Sukibare / The love comedy where you’ll die if they find out who’s your crush Interlude 1

A Girl’s Diary

April 9. Thursday.

Today was the entrance ceremony of Haou Academy.

I met Aoyama-kun there.


You know what!? Aoyama-kun! We promised to meet again five years ago. He’s strong, cool and I love him! I met him again!

I can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore.

I can’t do many things anymore. Aoyama-kun was always cool, but after seeing him for the first time in five years, he has grown taller, more mature, and more chiseled.

…… What is that?  The power of male strength?

On the other hand, I am ……. …… Yeah. This appearance can’t be helped. It’s what’s inside which needs to be polished, Haruka.

Human, inside!

Someone once said to me, “A child prodigy is just a man when he grows up.” Aoyama-kun is still a prodigy even after five years…….

The average score of all subjects in the entrance exam is something!

I feel like an idiot for trying so hard to get a perfect score!

The time has finally come for me to surpass Aoyama-kun.

The “Love Studies” at the Haou Academy. It’s a very humorous class, but there’s only one important point. If you get first place in this class, you can have a relationship with the person you love!

Aoyama-kun likes a strong person.

If I win first place in this class and prove that I’m stronger than Aoyama-kun, I’m sure that he will be interested in me. …… Even if it doesn’t go all the way up to ” I like you.” if I become a special student, I will force him to have a relationship with me!

…… This is the only way.

I’m going to be the best in my year in “Love Studies”!

At the same time, I try to attract Aoyama-kun’s attention by pretending to be a strong girl. I’ll call him “Aoyama” and leave it at that!

Good luck, Haruka!!