Takane no Hana Chapter 31

The Miss in Need of Care

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Hinako’s illness lasted longer than expected. 

According to Shizune-san’s assumption, Hinako was supposed to recover on Saturday, but her fever only dropped on Sunday morning. It was decided that she would stay at rest that day, and if her fever was still low the next morning, she would attend the school.


Monday morning.

Hinako, who had recovered from her illness and had a normal temperature, got into the car to go to the school, looking sleepy.

“‘Are you sleepy?’

“I fell asleep in the middle of the …… night,” she said.

As I watched Hinako sleep next to me, I remembered what I had decided to do on Friday.

As a caretaker, I wanted to reduce Hinako’s burden as much as possible. That feeling never changed.

“…… Can I borrow your lap?”

“Yes, yes.”


Hinako’s head rested on my lap.

I stroked her head lightly, making her drowsy.

Then Hinako rolled her eyes a little, looking surprised.

“… Itsuki, has something changed?”


“… Why did you think so?”


“You seem kinder than usual.”

That was good.

I did not confirm or deny, but continued to stroke Hinako’s head.

“It’s warm. ……”

Looking more comfortable than usual, Hinako made her way to the school.

She took a glance at the passenger seat.

Shizune-san was silently watching us.







I arrived at the classroom and took my seat.

At the high schools I’ve attended, many students seemed lazy because it was the beginning of a weekday, but the students at the Academy were full of energy from Monday. I guess they have a disciplined lifestyle.


“Yo, Nishinari!”


“Good morning, Taisho.”


As I was putting my bag next to my desk, Taisho called out to me.

I felt like I had gotten closer to Taisho since the tea party the other day. Although I had to ask Shizune to help me, I was reminded of the importance of deepening relationships with classmates.

“Good morning, Konohana-san! You were absent on Friday, what have you been up to?”


“Good morning, Asahi-san. I was helping out with some work at home on Friday.”

“I see. That’s tough.”

I listened to Asahi-san and Hinako’s conversation while Taisho and I talked about something else.

They didn’t think that Hinako’s absence was due to her health condition at all. That may have been the right way to protect her acting, but it was still a mixed feeling for me.

 –Lunch break.

As usual, I sneaked out of the classroom and ate lunch with Hinako.


“Hinako, please open your mouth a little wider.”




Hinako opens her mouth a little wider and I feed her some of the side dishes from her lunch.

As before, I was feeding Hinako her lunch.

…… This sense of distance is the only thing that seems to deviate from my family.

No, I might have at least been fed by my parents when I was young.

In any case, if this is a way for Hinako to relax, then I’ll go along with it as much as I can.


Hinako looks at her lunch box and lets out a small sound.


“Itsuki … I’ll give you this”


Hinako pointed her chopsticks at my mouth.

I was about to say “yes, yes, yes,” but I held back just in time.

What was presented to me was a piece of fresh bell pepper.


“…… No. You have to eat it.”

“Er, …”


If all someone needed to do to take care of Hinako was to follow her orders and relax, I’m sure a caretaker other than me would have done it better. But that wasn’t the case.


What Hinako needed was a sense of security, like a family member.

I had to treat her in a way that made her feel like she could entrust herself to me.

In order to do that, I need to care more about Hinako than she does about herself.

“If you don’t get enough nutrition, you might not feel well.”

“Mmm ……, but if I get sick, I’ll just sleep in the mansion ……, and that might be easier …….”

“Don’t say that!”


I don’t want you to think that way, so I decided to do my best.


“I’d be happier if Hinako was healthy.”

When I said that, Hinako lowered her gaze and put her chopsticks back.


“……I’ll eat…”


Fearfully, Hinako put the green pepper in her mouth.

I couldn’t help but notice that Hinako’s eyebrows wrinkled as she tried to chew it.

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After school.

I returned to the mansion with Hinako and took Shizune-san’s lessons as usual.


“Thank you for the meal.”


After finishing my dinner at the table in my room, I wiped my mouth and left the table.

I was practicing my table manners that day. I ate all the food that was served to me, using all the knowledge that Shizune had drilled into me, and Shizune, standing beside me, calmly graded me.

” Your movements are still a bit clumsy, but it looks like you’ve got the …… bare minimum of knowledge.”

“Thank you!”


According to Shizune, I have a talent for self-defense. On the other hand, manners are not my strong point. I felt a little happy to be accepted for my ability in this area of weakness.

“However, I must say that you are still a bit lacking. I thought I told you to start from the left when you leave your seat.”

“Oh, …… I’m sorry. I forgot.”

I thought I remembered when I sat down. But when I finished my meal, I lost my composure and stood up from the right side when I left my seat.

I still have a lot to learn.

I need to learn a lot of skills if I’m going to be around Hinako as her caretaker.

“…… Speaking of which, what does Hinako usually do with her dinner?”

I asked Shizune about something that had been on my mind.


“What do you mean?”

“I always eat in my room while being taught manners, but where does Hinako eat …… and with whom?”

“The young lady is having her dinner in the dining room of the mansion.”

Shizune-san replies.

“… Alone?”


“Alone, yes. Servants assist her, but only the Miss is allowed to eat.”

As if she understood what I wanted to say, Shizune added.

“Ah … Then, can I have dinner with Hinako from now on?”




The refusal was firm.

“Itsuki-san has not yet finished learning etiquette. I will consider it once you have mastered your manners.



If learning manners will allow me to stay by Hinako’s side, then I have to work even harder.

“And also, Itsuki-san, please wake up the Miss tomorrow morning.”


Shizune said.

“As I told you on the first day, Itsuki-san’s work will be increased step by step. I’m sure you understand.”

“……I understand.”


I nodded after hearing Shizune-san’s words.