I’m fine being the second girlfriend Prologue Part 1

Translator: Butter

Editor: Butter, DannY

After the end of school, the two of us took a detour to home to cover our traces. 

It was an off-travel railway route, a one-way street flanked by fences and wall tiles.

“It’s hot.”said Hayakasa, who was walking beside me. She was dressed in a refreshing summer school uniform with neatly cut hair, and her shy expression that showed his childish side. 

“My throat is dry.”

Saying that she took a sip of the soft drink she just bought at the vending machine. 

“Kirishima-kun, do you want a sip?”

“You don’t mind?”


Then she happily handed me the can of soda. Although I already had a bottle filled with tea inside my bag, considering the hot weather and blue sky I really wanted to drink a refreshing soft drink.

But was this really okay?

My classmate, Hayasaka-san, had just drunk the soft drink, I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her soft and watery lips which just touched the can of soda.

If I drank it like that, it could well also be labelled an indirect kiss!?

She, however, had an unconcerned expression and a seemingly innocent girl’s smile.

If I hesitate any longer, I will make her realize this instead.

So without caring and thinking much about it I drank the drink with my mouth.

“Indirect Kiss”

She choked me, as soon as those words came from her mouth. 

“You dare to play with me ah!”


Sasaka-san smiled and made a V gesture. But the smile was very reserved, and her face was red.

“Don’t be shy, if you have the ability to go so far to do it.”

 “I’m not shy.”

The apparently shy-faced Hayasaka-san, however, directly changed the topic.

“Speaking of which, you seemed to be chatting a lot with your friends today during the lunch break.”

“That guy said he has a crush.”

“Eh! Did Kirishima-Kun’s friend ask you for relationship counseling! ?

“You don’t think it’s appropriate either right? I am just an average looking guys with four-eyes[ TL: Here Four-Eyes refers to wearing specs]

“But I really like the way Kirishima-kun looks. Indeed there is a feeling that he is only good at studying, and the persona is instantly established.”

“You are not saying good things for me.”

“So, so? What kind of advice did you give your friend?”

“Explain it to him* the “Looking More Effect”

*Mere Exposure Effect is a psychological phenomenon-people will have a good impression simply because they are familiar with something. In social psychology, this effect is also called the “familiarity principle” (English: familiarity principle). This phenomenon covers a wide range of things, such as text, paintings, portrait photos, polygons, and sounds. In the study of interpersonal relationships, the more times a person appears in front of one’s own eyes, the easier it is for one to have a preference and affection for it.

{ED: Our TL is a smart kid!}

Hayasaka-san, whose eyes were shining, heard me say so, and immediately said “Ah-um” and turned her expression into a subtle one.

“How do I say it. It definitely feels like Kirishima-Kun’s answer.”

“You’re definitely not complimenting me, are you?

The “look-more effect” is the psychological phenomenon of “being attracted to things that are familiar to you”. This psychology can also be used to explain the tendency to want to buy something after seeing an advertisement, or the tendency to like people around you more than those with whom you have little interaction.

“Human beings fall in love with things they know.  So I suggest that he first meet the girl he likes every day. Say hello, borrow something from her, etc.,then it should be fine.”

“Huh~ “look more” at effect!?”

Hayasaka-san who nodded slowly showed a n*****y expression.

“…Then let’s try it too, this method.”

“She gently pressed the back of her hand against my hand.”

“Let’s first start by holding hands.”

“No, the contact mentioned here refers to the perceptual meaning of seeing and hearing.”

[ TL: Look more at the effect. The original Japanese text is a pure contact effect, and Hayasaka understands it as a literal contact.]

“But maybe direct contact works better? That’s definitely true.”

At some point, the schoolbag that was originally hanging on my one shoulder moved to my other shoulder!.

At such a close distance, I couldn’t help but get nervous.

——–Maybe direct contact works better?

She was  definitely taking it out of context, but it may be true.

Even if you accidentally touch your shoulders with a girl who has no feelings, you will bump into the deer. If you are hugged by the other person in the haunted house, there is a certain chance that you start developing feelings for the other person.

This is probably the sensibility that rationality or reason cannot suppress.

Physical contact has a special magical effect. 

What if I were to hold hands with Hayasaka-san at this time?

Maybe I will like Hayasaka-san more than I Thought, and she will like me more than she thought


She was still touching me gently with the back of her hand.

She kept leaning towards me until my arm seemed to touch her chest.


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