My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With a Senior, so I’m Cheating on Her With His Girlfriend Web Novel Chapter 13


Contriving Touko-senpai routs the mating Kamokura! (Second part)

TL: Furby

ED: DannY

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Yuu and Touko haven’t been able to pinpoint Kamokura Tetsuya and Mitumoto Karen’s love nest.

The two of them asked their best friends, Ishida Youta and Kanou Kazumi, for assistance, but there weren’t any results yet.

That’s when Yuu tried calling Karen during the time she and Kamokura were having their affair.

Thanks to that, Karen’s mood worsened…

“That’s one troublesome thing you just did there.”

With her fist placed on her chin, Touko-senpai gave me a stern look.

Today was Tuesday.

I had just told her about the call I had last night with Karen.

We were now gathered in a coffee shop at a distance from the university.

{ ED/N: A group of four people are at a distance `x’ from University A at a Cafe and a couple of Cheaters are at a distance `y’ from University B in a Love Hotel. If the ratio between these places is that of a trisection and the distance between Uni A and Uni B is 20 km find distance between the coffee shop and love hotel }

Aside from Touko-senpai and me, my best friend, Ishida Youta, as well as Touko-senpai’s best friend, Kanou Kazumi, were together with us.

It was the first time all four of us here gathered in this manner.

We had decided to hold a strategic meeting with the goal of determining Kamokura-senpai and Karen’s location for their next love affairs.

It was also the first time Ishida and I met Kanou Kazumi-san.

Kazumi-san had her hair dyed a light brown and was the sort of person you would call an average beauty.

By the way, since Ishida belonged to the same group as Touko-senpai, Kamokura, and I, all three of us were already acquainted with each other.

“I guess I really messed up then…”

I spoke in a subdued voice.

That conversation we had by phone was so bad you could say it was the conversation of a couple about to break up.

“It’s particularly bad that Karen-san told you it’s ok to not call her every day. This is because it’s made her conscious about the fact that in her mind, Isshiki-kun has lost his place as a top priority.”

Hearing that, Kazumi-san separated her lips from the straw with which she was drinking her iced coffee and stared at me.

“It’s like Touko said. During times like that, women start to get the feeling that that person is annoying, that they don’t want to have anything to do with them. And phrases like, ‘I was asleep’, ‘my head hurts’, ‘I’m sleepy’, are all pretty much stock phrases women use when their boyfriends ask them about something they don’t want them to know about.”

“I’m sorry. This is all because I got ahead of myself and made that unnecessary call…”

After I lowered my head in apology, Ishida spoke as if to cover for me.

“Well, I think it couldn’t be helped. If her boyfriend calls her and she doesn’t answer, isn’t asking ‘what were you doing?’ normal?”

“That’s true. Not asking anything in that situation may have been more unnatural instead.”

Touko-senpai expressed her agreement to that.

However, she immediately gave me her next warning.

“That said, from now on, make sure you absolutely avoid initiating contact with Karen-san during times you believe she’s together with Tetsuya. For women, whether they are cheating or doing something else, to have their boyfriends contact them when they are with another man is something that they find very bothersome.”


“Remember, our goal here is to dump our partners at the time when they are most in love with us. From now on, you have to be careful of not doing things that may estrange Karen-san from you.”

I couldn’t find words with which to reply.

However, once I thought calmly about it, wasn’t this ‘recovering my almost fallen out of love girlfriend’s feelings for me’ something of great difficulty?

“How about we leave that aside for now? It isn’t today’s meeting’s main topic, right? Pinpointing playboy-kura and that b***h-girl’s locations for their love affairs is, no?”

Perhaps trying to soften the mood of the place, Kazumi-san told that small joke. Still, ‘playboy-kura’… Ishida was the only one who laughed after hearing that. Touko-senpai spoke with a dissatisfied expression.

“Yeah… Our methods until now weren’t very promising. Also, it would seem that Tetsuya and Karen-san are coming separately to the station where they’ll be meeting. From that, if we wanted to stand guard at the station, we would need at least two people positioned at each place. Because Nippori Station has 3 exits, we would need a total of at least 6 people.”

Ishida then turned to look at me.

“I came to the same conclusion after my failure last time. As such, what do you think about having my younger sister join us in tailing them?”

“Ishida’s younger sister? You mean Asuka-chan?”

Ishida’s younger sister, Asuka-chan, was a second-year at Ichikawa’s Private Institute for women.

In contrast to her older brother’s burly complexion, Asuka-chan’s features were very lovely.

She also had a side of hers that had a strong attachment to her brother and as such, I had already played together with her a few times.

“That’s the one. When she heard the whole story, Asuka even said, ‘I won’t forgive that Kamokura guy! I want to help too!’.”

“You! You told Asuka-chan?”

I was too surprised and accidentally yelled in a loud voice.

“No, I didn’t exactly tell her about it. That time a few days back when Yuu called me I was in the living room. You see, I didn’t notice that my sister was sleeping on the sofa on the other side at the moment. So Asuka ended up hearing all the conversation we had.”

“Ishida, you…!”

I reflexively grabbed my head.

It was then that Touko-senpai spoke with severity.

“I’m against that proposal. Given that she’s your younger sister,she’s still a high schooler, correct?”

“Yeah, that’s right. She’s in her second year of high school.”

“Do you really think we can let a girl like that walk alone through streets that have love hotels in them? And to top it off, at night? There’s absolutely no way.”

“I see. Asuka was really excited as she kept saying how she’d bring along her friends to help out.”

Ishida seemed slightly disappointed.

“Ishida, I’m thankful for your intentions, but it’s like Touko-senpai said. We can’t put Asuka-chan in a situation as dangerous as this.”

After I had said my part, it was now Kazumi who turned to speak.

“Touko, isn’t it about time you told us about the new plan you came up with? The one about standing guard at the station has already outlived its usefulness, right?”

““The new plan?””

Ishida and I inquired in unison.