Takane no Hana Chapter 20

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Suddenly, Naruka and I reacted to Hinako who appeared almost at the same time.


“–Why is Konohana-san !?”

 Naruka’s voice echoes as if to drown out my voice that leaked from my lips.

“Why is Konohana-san here …?”

“I’m a little sick, so I’m out of class.”

 Hinako, who plays the perfect lady, answers plainly.

 At the same time, the vibrations from the smartphone that meant the incoming call stopped. –Oops. Was Shizune trying to convey this? 

“What happened to Nishinari and Miyakojima?”

 Hinako asks.

 I glance at Naruka, she was completely nervous and had a tense look. …… I think she’s afraid because she looks like this. Seen from the side, Naruka seemed to stare at Hinako like a tremendous swordsman. However, Hinako does not seem to move.

 I should say something here.

 With that in mind, I took a little distance from Naruka and looked towards Hinako.

“Ah … I witnessed Naruka collapse in the corridor and I brought her to the infirmary.”

“I see, is that so … Did Miyakojima hurt her head?”

“Head? No, that’s not the case …”

“Is that so? It seemed like he was stroking your head, so I thought so.”

 The tone was as usual, but I felt that Hinako’s eyes were slightly lit.

 Was I seen …

“Konohana-san, listen! I and Itsuki have met a long time ago!”

 Naruka says with a tense voice.

“long ago……?”

“That’s right! When I was ten, Itsuki stayed at my house …”


 I felt that Hinako had a slight glance.

 However, Naruka does not seem to notice it and affirms it in a loud voice.

“Oh! At that time, I was taken care of by Itsuki!”

 Hinako hid her eyebrows at Naruka’s explanation.

 Rather than being taken care of, I was just by her side, so I was recognized as a playmate …

“Itsuki was my benefactor who took care of me when I was little, so I was just happy to see him again.”

“……Oh really”

 Hinako is convinced.

 I felt that Hinako had a complicated look for a moment.

“Yes, Itsuki. Would you like to come to my house again? You can just come to play … No, I think that if Itsuki agrees, we can have the same relationship as before. …… “

 Naruka says to me.

 But that was something I couldn’t do now as a caretaker for Hinako.

“Naruka, that is–“

“–It’s impossible, Miyakojima”

 Hinako says faster than I can deny.

“Because Nishinari is working at my house now.”

“… Huh?”

 Hinako told her easily.

 I was astonished with my eyes wide open, with Naruka making a strange noise elsewhere.

“Hina-Konohana-san. That’s a little.”

“What’s wrong, Nishinari-kun? Isn’t that true?”

 It’s true, but …

 Hey, what are you going to do?

 Unlike Hinako in her original state, Hinako who plays a young lady cannot read her feelings.

 Fortunately, if you just explain that you are working at the Konohana family, you will not be able to reach the true identity of Hinako. However, if possible, I wanted to completely hide the relationship between me and Hinako. Should Naruka touch this information, I and Hinako will be noticed by the students in the school. It will hinder my job as a caretaker.

“What do you mean, Itsuki !? Are you working at Konohana-san’s house now …!?”

“No, that …”

 I was confused and glanced at Hinako’s face.

 Even if I deny it here, it won’t make sense if Hinako affirms it.

“… Well, yes, that’s right. Mainly … I take care of my surroundings.”

 When he answered that, Naruka opened his eyes.

 Eventually, Naruka looks at Hinako while shaking her body with a trap.


 Naruka looked at Hinako with a grudge.

“I’m crazy, you! Wow, I am …! Itsuki was originally my … !!”

“I don’t know about the old days, but Nishinari’s current workplace is my house.”

 Hinako smiles and says with a smile.

“Mr. Nishinari. Shouldn’t it be better to go back to the classroom if you were accompanied by the infirmary?”

“Oh, oh … that’s right.”

 Perhaps I’m pretty cramped now.

 Hinako looked at Naruka only once at the end and bowed her head.

“I feel like I’m feeling better, so I’m sorry.”

 Hinako closes the door of the infirmary with a gentle smile like a young lady.

 From the other side of the door, I heard Naruka’s groaning, “Uuuuuuu … !!”.

 –Sorry, Naruka.

 Now I’m the caretaker of Hinako. Basically, I can’t go against Hinako.

 Besides, there is something I want to talk to Hinako alone.

“… Did you come to the infirmary to meet me?”

“Hmm … I searched for a toilet, but I didn’t find one.”

 Hinako, who stopped acting as a young lady, agrees.

 Apparently she was looking for my whereabouts to crush the louse.

“That was bad. I wasn’t near Hinako even though I was a caretaker …. But what did you mean by that?”

 I continue to say to Hinako who leans her head.

“Shizune also said that our relationship should be kept secret. What if Naruka talks about our relationship?”

 To be honest, I didn’t think Naruka would make a rumor for fun, but there is a possibility.

 Hinako walking next to me answered in a small voice.

“… I thought, just”


“I wondered if I should stab a nail … I just thought.”

 It’s an answer that doesn’t make much sense.

 No, there is only one way of thinking that suits Tsuji.

 I wonder if she’s jealous of her …

 …… No way.

 I remember the feeling of distance from Hinako.

 I don’t think Hinako has such a developed emotion.

“… Itsuki”

 Hinako asks me, who leans her head.

“Who is the caretaker of Itsuki?”

“That’s … of course, Hinako.”

“Hmm …. then it’s okay.”

 With that said, Hinako stopped and stared at my face with a satisfying smile.

“Together … Let’s get angry at the silence”


 I nodded and sighed deeply.

 Now that this is the case, Shizune’s scolding will be inevitable.

 What if I get fired …

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