I’m fine being the second girlfriend Prologue Part 2

TL: Butter

ED: DannY

Although Hayasaka has a baby-like face, her body is too mature.

I suddenly felt embarrassed for some reason, so I turned my face away.

“Holding hands is too logical. It’s not suitable for verifying psychological phenomena–“

“It’s a bad habit to try to escape by forcing words, Kirishima-kun.”

She then grabbed my hand.

So I hid my hands in my trouser pockets.

“Hmm, then I’ll take your arm.”

Seeing her about to put her arm around me, I ran to the side of the road in panic.

I said I would break away from her clutches, but because I pulled away I cursed myself to see a valley wrapped between her white shirt.

“Eh heh, I seem to understand the reason Kirishima-kun is shy.”

ED/N: Yes he says it like causing harm to himself.

“Who knows?”

“If we had more physical contact, maybe our relationship would improve?”

With a grimace, she chased him aggressively.

We chased each other through the alley.

Although Hayasaka-san looked and acted like a child, she indeed looked like a high school student with her limbs sticking out from her school uniform, and her skin was clean and beautiful, and her panting red face was a little s**y.

Because I was not mentally prepared to make skin-to-skin contact with her, I ran away. Hayasaka-san, who was not very athletic, almost tripped herself.

“Okay, then let me do this.”

She ran ahead and spreaded her arms in an impassable posture, while I passed under her armpits as if nothing had happened.

“Can’t you have some fun, Kirishima-kun!”

She slammed her whole body towards me, and I leaned back with my shoulders, and for a while there was a stalemate.

“Come on, it’s too early for us!”

“It’s almost time for us to go further.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. Weren’t we supposed to be still discussing and looking at the effect.”

“What about it?”

However, “Don’t be afraid to be crunchy!? Hayasaka-san is actually…”

“You haven’t had any contact with men either, have you? You’re actually very shy. Don’t pretend to be experienced.”

As if hit by a single word, Hayasaka-san’s eyes began to drift away.

“W-What are y-yo-you talking about, Kirishima-kun?”

“You still do this kind of thing even when you’re this shy–“

“It’s your fault!” 

She said furiously, probably realizing it.

“Why do you keep refusing to hold my hand!”

I thought I was being unforgiving, and she was really thinking about that?

This creature is really too cute. I want to think so, I still put my shoulders against Hayasaka-san who was pushing hard into me.

“What are you trying to do? Look how red your face is!”

“I didn’t try my best. It’s just because the weather is too hot!”

“Even so!”

I’m still ashamed here.


TL Notes: Hello guys Butter here. So… hmm, looks like there was some progression in relationships today. Which scene did you like the most so far? Do comment it here. Personally I loved the one where Hayasaka touched her b*****s to Kirishima-kun. Also the moment where we found out that Hayasaka is actually lying to be having experience with men but is actually very shy within is too cute. Well please do look forward to the next part. Cya, Butter out!