Sukibare / The love comedy where you’ll die if they find out who’s your crush Chapter 1 Part 4

“Senpai ♡, Konnichiwa, I’m so glad to see you. “

“Oh, …… Haya!?”

After Mizuki, I was surprised to see another familiar face.

The one who smiles like a prankster is Akiba Hachiya, who also went to junior high school with us.  She’s only around my waist, but she has b*****s the size of a grown woman.

She seems to be concerned about her short stature, claiming, “I’m actually one year younger than you!” She is a mischievous girl who calls most of her classmates “Senpai”.

“Huh? Are you excited to see me after so long?”

“It’s not possible. It’s true that it’s unexpected that we met at this school, but we see each other frequently at our part-time work.”

“Don’t say that. You’ve got your pants all unzipped and you’re ready to go.”

“No! Seriously? What?”

“When I hugged you earlier, I quickly unzipped it.”


“Ooh, aah~~~♡”

She makes a cute scream and walks around behind Haruka. This fellow …… knows the situation by instinct! Haruka was covering her face with her hands, but she was saying something like “Wow ……” and her hands had gaps between her fingers, so it was possible that she was staring at me. No, only the “girl of my dreams” would do such a trivial thing, but …….  

I turned around with my back to the two girls and hurriedly pulled my zipper back up.

“How come you’re in the Haou Academy too? Tell me!”

“No. There was a chance I would fail, so I was embarrassed to tell you.”

“Hmm. …… What did you really think?”

“I thought, “If we both get accepted, it will be easy to pull the first prank!””

…… Can I hit her?  

This energetic junior is a bee that loves other people’s misfortune. Even in junior high school, I was constantly interrupted at school and at my part-time job, and several times I was embarrassed to the point of shame…….

I think I should show some dignity as a senior.

“By the way, Senpai. I’d like to exchange contact information with you.”

“Huh?  No, I know your contact information. Your e-mail address.”

“Oh, I changed my e-mail address a few days ago.”

“I never heard of this.”

“I sent a text to a girl I was interested in, and I wanted to see her get teary-eyed when she got a reply from MailerDemon.”

“…… I feel sorry for her.”

“Oh well. I’ll give you a proper LINE next time.”


I scanned the QR code that was handed to me. No way…….. Is there such a thing as a sad contact exchange in this world? ……

Next to me, there was a conversation that went something like, “Oh, you told Mizuki-senpai about my LINE, didn’t you?” Mizuki smiled and said, “That’s right.” but this fact accelerated my heartbreak even more. I’m with her even at my part-time job…….

“Oh ……. Unhappy senpai, nice …… ♡”

“Don’t be so smug.”

“Oh, well. I’ll give you a b****t squeeze next time.”

“What are you saying in a normal tone!?”

“What? They grew to G-cups the other day, you know.”

“I’m not complaining about the size!”

“I can’t believe …… you’re in love with someone else.”

“That’s impossible!  I mean, the whole class is looking at me because of you!”

“Are you okay? Do you want a b****t squeeze?”

“I don’t! I’m not squeezing them!”

“…… Pfft. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

I don’t know what was so funny, but Haya was laughing with tears in her eyes.

By all accounts, I was the victim, but it seems that my classmates had put me and Haya on the “people to stay away from” list. It’s almost like defamation. I want to claim damages.

“Hey. Seven minutes to go before the deadline. Make the exchanges quickly.”

Professor Mishimoto clapped her hands to change the atmosphere.

I’m impressed. She deals with the bullying in the class in a precise manner. She is the true example of a teacher. From now on, I’m going to follow her for the rest of my life!

“By the way, I’m an F cup. You can beat me in size, but I’m confident in my shape.”


Why did they have to compete with each other?

Anyway, everyone started to move again, following the order of Professor Mishimoto.

The only one who sat down was Haruka.

“……?  Hey, the assignment is ‘three or more people’, remember? Haruka also needs to exchange with the other two people…”

“Huh?  I’m already done.”

“What the…!?”

When did this happen!? How did she do it!?

I thought she was struggling so much just now. This is the true ability of this year’s top student.

After all, her confusion at the first contact exchange was an act. She was waiting for the right moment to carry out her plan for me……!  

I can’t keep doing this.

I need to get the contact information of another person as soon as possible.  

However, as I was in such a hurry, Haya was once again clinging to my waist, declaring, “I don’t want to leave you tonight…♡” At first glance, it seemed like a cute gesture, but all I could think was that she wanted to see me become a victim of time overrun, so I forcibly pulled her off and threw her into the crowd of boys.

She is charismatic and popular with a number of boys because she has the ultimate weapon of destruction. “No, Senpai! It’s so terrible!” I heard tears in her voice, but I ignored them. Hachiya and I have built a fair relationship where we take pleasure in each other’s misfortune.

Now, I’m finally free.

I was able to get Haruka’s contact information, which was my first priority, and I also exchanged the information with Haya for some reason.

If I can just get one more girl from around here to give me her contact information…


That’s when I hit the obvious wall.

I was embarrassed to ask for their contact information.

…… No, I know what you mean. This is a ” Love Studies” assignment, and I am fully equipped with theories. But regardless of that, I am embarrassed by what I am embarrassed by. What’s more, the situation is this.

Most of the girls in the class are chasing after Mizuki and some of the other boys, and most of the girls who are watching from afar have already gotten the contact information of at least three of them.

In other words, the risk of being rejected is very high.

In addition, after the incident with Haya, there are probably a lot of girls who think it’s best not to get involved with me. However, there is a way. I’ve already found the best solution.

I’ve already found the perfect solution: a girl who is willing to exchange contact information with me, and who I find very attractive. A girl I would love to get in touch with. As I approached her, I said to her.

“I’m begging you. Please give me your contact information.”

“…… A 90-degree bow at a right angle is quite unpleasant.”

Professor Mishimoto looked at me with a half-eyed look of disgust on her face.

“I can’t do it anymore. I can’t trust ordinary girls. But I can trust you. You will never betray me!”

“You can’t say that with such tension like ‘muscles won’t betray you’.”

“The assignment is ‘Opposite s*x contacts’, not ‘Opposite s*x students’. The assignment is ‘contacts of the opposite s*x’, not ‘students of the opposite s*x’. In other words, the teacher, Professor Mishimoto, is included in this category.”

Professor Mishimoto’s eyebrow shot up.

I thought for sure that she felt uncomfortable with the way I had worded the assignment. …… However, the edge of her mouth lifted slightly as she puffed on her e-cigarette.

“…… Interesting. You’re the first student who’s ever asked me for my contact information like that. That’s what I call a ‘provisional student.'”

“Provisional student……?”

“I can tell.”

It was a meaningful statement, but apparently not a negative one.

Good, Aoyama Natsumi! Let’s do it now!

“In addition, in today’s romantic comedies, the teacher is often the more popular one.”

“…… What are you talking about?”

“I’d like to aggressively pursue the teacher heroine as well. Because Sensei is a beautiful woman!”

“You come on too strong with teachers, you know that?”

“You have a beautiful face and a great figure, don’t you? By the way, how old are you, Sensei?”

“I’ll be twenty this year.”

“You’re only four years older than me! I’m more like an ant! Sensei, don’t you think it’s better to have a young boyfriend? Younger is more energetic, right?”

“Isn’t that an advantage for men?”

“By the way, I’m willing to be interrogated by you.”

“You’re hired!”

She writes something in her notebook, tears off the page and hands it to me. The paper I received was lined with an eleven-digit phone number.

“It’s inefficient to install apps every time. Call or text me what you need. Right……, let’s start with phone interrogation.”

What is that disturbing word? To be honest, it was a stupid conversation, but …… Professor Mishimoto seems to have taken it seriously. She is indeed a teacher. I’m so lucky to have a teacher who cares about her students…..

“If you have a sleepless night or a lonely holiday, please call me. Let’s take it slow and have some fun together…….!”

She put her hands on both of my shoulders and looked at me with glowing eyes.

…… Ah. This is not good.

This is not a joke, but a real danger to me.

“I’ll be waiting for you!” I gave the teacher an awkward smile and walked away.

I felt as if I had made a terrible mistake at the crossroads of my life. If this were a simulation game, it wouldn’t be surprising if I went straight to a bad ending, like instant death. I’m scared.

Anyway, I was able to exchange contact information with three people of the opposite s*x.

I guess I’ve successfully cleared the first obstacle of the death game.

I patted my chest in relief and returned to my seat. On the way, a girl walked up to me from the side.

“Would you like to exchange contact information with me as well?”

My body stiffened at the sound of her beautiful voice, like the ringing of a bell.

It was a beautiful girl.

She was a beautiful girl, a strawberry blonde who looked like she had stepped out of a picture book. The tips of her hair, tied in two knots, swayed gracefully and fluffily. Her eyelashes were long and her skin glistened. The uniform she wears is different from that of most students in every detail, and she exudes an atmosphere of luxury and glamour.  A daughter of a noble family.  

Or a princess in a fairy tale.

She differs from Haruka in that her beauty is dedicated to attracting and captivating people.

She had a beauty that made everyone turn to look at her when they passed her, and made everyone want to pass her when they faced her.

“Are you be talking to …… me?”

There was no other way to put it, but I couldn’t help but check. I felt out of place and helpless. I don’t think I’m worthy to talk to her. There was nothing humble about it, it was just a pure fact that I felt that way.

“Oh, my. Of course, Natsumi Aoyama.”

“My name ……. How do you know it ……?”

“You gave a speech at the entrance ceremony, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, and …….”

“Of course, it’s not just that, because Aoyama-san was a famous person. Especially in the business world.”


The girl in front of me reminds me of a past that I had long forgotten, and it makes me feel bitter.

I’m sure the girl in front of me was aware of my feelings, but she didn’t seem to mind and held out her LINE camera in read mode.

“I’ve been asked for my contact information before, but this is the first time that I’m going to ask for it myself. It would be very hurtful if I were to be rejected.”

“Ah, yes. Of course…….”

I operated my phone to display my QR code. The girl in front of me scanned it with her camera and sent me a message.

[“My name is Reika Fuyusaka.”]

It is either the air she wears or the atmosphere of her name that makes it beautiful, even though it is only words…..

“I’m honored to meet you. I look forward to working with you from now on, Aoyama-san.”

“Oh, yeah. This way, please…. Fuyusaka-san.”

“I don’t want to be called Fuyusaka-san. It makes me feel distant and lonely. Please call me ‘Fuyusaka’ like you do with all your other friends. When you get used to it, you can call me ‘Reika’ and I’ll be happy.”

“Oh ……. All right, Fuyuzaka.”

“Yes. Next time, I’ll give you a pair of old boots as a sign of our friendship.”

“…………? What?”

“You want to lick it, don’t you?  All men do that. – Well, I don’t have that hobby!”

“…… Really?” 

“It’s too soon to start licking new boots…..”

“That’s an upgrade, isn’t it?”

“It can’t be helped. I’ll play the recorder I used to play in elementary school.”

“More in-depth!”

“This gem has fetched 100,000 yen at auction. Please be grateful.”

“The price is outrageous!!”

“Well, I won it myself for 110,000 yen.”

“The bidders must have been disappointed!”

“……. I’m kidding.”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry. I got carried away too.”

“I’m not selling the recorder, but the case that holds it.”

“That’s not the point!!”

When I complained out loud, Fuyusaka put her hand over her mouth and chuckled. The next thing I know, all my wariness about her has dissipated. In addition to the fact that she knows about my past, she has this appearance and this communication skill.

This girl is also going to be a big obstacle in the way of me winning first place in Love Studies. “It’s time. Take your seats.” In the end, I was able to do it.

I saw Fuyusaka off with a graceful bow, “I’ll see you later.” I took a step toward my seat, but this time I tripped over something and almost fell.

When I turned around, I saw a delinquent-looking blond male student stretching his legs out deliberately. It was obvious that he was trying to make me fall.

“…… Don’t get excited just because Fuyusaka talked to you.”

While pretending to go back to his seat, he spoke into my ear.

“My name is Watanabe Takumi. I’ve had more than a hundred women in my middle school days. I’ve already decided that I’m going to take care of that beautiful girl. If you interfere with me ……, you understand?”

His muscles swelled, and he began to crack his knuckles in an understandable way.

(Could it be that …… this guy is also the one who wants Fuyusaka’s recorder……?)

I shuddered in vain and thought silly thoughts, but that was not the case. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt someone’s malice so clearly directed at me. I’ve learned to let go of the malice in these cases.

He is not in a mood to listen to me when I try to clear up the misunderstanding with Fuyusaka, and since I have no intention of doing so, there is no future for me to fight with him over Fuyusaka. If that’s the case, there’s no point in reacting to every provocation and feeling uncomfortable about it.

When I remained in a daze, he clicked his tongue, “……Tsk” and went back to his seat. I just hope he doesn’t cause me any trouble.

After confirming that all the students were seated, Professor Mishimoto resumed her explanation of “Love Studies”.

“Well. I hope you have successfully exchanged contact information with at least three members of the opposite s*x. If there are any students who have not yet done so, please make sure to do so by the end of April. At the end of each month, the Love Study will be closed, and the scores will be tallied and the “special students” will be selected. And now for the important part, the scores. …… Please start the app and tap on the “Scores” section.”

As instructed, I operated the “Student ID”. In the “Score” section, I saw “Total Points” as 15 points.

“The score you see is your current score. On a scale of one hundred to ten, a score of less than thirty is a red. In Love Studies, you must earn at least 30 points every month, as a failing grade will result in expulsion….. However, if you do your assignments normally, you will naturally get 30 points.”

“May I ask you a question?”

Fuyusaka, with whom I just exchanged contact information, raises her hand. When I stand out in these situations, I’m often criticized by the students in my class, but …… she’s the only one with an air of acceptance.

“Okay. What is it?”

“I’d like to know more about scoring system, if you don’t mind.”

“That’s a good question. The score for Love Studies is based on the number of times you make the opposite s*x feel excited in a romantic sense. Students who have exchanged contact information with more members of the opposite s*x in the previous task will tend to have higher current cumulative scores. …… Strictly speaking, it’s not the number of people but the number of exciting experiences that matters. Of course, you’re obligated to complete the task.”

“…… I see. I understand.”

“By the way, if you are a special student, your points will be doubled. For example, if you make a student experience 10 points of excitement, if it’s a regular student, 10 points will be added, but if it’s a “special student”, 20 points will be added. Since this is the first month, there are no “special students,” but we decided to set up a “provisional special student” in order to take into account the possibility that it might interfere with the scoring. These students will be able to double their scores. The “provisional special students” will be Sakurame, who scored a perfect score in all subjects on the entrance exam, and Aoyama, who scored an average in all subjects.”

“Wait a minute!”

The one who stood up with a loud bang was the boy who had just challenged me. I believe he called himself Watanabe.

“I can understand Sakurame getting a perfect score, but it’s strange that Aoyama, who got an average score, got to be a provisional special student!”

I can feel him glaring at me. I decided to never face that way because it was too much trouble.

“…… You don’t know how to talk. I’ll give you a pass for being a new student, but watch your back. Since many students have had doubts about him since the entrance ceremony, I would like to explain them here. Aoyama scored an average in all subjects on the entrance exam. He scored an average in every subject. Not a single point is off. Do you know what this means?”

“What kind of nonsense……? It’s just a coincidence. …… !!!”

“We thought so, too, at first. However, the correct answers on the Aoyama answer sheet were concentrated in the latter half of the paper. In particular, he got all of the final …… questions for each subject correct, the most difficult ones. In other words, he had the academic ability to do so well that the Haou Academy entrance exam was just a joke. He’s so good at predicting the scores of other students that he plays games with them to try to get the average score…….”

All eyes in the class were on me.

Watanabe opened his mouth in disbelief, and Fuyusaka closed her eyes with a deep, meaningful smile on her face. And from the seat right next to me, Haruka, the …… “girl of my dreams”, is looking at me with her crimson eyes through her bangs.

The school’s view was half right. I slacked off on the entrance exam. I left a lot of the answer fields blank so that I wouldn’t get a perfect score in every subject and end up at the top of the class. However, I did not want to fail, so I only answered the final question for each subject.

However, the school’s view was half wrong.

I wasn’t aiming for an average score in any subject.

What I wanted was to enter the Haou Academy with an inconspicuous score.  I certainly estimated the passing lines and the academic abilities of the students, but it was nothing short of a miraculous coincidence that I was able to achieve an average score in all subjects without a single discrepancy.

Normally, this would be a trivial matter that could be dismissed as a mere coincidence.

However, my past, my legacy as a child prodigy, turned the coincidence into a possibility.

I’m sure that the teachers at the Haou Academy investigated my past. As a result, they must have misunderstood a lot of things about my entrance exam.

I knew it was strange.

At the time when I was instructed to give a speech at the entrance ceremony, I should have checked with the school and cleared up the misunderstanding. Now, it’s too late. No matter how much I try to explain myself in this situation, the misunderstanding will never be cleared up.

And now, I don’t want to clear up the misunderstanding myself.

Things have changed. I was trying to avoid excessive expectations and attention in order to date the “girl of my dreams,” but now that the …… “Love Studies” class has started, I want to keep my position as a “provisional special student” at all costs.

It’s the only way to get into a relationship with her.

As if to unravel the hardened atmosphere, Professor Mishimoto said, “…… Oh, by the way.”

“Starting tomorrow, all of you will be living in the dormitory.”

The atmosphere in the classroom froze again.

If all classmates shared the same opinion, it would be, “What ……?”

“By the way, it’s a shared room with one man and one woman. Living together.”

Even though it’s Japanese, I don’t understand the significance.

“Only ‘provisional special students’ are allowed to choose their own live-in partners. You need to think about your partner.”

I understand everything, even if I don’t understand it well.

This school is dangerous.