Takane no Hana Chapter 22

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 The third day of school life.

 When the second class was over and it was time for a break, Taisho and Asahi came to me.

“Nishinari, have you got used to the class?”

“No … I can barely keep up with it as usual.”

“Well, it’s not so easy to get used to.”

 Asahi smiles at me who smiles bitterly.

“By the way, Nishinari, how about after school today?I know you said before that you had to go home early, but it’s okay to have fun once in a while, right?”

 I answered the Taisho question with a smile.

“I’m free today, so it should be okay.”


 As a result of discussions with Shizune-san the other day, I can do my business after school as long as I report to her in the morning. I’ll report to Shizune before lunchtime.

“Does Nishinari want to go somewhere? If not, we will decide on our own.”

“That’s right … it’s a good idea, so I’ll leave it to you.”

 I don’t know much about where the students of this school will kill time after school, so I decided to leave it to them so that I wouldn’t get ripped off.

Taisho and Asahi looked at each other and said.

“What should we do, Taisho-kun? We can’t go abroad because it’s a day trip, right?”

“Taiwan is only three hours away, but even if we just go to …… for dinner and go home, we might have to cross the day. I think it’s better to stay in Japan.”

“Ah, what about Kyoto? Kyoto bamboo shoots are delicious at this time of year.”

“Kyoto? Then I know a good store.”

 I was drenched in cold sweat as I listened to the two of them casually discussing …….

 That’s right. I was right. I forgot. These two were also bourgeois.( definition bourgeois: belonging to or typical of the middle class (= a social group between the rich and the poor) especially in supporting existing customs and values, or in having a strong interest in money and possessions)

“I’m not sure what to say. Even though I have an open schedule, I have to be back by nightfall, so if possible, please be close by. ……”

“I see. Well, then we’d better not go far.”

 Taisho nods.

 If I didn’t stop talking, would I have been heading to Kyoto after school …?

“How about a cafe in the academy? There are quite a lot of products, so it’s just the right place to talk.”

“Ah, maybe it ’s okay.”

“I’m sure it’s a good idea.” Next to Taisho, who agreed, tilted his head.

“The school has several cafes for tea parties. Some of them are quite authentic, but since it’s on campus, no dress code is required, and they are popular among the students.”

“I didn’t know that …….”

 ” However, if we were to go to a real restaurant, we would have to pay attention to manners.

 I’ve had some manners training from Shizune-san, but I’m still nervous.

“But the purpose of this meeting is to deepen our friendship, so it’s better to go somewhere where we can talk casually. The café next to the cafeteria is fine, right?”

“I guess so.”

 Asahi agrees with the Taisho proposal.

 I thanked the Taisho inwardly. I’m glad I didn’t go to a full-fledged restaurant.

“But it may be a little lonely to have only three people.”

“That’s right ~. I hope we can add a few more people.”

 Taisho and Asahi say.

“Nishinari, can you call someone else who we can invite?”

“That’s right … I’ll think about it for a moment.”


 lunch break.

 I was eating lunch on the roof with Hinako.

“Itsuki … next, kelp”

“Yes Yes”

 I pick kelp from the lunch box with chopsticks and bring it to Hinako’s mouth.

“Mmm … it’s delicious”

 No, it’s really delicious.

 As expected, the daughter of the Konohana family. 

“Well … why don’t you eat at least a meal yourself?”

“No …”

“Being able to act means that you can eat by yourself if you feel like it, right?”

“Work abandonment, hantai.” (definition for hantai here)

 It’s hard to argue with that.

While Hinako was chewing, I switched chopsticks and ate my own lunch.

“… Itsuki”


“Are you going to …… have fun today?”

“No, I’m just going to a cafe with my classmates. ……”

“I will go too”

 Hinako said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“If Itsuki goes, I will go too”

“That’s … I don’t mind, but did you get permission from Shizune-san?”

“… I’ll get it now”

 With that said, Hinako took out her smartphone from her pocket.

 Hinako operates her smartphone in an unfamiliar manner and puts it to her ear.

“Miss? What can I do for you?”

 Shizune-san’s voice was audible to me as Hinako was calling from right beside me..

“I want to go to a tea party. With Itsuki.”

“… I understand. Originally, I was planning to move according to Itsuki’s schedule today, so it doesn’t matter if the lady participates. “

 It was easier than I expected to get permission.

Just like me, Hinako is suspicious of too much socializing. It seems that Hinako has already assumed, to some extent, that I will have plans after school.

‘But, Miss. Are you sure? I think you’re getting close to your limit. ……”


 At the end, I heard an unclear exchange, but Hinako immediately hung up.

Putting her phone in her pocket, Hinako looked at me.

“Well, that’s it. ……, please.”

“Okay. By the way, so far the members are Taisho and Asahi-san, do you know them?

“I know the names …….”

 In an ambiguous reply, I frown.

 Will the conversation bounce with someone, who only knows your name?

“That … you don’t have to force yourself to participate? It’s really just a way to socialize, and if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it, you might as well not come along.”

“… If Itsuki goes, I will go too.”

 It’s a difficult reason to understand, but if she is willing go, there’s no need to stop her.

 After the lunch break, I return to the school building .

“So there are four of us now …”

 The four of us participating in the after-school tea party were me, Taisho-san, Asahi-san and Hinako. I was thinking about who else I could invite to the party, and then one person came to mind.

“You said you wanted to make friends, so I thought I’d …… invite you.

 I went to the girl who was clumsy and lonely.


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