Sukibare / The love comedy where you’ll die if they find out who’s your crush Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1: My Youth is a Death Game

TL/ED: Bogdi

That day, I was reunited with my “destiny”.

“I want to be a strong person.”

The entrance ceremony of High School. A silvery-white girl on the stage, bathed in the glow of the spotlight, is addressing the new student representatives.

Haruka Sakurame. This year, Haruka got a perfect score in all subjects in the entrance exam. She was like a fairy.

Silvery-white hair and translucent white skin. Her lack of pigmentation, which seems to lightly transcend the limits of humanity, is due to her pre-existing illness.

Albino. Also known as congenital melanin pigment deficiency. A genetic disorder in which a person is born lacking in melanin due to a defect in the genetic code. The body hair and skin lose their ‘pigment’ and become less resistant to UV rays. It is said that severe cases make it difficult to spend time outdoors.

She doesn’t like to make others feel uncomfortable, so she keeps her hair long and hides her eyes.

But I knew that underneath those eyes were the most beautiful red jade eyes. Because I had met her a long time ago.

I owe her a debt of gratitude for pulling me out of the “Ice World” in the past. The girl I was destined to meet again at the Haou Academy.

Five years ago, I met her at a library and taught her how to study…I was instantly convinced that she was the first girl in my life that I had ever loved, right in front of me.

After the speech by the head of the class, the entire building erupted in applause.

And after that, it’s my turn.

That’s right. I, Natsumi Aoyama, have also been asked to give a speech as a representative of the new students. I don’t know why. My performance on the entrance exam was average, to say the least…

Standing in front of the microphone at the end of the day, Sakurame and I …

The director had asked us to describe what kind of person we wanted to be after studying at this school. If that’s the case, then there’s only one line I should say here, right?

“I want to be a kind person.”

I am not sure if she will remember what happened approximately five years ago.

Nevertheless, she entered the Haou Academy at the top of her class and said the same words as that day, “I want to become a strong person.”

Then I can’t just run away, either.

I can’t.

Since that day when I vowed to see her again, I have lived only for her. I’ve been improving myself until now, dreaming of one day meeting her again, becoming her lover and making her happy.

I concluded my speech, thinking about my upcoming school life. As I returned to my seat amidst applause, the director stood in front of the microphone.

“Thank you both for your wonderful speeches and may you learn well at this school.”

A tall, thin man in a well-tailored suit that seemed to be made in England.

He looked to be in his mid-30s, but his voice had a strange dignity to it. He is the chairman of the board of directors of Haou Academy, so he must be a very talented man.

“…Our school’s goal is to develop human resources who will lead the next generation. Of course, it is essential to study, but it is also essential to grow as a person. In particular, there is research data that shows that people who experience good relationships during their school years are more likely to be successful in society.”

“…So, starting this year, we’ve added “Love Studies” as a mandatory subject at our school.”

Zap…! and the audience erupted. A lot of students, including me, have a puzzled look on their faces.

“Your homeroom teacher will explain the details later, but you will be forced to interact with the opposite s*x. This is part of your effort to have a good romantic experience during your school years. However, impure relationships must be absolutely eliminated. Therefore…”

“Any student who is found to be in love with someone will be expelled.”

I couldn’t make sense of it.

Wait a minute. Even I can’t keep up with all of this.

If the Chairman’s words are to be taken as they are, then I can’t even tell the “girl of my dreams” that I love her…?

I was stunned, but the chairman continued to explain.

In order to experience a good love life, you need to have the right knowledge, and for that, you need to learn about love. In addition, the leaking of information about one’s “favorite person,” which is one’s most important confidential information, is not appropriate for a person to be a “human asset” for the next generation.

For these reasons, he reiterated that any student who has a favorite person will be expelled.

“However, this is unreasonable for the students. So, in exchange, I have prepared a ‘prize’. The student in each grade who wins first place in “Love Studies” will be designated as a “special student,” and will be granted only one right. A “Letter of Recommendation” for their career after graduation. The right to act on my behalf as chairman of the board for a one-time period. And… the right to have a forced relationship with any member of the opposite s*x of the school.”

The audience erupted again.

But this time, the tone is not negative.

On the contrary, there was an air of anticipation in the air as the entire school awaited the Chairman’s next phrase with certain expectation.

“If a student exercises his or her right of forced relationship, the person of the opposite s*x is obligated to enter into a relationship with him or her. This is a school rule. And if you violate the school rules, you will be expelled from school, which means that if you are a “special student”, you can force the person you like to go out with you. Therefore…Stand up, you weaklings in love!!!”

At that moment, the whole building went into a frenzy.

A large number of students stood up and cheered like a famous artist had just started a live performance.

… At any given time, only about 20% of people are strong enough to have a lover in their early life.

Eighty percent of us hate them and put up with them by indulging in fantasies of doing things with the girls we like. And if I ever get the chance… I’m gritting my teeth.

The opportunity I had been waiting for had now arrived. Normally, I would have been very pleased with that. I wish it had been yesterday, before I was reunited with the girl of my dreams.

“I want to… I’ve got to be in first place.”

The Grim Reaper’s scythe ripped into my heart and soul.

When I turned around, the head of the class who was sitting next to me on the stage–the “girl of my dreams”, Sakurame, also stood up and clapped for the chairman.

(Uh… What the…?)

I regretted not being a deaf protagonist or a slow protagonist.

That speech, that applause, can only mean one thing.

The “girl of my dreams”, that I met again, had someone she liked.