I’m fine being the second girlfriend Prologue Part 4

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Before the start of the fifth class, I left the classroom.

At that moment, I saw Hayasaka, who was leaving early and was about to go home by the window.

I walked out of the school gate and took a few steps to catch up with the stumbling Hayasaka.

“Kirishima-kun, what are you doing here?

“I’ll take you home and will carry your bag for you.”

“…… I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

“It’s all because you tried too hard.”

“…… Yeah. But I always try to be a good girl in front of everyone.”

But that’s not the case, said Hayasaka.

“I’m a bad girl, much more than anyone would have thought.”

When I saw that she was about to faint, I held her hand without thinking.


The eyes of Hayasaka-san widened when she looked at the hands she was holding.

“…… How can I say this? It’s just that I want to try to see the effect of more.

“Well. So, did it work?”

“I don’t know. It’s just that my body is a little hot. I feel like I’m getting hot too. ……”

“I seem to like it.”

Hayasaka-san held my hand and leaned against me.

“I think it’s working.”

The weight of this leaning and the heat coming from it.

I could feel Hayasaka-san’s presence on my side. It’s not the kind of impression or label.

“If other people knew that I was doing this, they would be shocked. ……”

“I’m going to be a scandal.”

She now puts on a cute expression that she could never show in the classroom.

“Actually, I’ve wanted to post with Kirishima-kun before” [TL: EDITOR HELP IN THIS LINE PLEASE]

She said, rubbing against me happily with a blushing face. As if enjoying the touch with me, the strength of her grip on my hand was sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

“Fortunately, I’ve been getting hot.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I can be treated kindly by Kirishima-kun.”

She pressed her entire face and body close to me. 

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

“When I recover, I will do more and more dangerous things.”

“I said.”

“Because I am not a good girl.”

I helped Hayasaka-san, who had a fever, to take her home. Although she looked very uncomfortable, she smiled contentedly.

To an outsider, it seemed like a cute girl and a passerby-looking guy were dating, I guess. Indeed we have said that we are a couple hence, it’s not wrong to look at it that way.

However, we have hidden secrets. 

I have another person I like, and Hayasaka-san is my backup option.

I’m her backup, too, since Hayasaka-san also has someone else she likes. In other words-

Neither of us has each other in our lives, but we are dating as backups.

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