Takane no Hana Chapter 25

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Then, after school.

 Looking at the faces gathered at the cafe, Taisho and Asahi were looking at them.


“I said that if there was someone you could invite, you could invite them, but … this is one hell of a lineup.”


 Taisho said as he looked at the group of young ladies gathered here.

There were six men and women gathered around a circular white table.

  In addition to me, Taisho, and Asahi-san, the original members, there were Hinako, Naruka, and Tennoji-san, whom I had brought along.

 None of the three daughters have the temperament of being swept away by the air of the place. Hinako had a gentle smile because she was acting, Naruka was suspicious of her behavior next to her, and Tennoji was proudly tilting a cup of tea.


“Hey, Hey, Nishinari-kun. What kind of connections are these? Why do you meet such amazing people on the third day of transfer …?”


“If you ask me why, I’d say it just happened. ……”

 I answer Asahi-san’s question with a cold sweat.

  Aside from Hinako, the reason I invited Naruka and Tennoji-san was because I thought it would be a good opportunity to deepen our friendship. However, if you think about it calmly, this might indeed be a great group of people. The Konohana family, the Miyakojima family, and the Tennoji family are famous at the Imperial Academy. It is rare to see all three of them in one place.


“By the way, this was a welcome party for Nishinari-san.”


 Tennoji-san, who put the cup on the table, looks at me.


“I know it’s late, but first of all, congratulations on your transfer. Although the educational guidelines at the Imperial Academy are stricter than at other schools, graduating from this school will certainly lead to a fruitful future. I look forward to your future successes.”


“Oh, thank you”


 I was flustered, but I thanked her.

 It makes me happy when Tennoji-san, who has a dignified appearance, says so.


“There are some of you who have never spoken before, so let me introduce myself again. I’m Mirei Tennoji. I am the daughter of the Tennoji Group.”


 It was something that everyone already knew.

 Since the flow of self-introduction was born, Taisho and Asahi follow.


“My name is Katsuya Taisho. My family is in the transportation business.”

“I’m Karen Asahi. My family is in the retail business ……, but I guess we mainly sell electronics.”


Following the two, Hinako and Naruka also introduce themselves.


“I’m Konohana Hinako. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Naruka Miyakojima. I’d like to introduce myself.”

 I chewed … but I pretended not to notice.

 The facial expressions of Hinako and Tennoji do not change. Are they unaware or just didn’t care? On the other hand, Taisho and Asahi have strange faces. “No way, that Miyakojima-san wouldn’t bite,” he said.


“I’m Itsuki Nishinari. My parents run an IT company.”


 Finally, I told them about my name and family business.

 After everyone had introduced themselves, Tennoji-san opened her mouth.

“Before I go any further, there is no need for you to be concerned about my family background. You can use your usual tone of voice. I’m sure you’ll find that I’m not the only one who has a problem with this. …… Don’t Taisho-san and Asahi-san usually use a more frank tone?”


“Ugh ……, well, what’s the point if they know?”

“I’m sure you’re right. Well, I guess I’ll just do what I always do.”

The two of them looked awkward for a moment, but quickly relaxed.

 After that, Tennoji-san looked at Hinako.

“Me and Konohana-san occasionally meet at tea parties.”

“That’s right. I’m always indebted to Tennoji-san.”


“………… It ’s ironic ……?”


 Tennoji smiles with a twitchy smile.

 However, Hinako didn’t seem to notice it and was drinking tea calmly.


 Both Naruka and Tennoji are beautiful girls, but Hinako still exudes exceptional elegance. The appearance of tilting the cup gracefully caught the eyes of everyone in this place.


“Oh, um! Konohana-san! I’m in the same class as you. …… Do you know what I mean?”

“Of course, Asahi-san. Thank you for always being the mood maker of Class A. I feel that thanks to you, the comfort of the classroom is getting better every day.”

“Ah, you’re welcome ………. Wow, that’s right. I might be very happy if Konohana-san said that.”


 Asahi desperately tried to hide his grinning face with both hands.


“Oh, what about me? What am I doing !? Konohana-san!”


“‘I know you too, Taisho-kun. I think your friendly attitude that doesn’t separate you from anyone is very endearing.”

“Oh, oh … !! I feel like my virtue has risen now …!”


 I don’t think his virtue has increased, but he was so happy that it felt like he was going to rise to the heavens.

It’s hard for me to sympathize since I’ve only been at the academy a short time, but it seems that Hinako is more respected than I thought she was.

“Gununu … Why don’t I ask anything …!”


 Tennoji was clearly in a bad mood as Hinako monopolized her gaze.

 I change the topic quickly.


“Naruka, have you ever talked to any of the people here at a tea party?”

“Oh. I’ve only attended a minimum of off-campus events.”


 I’m not sure what to make of this.

 When I muttered in my heart, I noticed that everyone was looking at me.


“…Naruka(・ ・)?? “


   Someone said. It seems that they noticed that I was calling Naruka by her first name.

 I was careless. Should I have explained the relationship between me and Naruka first?

 When I was thinking about how to explain.


“Wow, I and Itsuki met when I was ten years old. It was through that connection that I was invited to this tea party.””


 Naruka explains first.


“Wow, I didn’t know that!”


 When Asahi was surprised, Naruka went down.

 She was simply embarrassed, but her expression was hard, and some viewers might think she was in a bad mood. This is the kind of thing that isolates Narika, I suppose.


 I was the one who invited Naruka to this place.

 I’ll follow up.


“I think you misunderstood me, but Naruka is not that scary. It seems that she spent most of her childhood in the house, so she is just not very good at conversation.

“……Is that so?”


“Yes. All the rumors are false.”



“I, Itsuki Ii …………!”


 Next to me, an Naruka was looking at me with tears.

 It would be great if Naruka could make friends with this opportunity …


“Miyakojima-san’s house was a sports equipment manufacturer, right?”

 Tennoji asked Naruka.


“Oh, oh. That … well, you know.”


“You’re so humble. There is no student in this school who does not know the Miyakojima family. The rumors are not true, and a little research will show that they are not true. …… I don’t see you at social gatherings very often, how do you usually spend your time? Are you spending time in Japan? “


“Hmm, usually … I practice at home …”




“Well, we have a dojo at home. I have a dojo at home, and working out there is part of my daily routine. Nowadays, I’m often asked to try out products for the family.”


“That’s right. It seems that you are having a fulfilling life.”


 Tennoji-san looked impressed.

 Next to that, Asahi-san and Hinako were having a conversation.


“I’d like to ask Konohana-san a question, how do you spend your time at home? Do you study all the time?

“Studying is important, but I also try to relax. I read books, …… and sometimes I eat sweets.”

“Hey, Konohana-san also likes sweets. What kind of sweets do you eat?”


“Well, …… scones, I guess.”


 A lie.

 You’re always eating potato chips, aren’t you?

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