I’m fine being the second girlfriend Prologue Part 3

TL: Butter 

ED: DannY


The following day in the classroom, I observed the movements of Hayasaka-san.

As soon as she got to school, she spread out her textbook and previewed what was to be taught. She took notes in her book while also responding to those who greeted her.

Although she was already a very kind person, today she was extraordinarily spirited.

I think she was pushing herself too hard.

“Good morning, Hayasaka!”

A boy from the next class who looked a bit frivolous walked into our classroom.

“Tonight, we borrowed a studio band to practice playing, don’t you want to hear it?”

“Sorry …… not tonight. My family doesn’t allow it…”

“Really. Then, We’ll talk about it another time.”

“I’m sure it’s not going to work,” the boy who said that to himself left again in disgust.

The boys in the class who saw this scene also began to discuss.

“Hayasaka-san is still the same, she’s as cold as ever.”

“You don’t get it, do you? That’s the best thing. She’s so innocent and pitiful, she feels like she’s growing up under the care of someone.”

“According to my personal investigation, there are rumors that the only male in her phone contacts is her father.”

The above conversation was going on right behind my seat, but I didn’t join in, nor was I asked to comment on Hayasaka-san. 

“A girl who is so reserved must be very difficult to get involved with.” 

“You don’t get it, do you? You don’t understand that, do you? You’re the type of girl who would be shy to hold hands, like Hayasaka. You really don’t know anything about it.

“According to my sources, Hayasaka-san has been confessed to many times but has not dated anyone. I’m sure she’s a late bloomer in this area.”

The sound of their discussion was so loud that Hayasaka-san hid behind her textbook in shame.

“Hey, boys over there, stop your strange delusions about Akane-san. 

“Who can stand this?”

When the bell rang, everyone went back to their seats. The boys looked at Hayasaka reluctantly, while the girls blustered at the boys to protect her.

In the midst of all this hustle and bustle, I caught a glimpse of Hayasaka-san. The next thing I knew, she was covering her face with her textbook. Then she secretly put the textbook down again and observed my face. 

“If you keep staring, everyone will find out,” she said.

The expression she put on her face seemed to say so.

Her cheeks were flushed.

Although I wanted to say something, I turned my eyes back to the blackboard and prepared for class.

My relationship with her was a secret from everyone.

Even when it came to lunch break, this would not change.

I ate my bento alone, while Hayasaka-san was called by the guy in the next seat. It was about the survey of hopes for higher education that the teacher had mentioned earlier.

“What would you like to choose Hayasaka? 

Liberal arts or science?”


“You’re a good match for the literature department. A studious girl who sits on a bench in the school and reads many books!”

The other students in the class also joined the conversation.

“English is not bad, right? You could be a translator or a stewardess if you speak English fluently?”

“It should be home economics!”

After a heated discussion, Hayasaka said politely.

“… Is science”

In a flash, everyone was dumbfounded. It didn’t fit her image.

“Ahhh, I get it!”

The person who is good at reading the atmosphere spoke up.

“Miss Nurse! The angel in white clothes is also a good match for Hayasaka-san. I really want to be taken care of by you.”

The topic was finally put to rest.

And she smiled at me helplessly.

This is completely labeled but I can’t help but think so.

Serious, innocent, cute, and with that, she was idolized.

Indeed, that was the impression she gave.

She takes notes in class, lends notes to students who forget to listen to the scope of the exam during class, and helps the teacher carry materials even if she’s not on duty. In physical education class, even if she was not very good at sports, she would endure with her bumped foot and practice hurdles many times.

Even the direction of further education was chosen as a veterinary subject with the reason of petting small animals, so the image is really similar.

All people like this kind of Hayasaka-san.

But this love, in my opinion, is sometimes the same as treating a cute doll.

They only have these labels in their eyes, but ignore Hayasaka-san herself.

So no one noticed that she was different from her usual self today.

With concern, I stood up and walked to Hayasaka-san’s seat when no one was looking.

“Huh, huh?”

Since we hadn’t spoken in the classroom, her voice started to panic.

I, on the other hand, pretended to pass by accidently by chance.

“Hayasaka-san, why do you look so red?”

That’s when everyone finally noticed the fact that she wasn’t feeling well today.

She’s too good at showing off. I told her yesterday, didn’t I?

“Are you really not, really feverish?”