Jitsu ha Onaji Shokuba ni Anata wo Sukina Hito ga Imasu Tenkin saki ha Bijo dake no Eigyousho!? Chapter 3

 It’s better to be with three women…

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“But you know. It’s really better to have us three girls than a boring guy. It’s fun. I love this group.”

Honoka looked around at the other two and said so.

“Hmm… Well, I won’t deny that but you know, this is a company and in companies there are both women and men, there is a balance.”

“Oh, really? I don’t really care if it  remains a female-only office, it’s easier and more fun you know. Don’t you think the same, Ruka-chan ?”

[TL: Umm she is trying to imply that she would feel better if the office remains a female only one. ]

“Hmm, I don’t care either way.”

“Well, Ruka-Chan isn’t interested in men. It’s a waste of such a cute face.”

“That’s not true. It’s just that I haven’t been able to find a man that I would fall in love with.”

“Oh, no. There is another girl who has a hard time seeing a man!”

Honoka pointed her index fingers of both hands at the tip of Ruka’s nose as if to poke it.

Reika quickly drank chu-hi and then looked at Ruka’s face and said.

“By the way, Ruka, was he a senior in your high school? The one you said you used to admire a lot.”

“It’s more of a longing than a liking for ……. I just watched him during club activities that too from quite a distance.”

“That’s why Ruka has decided that she won’t fall for any man unless he is someone who has surpassed him.”

“Is that so.”

“After all, that person is really good looking, isn’t he?”

Honoka brings her face closer to Ruka, trying to find out her expression. She seemed to be very interested. 

“I don’t know. I don’t know if he looks good or bad to anyone, but with his gentle face I thought he was cool.”


“Huh-uh? Hono-chan, have you lost interest already?”

“I thought about asking her to show me his picture. I was going to ask to see a picture of the guy, but if he’s not as good looking as anyone else, then fine.”

“I’ll never show my photo to Honoka-senpai, so don’t worry. Even if you ask me to in the future, even if you get down on your knees, no matter what, I will never show it to you!”

“It’s okay, I don’t want to see him.”

“Hey, hey, hey, Hono! You’re Ruka-chan’s adored senior and you can’t talk like that. Ruka-chan, you look so sad.”

“What? Oh, I’m sorry, Ruka-tan! I’m just kidding! You’re the kind of senior Ruka-chan admires, so I think you’re a really nice person! I’m just kidding! I’m just kidding! I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, Honoka-senpai. I’m not in a bad mood. For Honoka-senpai, it’s her preference. For Manager Reika, it’s her preference. I have my own preferences. It’s fine for each of us to have our own preferences.”

“That’s right! If everyone’s tastes were the same, we’d all be fighting over one guy. If beautiful women like the manager and Ruka-tan were my rivals, the competition would be too tough!”

“What are you talking about, Honoka-senpai? It’s obvious that Honoka-senpai is far more beautiful than me.”

“Huh? I didn’t know, ehehe.”

“Hey, Hono-chan. You need to learn to be more humble.”


The other two giggled at Honoka’s absent-minded reply.

“Well then, I guess it’s time for me to go home.”

“Wow. I want to go home early because I don’t wanna get too much sleep. I’ll apply a pack when I get home.”

“What are you talking about, Honoka?”

“Because the guy who will be transferred tomorrow. If he’s good-looking, I’ll have to make sure my skin is perfect.”

{ED: MC getting a royal welcome}

“I see. Let’s hope that Honoka’s efforts won’t be in vain and call it a night.”

“It’s true. I hope your efforts are not in vain.

“Do you two really think that? You’re not making fun of me, right?

“No, we’re not making fun of you.”

Honoka puffed out her cheeks and stared at the two who were talking at the same time.

These three people…

All three have their own feelings and circumstances, and because of this, none of them have a boyfriend at the moment despite being so beautiful.

All three of them have been confessed to by numerous men, but they have rejected all of them.

There are also a lot of venomous exchanges, but that’s because the three of them were very close and trusted each other.

But there is no doubt that all three of them are extremely beautiful.

Even now, there were men among other customers who looked at the three of them from a distance and talked in secret.

“Look at them. All three of them are so cute.”

“That’s right.”

“You should talk to them.”

“No way. It’s too hard!”

“I know, right? No one’s ever gonna take you seriously.”

They may or may not have been aware of the stares around them.

“Well then, you two, be careful on your way home. Especially Ruka, you have to walk home from here, so be careful.”



The three beautiful women dispersed.

A small sales office with only three such beauties.

Rinta’s assignment to such a place was finally coming tomorrow.

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