My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Afterword




Pleased to meet you. I am Shinden Mihiro and this work is also my debut novel.

Allow me to thank you for taking this volume of ‘My Girlfriend Cheated on Me with my Senior, so I’m Cheating Back on Her with His Girlfriend’ in your hands. And also allow me to extend my gratitude to you for taking this volume to the register despite it having the embarrassing word ‘cheating’ in its title. 

This work received the Special prize for the Love Comedy Category and the Comic Walker Manga prize in the 6th Kakuyomu Web Novel Contest. Nonetheless, it still underwent some (major?) improvements and corrections made to it.

By the way, dear readers, have any of you ever been betrayed by your girlfriend or loved one?

It is tough, is it not? Painful too, no? You fall into despair and feel like cursing everything in the world, do you not?

Just how much of a blessing would it be if a woman who would get closer to you during that time and fight together with you existed?

If in addition to that, she was the very woman that you have yearned for many long years…  It was from that line of thought that this work came into existence. 

By the way, to all of you readers who read the word ‘cheating’ in the title and were expecting a more stimulating development to happen, I apologize. I did not consider the word ‘cheating’ to have such a strong meaning to it. (Not to mention this is a light novel)

Also, for those of you that are angrily thinking, ‘This is not like a love comedy at all!’, please look forward to the relationship that Yuu and Touko will have from this point onward. Should this work have the support of all you readers, I am certain that there will be a love comedy-like development which will satisfy everyone…

Last, allow me to write a few words of gratitude to all of the people who have been looking after me all this time.

First, to Nakada-sama, who has been in charge of revising my manuscript with me and who very kindly taught me many things about it from the outset.

Next, to Kagawa Ichigo-sensei, who with his illustrations brought to life and materialized, beyond what I had imagined, the characters in the story.

Also, to Takarano Airando-sensei, who is making the novel into a manga and in doing so, gives the characters freedom of movement.

To every one of the proofreaders who discovered and corrected my many, embarrassingly many, mistakes.

To all of you who followed and supported my work and allowed my ‘writing’ to take physical form into a ‘book which you can take in your hand’. My deepest thanks.

And last, to all of you who have so kindly taken this book in your hands, to those who read this work from the time it was a WEB novel, to all who have assisted in making this work happen, to all of you dear readers, I express to you my most warming and zealous gratitude. (A dogeza of gratitude!)

It is thanks to everyone that my long-cherished dream of ‘having my own work printed as a book’ has come true.

I pray in earnest for this book to sell well so that we may meet again in the second volume.


The comic version of this work is being serialized in the ‘Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh’.

I would be most grateful if all of you dear readers could support that work too.

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