My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Web Novel Chapter 11

Cheating site paparazzi strategy (Second half 2)

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The day Kamokura Tetsuya and Mitsumoto Karen we expected to have their rendezvous for their love affair. 

Yuu tailed Kamokura as he returned from school, but lost sight of him at Akihabara.

Yuu, who had verified that Kamokura had boarded a train in the Yamanote Line headed towards Ueno, reported that to Touko.

To this, she surmised that ‘maybe the two of them were heading to a love hotel in Nippori’.

They then thought of lying in wait at Nippori next, but because the station has 3 exits, the two of them alone cannot completely cover them all.

That’s when Yuu decided they ask his best friend, Ishida Youta, for his assistance.

That night, I called Ishida Youta as soon as I could.

Ishida is someone I’ve known and been with since my third year of middle school.

Our middle schools may have been different, but since we went to the same cram school, we befriended each other, and ever since we started high school, we were always in the same class.

He is someone who I can call my best friend.

“And that’s how it is. We want to determine the place where Kamokura-senpai and Karen are meeting and having their affair. Would you help us out?”

Ishida gave an immediate reply.

“Got it. I’ll help you out. I don’t have shifts in my part-time job either on Mondays or Thursdays, so I can make the time for it. After you contact me, all I have to do is stand guard at Nippori Station after school’s over, right?”

“Yeah, that’s enough. Thank you. I owe you one.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Works just well since I too was angry at what Kamokura-senpai had done. That bastard, to think he was always so arrogant and acting like the perfect senpai.”

I listened to him in silence.

Remembering that, I felt the anger swell up inside me anew.

Stealing the girlfriend of not only a pal, but someone who’s also your kouhai… Isn’t he too much of a scum?

“Leaving that aside, just as you’d expect from Touko-senpai. Regardless of it having been her own boyfriend who cheated, she’s managed to remain so composed.”

“For real. This made me remember the feeling all over of just how incredible Touko-senpai is.”

“Her choice for revenge was ‘breaking up the moment the other guy is most in love with her and spending the night with another man’, huh? It certainly seems like something shocking enough to traumatize you if it happened right before your eyes.”

“And I hadn’t even thought of that at all before she mentioned it.”

“Women sure are scary when mad.”

After which, Ishida inquired with some interest.

“By the way, in that plan, the one who’ll go and spend a night at a hotel with Touko-senpai at the end, it’s you, Yuu, right?”

“I told you already. It hasn’t been decided yet. It’s a supposition based on if at that moment I’ve become a man worthy enough in Touko-senpai’s eyes.”

“But at the present moment, the one closest to that position is you, Yuu. Isn’t that an awesome perk? We’re talking about that Touko-senpai! The same one we’ve always looked up to.”

Hearing Ishida’s words, I recalled our times in high school.

Ishida and I, Touko-senpai, and that guy, Kamokura; we all belonged to the same high school.

Touko-senpai was one year ahead of us, while Kamokura was two.

Touko-senpai was part of the Literature Club, and she also worked as a librarian at the same time.

And the nickname she had was ‘Goddess of the library’.

Intellectual and dignified, all while at the same time modest and graceful, Touko-senpai was, without exaggeration, the most yearned for person of all the school’s boys.

Not to mention that, though was always slender, she still had that ample bosom!

I wonder just how many times Ishida and I, all of the other guys too, sighed at the sight of Touko-senpai as she commuted to and from school.

Ishida and I even once had a talk about confessing to Touko-senpai in an all-or-nothing venture after getting accepted into Jouto university.

However, soon after we entered university, we learned that Touko-senpai had started to date Kamokura. 

Since our high school days, Kamokura Tetsuya had always been a cheerful good-looking guy who had all the girls go crazy for him.

He was capable in his studies, good at sports and the vice-president of the soccer club, as well as their striker. 

A height of 180cm. He had excellent marks at school and a wild air to him, which made him the center of attention and always had him in the highest social class in school, whether it be in class, the club, or our group.

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There’s no way he wouldn’t be popular.

Hence, there was never a chance for us to beat him.

After knowing that Touko-senpai was dating Kamokura, Ishida and I went on a drinking rampage to drown our sorrows.

Thinking about that, if things did work out well in this with Touko-senpai, you could certainly call it ‘a silver lining’ or ‘a blessing in disguise’.

“Well, it’d be nice if it ended like that.”

I spoke as I sighed.

Realistically speaking, the chances of that actually happening are looking low.

“Do your best so that it ends like that! Also, if everything goes well with Touko-senpai, you’ll be able to forget about Karen-chan and Kamokura, no?”

He may have a point there.

They do say that the best way to recover from a broken heart is finding a new love.

For now, though, I can’t even begin to fathom how I would ‘recover’ from this shocking heart break.

To top it off… Today, at this moment, at this very instant… Karen may very well be moaning ‘Hanh, annhhh’ with Kamokura.

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… I wonder, what are you feeling right now, Touko-senpai?…

That thought flashed across my mind.