Jitsu ha Onaji Shokuba ni Anata wo Sukina Hito ga Imasu Tenkin saki ha Bijo dake no Eigyousho!? Chapter 2


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< This is the story from Girls’ POV >

The day before Hirabayashi Rinta moved to his new workplace in Shimizushi city after being transferred by Rikuado Co. Ltd.

The three staff members of the Shimizushi sales office were having dinner at a Western-style Izakaya after work.

{ A Bar-like place commonly used for after-work meets} 

“Hey, manager. The guy coming tomorrow… is he handsome?”

As I took a bite of my pasta, I looked at the beautiful little girl, Kosakai Honoka, and her reddish-brown eyes.

Her petite body and loose, maroon hair make her look twice as cute as she is. She looks like an idol.

“‘I don’t know. Why don’t you check for yourself tomorrow?But even if he’s not handsome, you can’ t just bully him and kick him out like you did the last time.”

The sales manager who gave Honoka a cold stare with her beautiful, slightly slit eyes was Jinguji Reika. Her black hair was pulled back into a bun around the collar, and she was wearing a navy blue suit, giving her the appearance of a mature and successful woman.

“I chased him out? You’re a bad listener, manager.”

“Ah, I’m just kidding.”

“But it’s clear that Honoka was mistreating him, wasn’t it?”

Said Aido Ruka, who had been with the company for a year. Her walnut-colored ponytail swayed softly as she turned to look at Honoka.

Ruka wears glasses when she’s at work, but now that she’s after work, she takes them off. Her eyes are a beautiful greenish color. You can find a lot of people who are interested in them.

That person was the only male employee who had been working at this sales office until last month as Rinta’s predecessor.

He had retired due to health problems, which he mischievously blamed as Honoka’s fault.

“Hey, Ruka. Don’t tell me that I’ve been mistreating him. I don’t really like that guy, so I just treated him like a jerk, which he deserved.”

“Honoka-senpai. That kind of behaviour in this world is referred to as ‘mistreating’ someone.

“Is that so?”

“That’s right. Even though you know it.”

Honoka laughed with a smile and put out her tongue.

She then put the pasta in her mouth again.

“Hey, Hono-chan. He’s just a colleague, so it doesn’t matter if he’s a handsome guy or not, right?”

“Hahi hiherun hesuka, hyohyo”

“Hey, Hono-chan. Don’t talk while eating. You’re spoiling the image of a beautiful girl.

Honoka chewed the pasta and gobbled it down with wine.

“What are you talking about, manager, there’s a difference. It’s not that I’m not a beautiful girl.

“What’s the difference?”

“I don’t care if he’s my colleague or not, I don’t accept anyone as a guy unless he’s handsome.

“Do you choose a man only by his looks?”

“No. Looks are the basic requirements, and you can’t be seen as a man unless you’re rich. Otherwise, he’ll be treated like a strange creature.”

Honoka raised her chin a little and replied with a pompous air.

She was the shortest of the bunch, but her ample E-cup b*****s were swaying in her white blouse.

What kind of unidentifiable creature was that?

Reika smiled bitterly.

Then, from the side, Ruka, holding a highball in her hand, calmly made a comment..

“There it is, the Honoka theory. Men will think you’re an irritating woman, Honoka-senpai.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay, because handsome and rich men don’t get angry when they hear what I just said. Only men who are neither handsome nor rich will be upset.”

{ED: Uh huh}

The Manager, Reika, sighed heavily and glared at Honoka.

You know, Hono-chan. You need to learn how to look at men properly. If you choose a man based only on his looks and wealth, you will definitely end up in the gutter.

“But the manager doesn’t like men who aren’t good-looking, does she?”

“No, not at all. For example, if he is into sports or is passionate about something, he would look cool, right? If you fall in love with him, he can look cool too.

{TL: Doesn’t that kinda contradict your previous statement}

{ED: We’re too young to understand women… }

“I wonder? It’s just a matter of taste… I like pork ramen, but the Manager likes soy sauce ramen, right?

“Ra-Ramen!? No, I don’t even like soy sauce ramen.”

The serious Reika couldn’t help but have a severe reaction to Honoka’s strange metaphor.

It was just like Reika to dress up well, do her hair well, and work efficiently.

Ruka, who was watching from the side, interrupted as if to give Reika a helping hand.

“It’s okay that Honoka-senpai likes pork ramen, but if you say, Anything other than pork ramen is not ramen,  other ‘ramen lovers’ will be offended.”

“It’s not that I don’t like pork ramen, but that I like good-looking people. I love pork ramen too.”

Perhaps it was because Honoka is a foodie, but the matter couldn’t help but deviate to the topic of food.

“That’s right, Hono-chan. Ruka-chan is right. And more importantly, personality is important. Anyway, what you say is wrong, Hono-chan.”

“I don’t want to be told that by the Manager who is too strict when it comes to looking at men. You’ve been courted by a lot of men, but you’ve always turned them down for one reason or another.”

“No, I just… don’t like flirtatious men or men who only judge women by their looks. It’s not that I’m too critical of them.”

“I’m not sure… I think you’ve turned down some of the more serious and elite types who were good at their jobs. The director is too good at her job. There’s no man to match her, you know.”

{ED: I wasn’t too sure here since someone called dekisugi-san who was the director showed up. I assumed Reika was the director and went ahead, But I would appreciate it if anyone gets the correct meaning in the comments.}

Reika has a clean and crisp look like a model. Her back is straightened giving her an aura that far exceeds something that a little man could compete with.

“Forget about me, Hono-chan. Don’t worry about me!”


“Say ‘yes’.”


“What the hell are you doing?

With her fist, Reika hit Honoka on the top of her head

{ED: Ho**y Bonk}.

Honoka exaggeratedly held the top of her head with both hands as she glared at Reika..

“I want to sue you! I’m going to sue you for abuse of power!”

“Why are you exaggerating? It won’t hurt that much.

“Wow! It doesn’t hurt. Hehehe.”

“Good, be honest. Hmph.”

 Reika also smiled at Honoka’s antics.

“But you know what? It’s really preferable to have the three of us than to have a guy who’s boring… This is fun. I love this group.”

Honoka looked around at the other two and said sincerely.

The girls’ drinking party will continue in the next chapter.


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