Jitsu ha Onaji Shokuba ni Anata wo Sukina Hito ga Imasu Tenkin saki ha Bijo dake no Eigyousho!? Chapter 4

 Rinta helps a beautiful but weak girl with an idea

TL: Butter


< Rinta’s POV >

The Shimizuku sales office I had been assigned to was actually very close to my parent’s house, but I’m used to living alone in Tokyo, so I don’t want to go back to my parents’ cramped house anymore.

So with that in mind, I rented a one-room apartment within walking distance of the office.

Anyway, I moved in with the least amount of luggage but could only finish unpacking it late at night before my first day at my new job. 

It was late at night, the day before I left for my new job, and although I felt awkward, I went to greet my neighbours.

However, both of them were not at home, so I had no choice but to leave some laundry detergent in front of the door with a brief message.

I wonder what kind of people were living on either side of my house.

I hope they are not stubborn old men or something.

Then I went to the station for dinner and had a beef bowl.

After that, I went to a convenience store and bought some pudding that looked super delicious.

I don’t know what to say, but I love pudding. I’m looking forward to eating it when I get home.

Then I walked back to my apartment at night.

 There were many bars around, and drunk people walking here and there.

Then I saw one of the girls being tangled up with a drunken old man in a suit.

“Girl, you are so cute ~ Why not have a couple of drinks with your uncle?”

“Oh, please stop. Please let me go.”

What’s with that old man?

The girl, who was grabbed by the old man, was weak and couldn’t speak loudly.

A few people passed by, but they just looked at her from a distance and passed by.

I didn’t want to cause problems suddenly in my new location, but I would also feel sorry if I left the girl alone now.

What should I do? 

While thinking about it, I approached the two of them anyway.

I looked at the old man’s collar and then called out to him.

“Oh, hello, hello! Nice to meet you. You’re from Yamato Home, right?”

“What, eh!?”

“Are you coming back from a party?”

“Oh, by the way she’s someone I know! Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing. I’m in a hurry, so if you’ll excuse me.”

The old man hurriedly walked away quickly towards the station.

The girl was now looking at me curiously.

“Um, do you know that person?”

“No, I don’t know him, I have never met him at all. I saw you were in trouble, so I called him out.”

“But Yamato Home is a…”

“Oh, that. I recognized him from the company emblem on the lapel of his suit, so that’s why I said that. I just happened to know them from work. He wouldn’t be able to do anything rash if he thought the company name was known, right?”

“Huh… I see.”

The girl nodded as if she was impressed.

If you look up closely, she is quite beautiful. Maybe it’s the streetlights at night, but the shadows accentuate her clear eyes and nose.

“It looks like he was heading for the station, but… are you okay ? Should I give you a lift home?”

“Oh no, it’s okay. I’ll walk home from here.”

“Okay. Well, be careful on your way home.”

 If a stranger like me talks too persistently, this girl will be rather anxious. So let’s just let her go home and eat pudding without any hesitation. Yeah, that’s a good idea. I thought.

“Oh, yes, sure. Thank you very much.”

Seeing the girl bow her head, I took my leave and started walking home as well.

Tomorrow is my first day of work at the Shimizu Sales Office.

I should go to bed early tonight and rejuvenate myself for tomorrow.

That’s what I thought as I headed back home.

TL Notes: Hello guys Butter here. So this was the view from Rinta’s point of view huh? Lot of things happened to the old man, and importantly the young girl. How much of an influence would they cause moving forward ? Also in the next chapter Rinta and the girls would meet for the first time in the company >.< Do look forward to it. Butter out !