Takane no Hana Chapter 23

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The person I was looking for, Naruka Miyakojima, was easy to find.

The other day in gym class, I found out that Naruka belongs to class 2B. After confirming that Hinako had returned to the classroom and started her performance, I immediately headed to the class B classroom and found Naruka within a few seconds.

As I had expected, Naruka was spending her lunch break in solitude.

Sitting second from last by the window, she seemed to be eating in silence.

A fleeting smile…

From a distance, she looked elegant and beautiful, but if you looked closely at her, you could see the wrinkled brows and her upturned eyes looked moody. It’s no wonder people don’t approach her. 

That’s why I would like to speak to her if possible.

The moment I had that thought, Naruka turned around.


Naruka, who noticed me, interrupted her meal and stood up vigorously.

She smiled and approached me.

In the meantime, the classroom of class B was in an uproar.

“Hey, you’re kidding right?”

“Mi-Miyakojima-san called someone by their name!?”

I heard a lot of gossip, but Naruka came towards me without minding the others.

I’m not sure if I’m being too obvious, but I’m sorry.

“What do you want?”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

“I’m just bored. I’ve just got some free time, so let’s talk about something.”

Don’t fire at me too hard…

It seems that she was quite lonely while being alone.

{ED- Did you expect it to be lively Ojou-sama}

“Can we change our location?”

“Of course!! I’ll follow you wherever you go.”

I went outside the school building with Naruka as countless stares pierced me.

I shouldn’t leave the classroom of class A as much as I can so that I can respond immediately in the event that Hinako behaves in an unexpected way.

 I found a less popular spot behind the school building and turned towards Naruka again.

“There is a lot I wanted to talk to you about. I haven’t been able to explain what happened the other day.”

“I haven’t forgiven you for that yet!”

As soon as she looked at me Naruka’s face turned bright red with anger.

{ED: It is anger not a blush my dear Naru-Itsuki Navy}

“You used to take care of me but now you’re with Konohana-san… You traitor!”

“I’m not a traitor, I used to live with Naruka a long time ago.”

“You can’t just dismiss it as an old story! I want to live with you again!”

 “Eh…  really?”

While I was surprised, Naruka had become aware of what she just said and her face was dyed bright red due to emotions different from anger.
{ Ladies and gentlemen, There we have the awaited blush}

“No, no, no! Forget it!”

“Well, it would help if you could calm down a bit.”

Isn’t this worse than before?
{ED: He is referring to her flustered state which is making it difficult for him to explain his circumstances properly}

“About yesterday… In short, I got adopted.”

“You’re adopted by someone…?”

“Yes. My father is now the president of a medium-sized company. The president of the company has a relationship with the Konohana family, so while I was attending the academy, I ended up working at their house.”

“Mou … wait, wait. Why is it like that? Just because your families have a relationship doesn’t mean you’ll be working.”

I thought about explaining that.

Calmly, I remembered the setting narrated by Shizune-san which I had tried so hard to memorise last night.

“Do you know what a Behavioural Apprentice is?”

“Yes. Yeah, it’s when you live and work in the house of a wealthy person and learn proper etiquette.”

In Japan, it became popular around the Meiji era, and in Europe, it has been customary since the Middle Ages.

I’m learning a lot and working very hard.

Naruka was also a student of the Imperial Academy. Her manners are incomparable to mine.

“I work at the Konohana house as an apprentice… I don’t know anything about etiquette, after all. That’s why I’m helping out in exchange for studying at the Konohana house.

“… I see, I understand.”

I was sure she’d be convinced.

I think about Shizune-san who comes up with such perfect settings. They are near-perfect and even if investigated, it can be misled to some extent.
{ ED: Misled in the sense of fooling the investigation, technically it’s illegal}.

“But my house would’ve been better wouldn’t it?”.

“Even if your house was better, I only had the Konohana House on my mind…”


Naruka frowned.

“If it’s possible, please don’t tell anyone about this.

“…… I know. Because adoption is a complicated situation.”

I had other reasons for wanting to keep it a secret, but Narika took it in stride.

That’s all I have to say about Hinako and me.

“By the way, Naruka. Are you free after school today?”

“After school? Well, I’m free.

“If it’s fine with you, we can go to a café and talk.”

“A talk in a cafe?… Is it a tea party?

“Yeah, something like that.

“I’ll definitely join you!”

Naruka’s eyes shone brightly as she said that.

“To be frank I’ve been wanting to go to a tea party for a long time. All the students in our school talk about how they deepen friendships at such gatherings, but I haven’t been invited by anyone so far. I thought it was an experience that I would never have until graduation.”

“Oh!? It must’ve been lonely.”

When I talk to Naruka, sad happenings are discovered one after another, which seems pitiful.

“In addition to us, there are three other participants from Class A: Taisho, Asahi and Konohana.”

“There are other people?”

“Yeah. It’s something like a welcome party for me.

“Welcome party huh… I see. I’ve heard that Itsuki just transferred the other day.

It’s not uncommon for students to transfer into this academy, but there are light rumors still getting circulated.

Naruka also seemed to know that I transferred just the other day.

“I want to participate too,  but I’m worried that I may not be able to speak properly.”

“You can talk to me normally right?”

“That’s because… Itsuki knew the old me, and there’s no need to change my way of speaking with you now.”

“Then why don’t you just familiarise yourself with the others?”

“Well, if I could do that, I wouldn’t have any trouble!”

Naruka said with tears in the corners of her eyes.

“And… I don’t mean to shift the blame here but, this isn’t my personal problem either.”

“… What do you mean?

“As the Miyakojima house is a relatively large house among the students attending this school, most students are intimidated by my family background. It’s not just me who is clumsy…  but the others are also intimidated by me from the start.”

“…I see.”

That’s certainly not Naruka’s fault.

It’s difficult to change others’ perception of you. It’s not a problem that can be easily solved by the way Naruka feels.

“In that aspect, Konohana-san is an amazing person. I don’t want to admit it, but I envy her popularity from the bottom of my heart. Normally, when you have a family as big as the Konohana family, most students would shrink back…  But even so, Konohana-san is approached by many people without hesitation. I wonder how in the world can they be adored like that?”

Naruka said while looking down..

I know why Hinako is so popular- It’s acting. She’s acting as everyone’s perfect young lady.

This fact can never be made public

“I too don’t know why Konohana-san is so well-liked, but if you talk to her, you might get a clue. {ED: You straight-faced liar}

“I agree… I’ll definitely join the tea party after school, since Itsuki is also there.”

Naruka clenched her fists and said, as if gathering up her courage.

“But, will it be okay? What if I feel uncomfortable after going there?”

“I think you’ll be fine, maybe.”


“You’ll be fine for sure.”.

With a sigh, I cheered up Naruka who was anxious..

Neither Asahi nor Taisho dislike Naruka. In particular,  Asahi had mentioned that he came out to deepen his friendship with Naruka. In that case, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Naruka to participate.


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