I will devote all my energy to spoiling my childhood friend, a beautiful Kuudere girl who can’t be honest Chapter 11

Childhood friend and Lunch break

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Kotoba vs Ichijo, again

The sight of two beautiful girls glaring at each other created a tense atmosphere. Stop it already! Don’t start a fight for me.

Suddenly, I looked around and saw that many students were watching what was going on here. I felt my face tighten up as it seemed that this was attracting a lot of attention.

The girls looked excited about what was going to happen, while the boys gave me murderous glares possibly due to jealousy.

To be honest… It was pretty uncomfortable. We can’t let this go on, and I thought I should intervene. But before I could make a move, Kotoba started speaking.

{ ED:  Yes protect your ML}

“Ichijo-san, I’m trying to eat lunch ‘alone’ with Tsuzuri-kun. Please don’t interrupt us without my consent.”
{ ED: If only every FML was such assertive and brave( showing a forceful personality)}

Kotoba attacked Ichijo by emphasising on the ‘alone’ part. It seems that the fight will continue for a while yet. Ichijo countered Kotoba’s attack with a stoic expression.

“Why are you making such assumptions? Sasaki-san never said anything about wanting to do that, did he?”

When Kotoba hears this, she looks at me anxiously. Don’t worry! I’ll say it as many times as you want, you’re the only one I’ll choose! Noticing Kotoba’s silence, Ichijo continues with her verbal attack.”

{ED: Yes, go on ML; God I love this couple}

“Sasaki-san, it was hard for you to be pushed around by such a ‘heavy’ woman… What do you say? Would you like to spend lunch with me?”

{ED: Heavy in the sense of being an excessively demanding girl}

“Who’s a heavy woman!?”

While sparks were flying, Ichijo looked as if she was sure that she would be chosen. I wonder where she got that confidence from.

That’s nothing to worry about. My stomach started to hurt as I continued to receive so many different glares. I think it’s time for me to intervene.

“I’m sorry, but I’d rather eat ‘alone’ with Kotoba.”

I followed Kotoba’s example and emphasized on the ‘alone’ part. It’s good to feel like we’re the same.

When she heard me, her expression turned grim for a moment. But her expression immediately returned to the inscrutable smile. Then she started to speak again.

“Well, I guess I’ll just eat beside you two.”

When Ichijo said that as a matter of course, Kotoba looked very unhappy and spoke back.

“I don’t want to eat with Ichijo-san. Tsuzuri-kun, let’s go to the roof.”

As for me, I didn’t want to watch them glare at each other while we’re eating, so I agreed with Kotoba.

“I bet the rooftop has a nice view. Kotoba, let’s go quickly. See you later, Ichijo.”

And with that, the two of us left Ichijo behind and left the place.





On the rooftop.

“So… Ichijo, why are you here?”

I ask the most obvious question. Before we knew it, Ichijo seemed to follow us. I’m scared.

She tilted her head curiously when I asked her that question.

“I came because I too wanted to eat on the roof.”

She said it without taking any offense, so I was at a loss on how to respond. I was not sure what to do, but while I was silent, Kotoba spoke..

“We want to eat together. We don’t need a thieving cat in this place.

When Ichijo heard this, she sighed and made a compromise as if she had no choice.

“So, I’ll just watch from afar and not intervene at all. Can’t I do that?”

Those words did not let Kotoba’s guard down. She was still trying to argue with her, but I restrained her with my hand and opened my mouth.

“Don’t forget those words, Ichijo. And don’t turn your back on Kotoba either.”

After hearing that, Ichijo seemed relieved and moved away from us. On the other hand, Kotoba looked a little dissatisfied.

Come on! Finally… it’s the Bento time I’ve been waiting for! I’m sure I’m the luckiest person in the world to be able to eat Kotoba’s beloved homemade bento.

“Please enjoy your lunch…”

I opened Kotoba’s lunch box with anticipation. And… 


I was so impressed that my voice leaked out. When I opened the lid, I was greeted with a spectacular view. A fluffy omelet, fresh tomatoes, and most importantly… 

“Fried chicken!”

My favorite food, which is fried chicken, was there! I wonder if Kotoba knew that and put it in there for me.

“I was sure you’d love Fried chicken. I hope you like it.”


The destructive power of those words was tremendous. It’s no exaggeration to say that it was like a Tsar Bomba exploding in my heart.

{ED:  A hydrogen aerial bomb, and the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested.}

I was so moved that my vision started to blur. Oh, no! This is the kind of thing that really makes me cry! As I tried to hold back my tears, Kotoba offered me a handkerchief with a dumbfounded look.

“Here, I’m embarrassed to look at you, so please hurry up and wipe them off.”

“Thank you, I’ll do it”

What a blissful time. We then ate our lunches in a happy atmosphere.

{ED: It was Tl’ed to ‘in a good friendship/spirit/rapport’, I hope I made it easier to understand}

I’m not sure if it was our lovey-dovey atmosphere that got to her or not. But before I knew it, Ichijo had disappeared. I finished my lunch and now I was being attacked by the desire to sleep.

“Kotoba, I’m getting sleepy.”

I said that, and she gave me a pissed off look.

“Please don’t be so sloppy as to sleep at school.

“Oh my god, I would love it if Kotoba would give me a lap pillow!”

When I said that, Kotoba looked at me as if she was looking at trash .

“”I knew you were a pervert, Tsuzuri-kun. To put it bluntly, you’re a potential criminal and you shouldn’t be out on the streets.

“‘Don’t be so harsh! Please!”

Once I’ve said it out loud, I can’t help but want to do it! I bowed my head as my forehead scraped the ground. Kotoba was a little irritated.

“Hey! What are you doing? I get it, I get it, so please raise your head!

Yes! A lap pillow after lunch on the rooftop, the Royal road in a teen’s high school life! Just to be sure, I’ll ask her if she really doesn’t mind.

“Kotoba, are you sure it’s okay?”

I ask, and she answers, while her face turns red.

“I guess this is my way of saying thank you for helping me in the committee meeting today.”

Ah, Kotoba really is a goddess. I’m not sure what to do.

“I’ll be borrowing your lap.”

She was red in the face, but she managed to reply back..

“P-please… Do so.”
{ED: Mha Hart, Mah Sol}

Nervously, I put my head down on her lap, while facing downwards. As she stiffened, I took a deep breath.

“Sssshhh… Huh! It smells so good!”

{ED: Oh he sniffed her in front of her}

The air turned frosty. Surely Kotoba would be angry in the very next moment. However!! Sniffing her scent is worth it.

As expected, I was whacked on the head by Kotoba.

“Who said you could sleep with your face down? You pervert! You d***y freak! Ecchi! ! ! !”

I guess she forgot to take it easy because of the shame. I gave my thanks to God as my consciousness faded due to the pain.