Takane no Hana Chapter 24

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 When I parted with Naruka and tried to return to the classroom of Group A.

 From the back of the corridor, I heard the voices of two girls.


“Oh, thank you so much for helping us!

“‘No need to thank me.”

 A student with a blonde vertical roll returns with a dignified attitude to the girl who bows.

 Witnessing her prominent appearance, I just mentioned her name.




“Oh, you’re that …… guy from sometime ago.”

 The eyes of Tennoji-san looking at me narrowed down.

 Speaking of which, we had a sloppy breakup before. I quickly look for something else to talk about, since it might be troublesome if she remembers that time.

“Um, what did you do?

“It’s nothing much. Nothing much, I was just helping the day shift carry materials for the class.”

 I thought when she had my wallet collected before, but Tennoji-san is kind regardless of appearance.

 Apparently, she is taking the initiative in helping people on a daily basis.


“Speaking of which, I heard. You are a transfer student.”


“Yes. I’m Itsuki Nishinari, I transferred the day before yesterday.”


I remembered that I hadn’t introduced myself and said my name.

I’m not sure if Tennoji-san knew my name, though.

“Then Nishinari-san …. You seem to have come to school with Konohana Hinako. Some have rumored.”


 By the way, does Tennoji-san see Hinako as an enemy?

 It’s a hassle to be seen as an enemy to me as it is. Let’s make an excuse.


“Sure, I went to school together on the first day to get guided in the academy, but yesterday and today we went to school separately. The only connection I have with Konohana-san is my home, nothing more.” (TLN: Home as in family)


“…… I don’t know. Are you not a member of the Konohana faction?

“Konohana Faction?”

 Tennoji explains to me.


“I just call it that way. There are many students who worship Konohana Hinako at this school, so it’s a general term for those people.”


“… I see.”


 Is it like a fan club?

 The Academy is also surprisingly profane.


“… Does Tennoji hate Konohana?”


“I don’t hate her! However, because of Konohana Hinako, my original prestige has diminished!”


 It’s not that she doesn’t like her.

“I acknowledge Konohana Hinako’s abilities. She has the same looks as me, and the same grades as me. There’s no way she won’t be popular.”

“A roundabout way of praising yourself: ……”

 Divide that self-confidence into Naruka a little.


“But Konohana Hinako … Aside from me, the daughter of this Tennoji group, everything is too much to be pampered! The Tennoji group is a company of a scale comparable to the Konohana group, and its history is rather this person. In other words, I’m the one who should be the most noticeable student at this school! “


 Tennoji-san, who spoke loudly, stared at me.


“If you are not in the Konohana faction, you would think so !?”


“Eh? Yeah, well …”


“You’re right, you’re right! I don’t like it at all! I don’t like her at all! Why does she stand out so much more than me? Why does she stand out so much more than me? She’s such an all-around beauty, she’s bound to be a lazy bum back home anyway!

 Now you’ve touched the truth for a moment. ……

 I’ll shut up.

“I’m not sure if it’s because I’m good natured or not. …… No. Since you are of noble birth, you should normally behave firmly as I do. If you’re not sure what to do, you can always ask for help. Besides, that woman did that the other day…”

 I told her what I thought as she mumbled to herself.

“You know a lot about Konohana-san, don’t you, Tennoji-san?

“What? I’m not going to say anything about it, but it’s normal!”

 Tennoji-san, whose face turned bright red, denies it exaggeratedly.


“I’m not sure what to make of this. We are rivals! It’s only natural to look into it. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great idea.”

 While there were some difficult events, I was thinking a little about Tennoji-san’s personality.


 –Naruka was saying that.


If you carry a big family background, the people around you will become atrophied. 

Perhaps Tennoji-san has the same problem.


 As she said earlier, the Tennoji group is as large as the Konohana group. As for history, it is older than the Konohana group.


 Tennoji-san, who carries such a family background , may be as lonely as Hinako.


 Even if it’s not as serious as Hinako … Maybe Tennoji just wants a friend to talk to.


 Most students would be atrophied if they were with the daughter of the Tennoji family.

 However, if it’s Hinako … If it’s a family of the same size, Hinako will surely be able to build an equal relationship with Tennoji-san. Tennoji-san may have been obsessed with Hinako because of that.


“Ah … are you free after school today?”


“After school? Well, I’m free, why?”


“I’m planning to have a tea party at the cafe next to the cafeteria. By the way … Konohana-san will also come.”


” Konohana Hinako !?”


 Tennoji was surprised with her eyes wide open.


“So you’re trying to seduce me into joining the Konohana faction, aren’t you ……!”

“Why are you so cautious … I’m inviting you normally.”


 She is too conscious of Hinako.


“Well, if that woman really wants you to come, I can’t help but join us?”


“No, Konohana-san didn’t say anything …”


“… Is that so?”






“…… Um, I think I might have mentioned it after all, so can I ask you to come?”

“I can’t help it! Then I will participate!”

 The air was awkward, so I decided to tell a gentle lie.

 Tennoji-san’s eyes shine. After all it seems that she wanted to participate in the tea party.

“It is said that if you know your enemy and know yourself, you will never be defeated in a hundred battles!”

 I heard that a while ago.


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