I will devote all my energy to spoiling my childhood friend, a beautiful Kuudere girl who can’t be honest Chapter 10

Childhood Friend and Committee Decision (3)

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Ichijo rolled her eyes at the idea I put forward. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, but she didn’t expect to be disturbed by my idea. It doesn’t matter…

What does Matsue-sensei think about this? I look at her with some tension.

“Well, I think it’s good. It screams of youth and it’s interesting!”

However, contrary to my worries, the “speech proposal” was surprisingly well received.

I don’t understand what there is to feel ‘youthful’ in giving a speech, and she agreed with it for such a simple reason. Anyway, I got a lot of support due to the presence of a teacher.

Most of the students didn’t make any objections, so I’m relieved for the time being. After that, how will Ichijo respond to this?

“A speech? I don’t care, but I don’t think I, as the Freshman Representative, will lose. That too, to someone as worse as you.”

{ED: Wipe this undesirable existence off the face of Earth}

Ichijo, who had completely returned to her usual expression, sneered at Kotoba as she said this. 

She may not know but Kotoba who is quite a gifted student has a number of speeches and presentations under her belt. It may be favoritism for my childhood friend, but… Her speeches are charming and powerful.

That’s why I brought up the idea of a speech, thinking Kotoba had a good chance of winning.

However, Ichijo looked down on Kotoba. I was very annoyed by her making light of Kotoba, just as she did on the way to school. Before I was aware of it, I started talking.

“I’m sorry, but I think Kotoba is going to win. I’m not sure of your claim to win without knowing your opponent’s abilities. In fact, what do you know about her?”

I was blurting out things that I should have kept to myself.

The teacher and the others around me looked at me suspiciously. Oh crap! I regretted my shallow thinking.

Ichijo smiled and looked towards me


“Oh, Sasaki-san. You’re really taking Shirayuki-san’s side, aren’t you? You’re not going to tell me that you’re supporting her because you want to be on the same committee as Shirayuki-san, are you?”

I wondered if she could read my mind. If I don’t speak now, my reputation will go down quite a bit, and more importantly…  Kotoba might even be looked at with suspicion.

She’s still as cunning as ever, and I’m really annoyed by her.

{ED: Me too}

“No, it’s just that I find your words offensive. I just don’t like people who demean others like that.”

When I said so, the suspicious eyes from the students around me gradually decreased. I was relieved for the time being.

She responded to my excuse not with words but with her usual smile. The teacher intervened again to repair the atmosphere that was turning bad again.

“Yes, we are already high school students, so there’s no need to fight! Shirayuki-san, Ichijo-san, we don’t have much time, so I want you to start your speeches soon.”

Finally, their speeches were about to begin. I put all my energy into my gaze to witness it.





“This concludes my speech.”

I could hear powerful applause from the people around me. As expected, Ichijo’s speech was very well received, as she was the representative of the freshmen. Matsue-sensei and the other students were very impressed.

“Well, next, Shirayuki-san, please.”

The teacher calls Kotoba. She was pressured by Ichijo’s speech and by the level of her performance. She moves forward with an awkward stride. Standing at the podium, she opens her mouth. But… 

“Wow, I’m ——.”

The words were quickly cut off. Kotoba’s mouth was agape. I was honestly surprised that Kotoba was overwhelmed by Ichijo.

Maybe it was shock, or frustration. She had tears in her eyes, but she tried to not let them fall.

Ichijo chuckles at that. It was a face showing victory.

I bit my lip as hard as I could. I was frustrated. For Kotoba to be disturbed by such a person. I couldn’t forgive her. To hurt Kotoba so casually.

I raise my voice with determination.

“Kotoba, do your best!”

I had only one word for her. But that would be a great push for Kotoba.

{ED: One word only coz’ He spoke “Gambare” which can also mean ‘Hang in there’}


Kotoba was stunned by my raised voice. But her expression of despair was overwritten by hope. To say that it had a definite effect on Kotoba would be a bit too prideful.

Speaking of other people… the teacher, the other students, Ichijo and Kotoba looked at me with astonishment.

I chuckled wryly at their gazes.

Why didn’t I say anything previously? I should have done this from the beginning. I’m not going to be able to change anything if I’m afraid of what other people will think.

Both Kotoba and I have a single goal from the start. ‘We want to be on the committee together.” That’s all.

Then, before I knew it, I was lost in my thoughts again and I heard Kotoba coughing. Kotoba had her usual dignified expression on her face.

“First, I’d like to explain why I’m running for office. ——“

Her beautiful voice sounded loud and clear. It was a very attractive tone, and it certainly carried a lot of confidence. The teachers and students were drawn in by her speech. I had no proof to believe that she was going to win, but I was sure of it.





And then Lunch break.

“Tsuzuri-kun, let’s have lunch.”

She tells me in her usual cool expression… But I can’t hide the cheerful, and slightly childish expression on my face. To be honest, she’s so cute. She’s the only thing that helps me plow through my difficult high school life.

“Okay! Finally, I can eat a bento filled with Kotoba’s love!”

“Yes. But I don’t know if it’s to your taste. Please go on…”

“Kotoba, thank you! I love you!”

{ ED:It isn’t disgust but taking a destructive attack to the heart or something like that. And go get married you two}

Normally, I would be subjected to Kotoba’s poisonous tongue, but that is not the case now.

There is only one reason why I am in such a good mood. It’s because I’ve successfully become a member of the class council with Kotoba. The two of us were happy and the atmosphere was sweet.

However, there is one person who destroys that atmosphere.

{ED:Damn her existence to the deepest parts of hell}

“Mr. Sasaki. You were looking cool just now. Would you like to have lunch with me?”

{ ED: No thanks }

Yes, it was Ichijo Asuka. I couldn’t understand what she meant and I was confused.
{ED: Why do those with the surname Ichijo disturb the main couple [ Ref to M*h**ka’s I***j*u M*****i  ] Guess it folks 😉 }


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