward?

{ED: Yes, this MC is built differently. The reason why there aren’t any notes this time is for the reason. “ Even anger is a waste on the likes of you”}

In order to break through this deadlock and achieve the high school life of my dreams. I pondered over my options, trying to come up with a plan.