Takane no Hana Chapter 21

Edited by Bogdi

“I won’t fire you”

 After school on the day I met Naruka again.

 Shizune said to me, who explained the situation while driving to the mansion.

“As far as I can tell, there is a problem not only with Itsuki but also with the young lady. I’m not sure what to do. If she hadn’t said anything, there’s a good chance she would have been able to cover it up.”

“… But originally, it was because I came into contact with Naruka.”

“Miyakojima-sama was lying down in the corridor? Then there is no choice but to contact her.”

 I thank Shizune from the bottom of my heart.

 Shizune is a tough person, but she is a flexible person. She’s not so ruthless that even a trivial person is forbidden to help just because he is a caretaker.

“I thought I knew about the relationship between Itsuki and the Miyakojima family, but it seems that the survey was a little insufficient.”

“… Did you know?”

“I knew that Itsuki and Miyakojima were second cousins, but I didn’t know that they were acquainted with each other …. Probably because the Miyakojima family intentionally stopped the information. Let’s say, Itsuki’s parents’ house and the Miyakojima family are in an insulated state, so it seems to be to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. “

 Previously, Mr. Kagen made a statement that he knew about the relationship between the Nishinari family and the Miyakojima family. It seems that he only knew the relationship between our homes and didn’t even know that I had an acquaintance with Naruka.

“That’s why I have a fault only this time …. Now that this has happened, I think it’s better to explain the situation to Miyakojima to some extent. First of all, working for the Konohana family. Please explain and then offer a closed-mouth transaction. “

“I understand. I think it’s okay to seal my mouth, but I’ll tell you.”

 Due to Naruka’s personality, she wouldn’t imitate people’s rumors.

 And … Naruka doesn’t seem to have any friends to talk to.

“Since a servant cannot attend the Imperial Academy, Itsuki-san’s status will continue to be the son of a mid-sized company. Then, let’s set it up so that he will come to the Konohana family for service. I will tell you the details later, so please convince Miyakojima well. “


 Regarding forgery of identity, it seems better to leave it to Shizune.

“I was saved because the identity of the young lady didn’t seem to be exposed, but to tell the truth, I don’t want it to be known that Itsuki is working for the Konohana family. It could be…”

“Is it an obstacle?”

“Is the opposite s*x of my classmates living and working? It’s not a good impression for men.”

“… I see.”

 To put it plainly, the image of a lady is clouded.

“Kiou Gakuin also has an aspect as a social gathering place. Let’s continue to build relationships carefully.”

 I nod “yes” to Shizune’s words.

“That, Shizune-san. I have a consultation on another matter …”

“What is it?”

“That … can I go out with my classmates?”


 Shizune’s eyes are narrowed.

“No, I’m not floating. However, the other day, my classmate invited me … I’m sorry to keep refusing, and I feel that it seems unnatural to have too bad a relationship. do it……”


 Shizune thinks for a while as she seems to be convinced.

“Okay. If you tell us the schedule in advance, we will support you.”

“Thank you”

 I’m not going to give up my job as a caretaker, but it’s a good idea to keep in touch with people to the extent that you don’t stand out.

“I’m not going to put myself on the shelf, but … Please reflect on this matter, not only Itsuki, but also the young lady. Especially, the young lady, pay close attention not to make devious remarks in the future. “

 Shizune said.

 I replied immediately, but … Hinako sitting next to me didn’t speak.

“My lady, are you sleeping?”

 After saying that, Shizune turned to the back seat.

 I answer with a bitter smile.

“She’s not sleeping, but … she’s clinging to me like a koala.”

 Hinako grabbed my right arm tightly and pulled it to her chest.

 I’ve been in this position right after I got in the car.


 Hinako, who buries her face in my arm, says in a small voice. 

“Stroke my head …”

“… yes yes”

 Stroking Hinako’s head as told.

 Shizune sighed and turned to the front again.

“Since Itsuki came, the appearance of the young lady has been getting more strange.”

“……excuse me”

“No, I don’t think it’s Itsuki’s fault. But …”

 Thoughtfully, Shizune muttered.

“… I hope Kagen-sama doesn’t mind.”


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