Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 15

The Young Lady Who Carries the House on Her Back

The next morning.

After finishing breakfast at the Tennoji house, I was greeted by a black car outside the mansion.

“Thank you for your hospitality.”

I bow deeply to Masatsugu-san and Tennoji-san, who went out of their way to see me off. Hanami-san had to go to work, so she didn’t come to see me off, but we exchanged a brief greeting before leaving the mansion.

“Please come again anytime.”

“Mm! I will be waiting for you!”

As they see me off, I get into the car.

Of course, this car was provided by the Konohana family. Tennoji-san and the others must think that I am going back to my house, but in fact, I am heading to the Konohana family’s residence where Hinako and Shizune-san are staying.

The driver said a few words, “I’ll take you back” and the car drove off.

Shizune-san did not accompany us this time because Tennoji-san might remember her face as the Konohana family maid.

Still, it was a …… meaningful day.

I will thank Tennoji-san again later. I thought so as I looked out the window.

After watching the guests get into their cars and leave the mansion, Masatsugu looked at Mirei.

“Mirei. Are you on good terms with him?”

“Yes, we are in different classes, but we have a close relationship.”

Mirei affirms her father’s question.

“And …… I’ve had the pleasure of meeting …… Nishinari-san …….”

Mirei recalls last month.

The prestige of the Tennoji family is strong. Therefore, even at the academy, although they were often respected, they were not blessed with many opportunities to talk and laugh side by side with others in the same position.

It was Itsuki who changed that situation. He invited Mirei to tea parties and study groups. He also gave Mirei a chance to meet Hinako Konohana, whom she saw as a rival and whom she had hoped to get to know better.

The recent study sessions also originated from Itsuki.

Through the study sessions, Mirei’s grades improved and she was able to make good friends. Nowadays, Itsuki is showing that he is not too crazy about Mirei, but she is also very grateful to him in her heart.


[“Working with Tennoji-san sounds like a lot of fun.”]

She didn’t expect him to say such a pleasant thing.

Even Mirei, who always seems confident, is not entirely free from anxiety about the future. Her rivalry with Hinako is also an expression of her fear that if she loses to her at the academy, she may continue to lose to her in the future.

That is why she was happy to hear Itsuki’s words the other day.

While maintaining a resolute attitude, Itsuki found and wiped away the insecurity she had been hiding deep in her heart.

(I feel like I can get through any task with …… Nishinari-san with me.)

As Mirei was pondering in such a way.

Masatsugu stroked a finger along his beard, letting out a small “hmmm.”

“Is that a man-woman relationship?”

“Heh!? I mean, so it’s not that kind of impure relationship!!”

Mirei’s face turns red and she denies it.

Thinking she had been told a joke out of the blue, Mirei’s lips twitched, “Not at all”.

“Hm. Good to know…….”

Masatsugu nodded with a serious face.

“Actually, there’s something I’d like to discuss with Mirei……. maybe it’s time for you to get yourself a fiancée.”

It was an abrupt proposal.

Mirei rounded her eyes and asked back.

“Is it a marriage or engagement ……?”

“Mm-hmm. I had been considering it for a while, but I thought it was too early to tell Mirei, so I didn’t tell you much about it. But the other day, I had a chance to talk to a representative of the Konohana family at a social event. At that time, the topic of their daughter’s engagement came up, and it seems that they are actively considering it. They say it’s a measure to keep bad bugs away from their daughter.”

With a serious expression, Masatsugu continued.

“Many people will try to get close to Mirei in the future, seeking the prestige of the Tennoji family. Some of them, of course, will approach you with malicious intent. Considering such a future, I think the Konohana family has a point. I still think it’s too early to tell, but if …… Mirei is willing to go for it, I’ve decided it’s fine.”

Apparently, the news is not that the fiancée has been decided.

Since she was being raised as the daughter of the Tennoji group, one would have thought that she would one day become engaged to someone else. However, Mirei remembers that this was scheduled for a little later.

However, for Mirei, the important thing was not timing.

What is important is…

“Will it be for the Tennoji family……?”

For some reason, her voice trembles.

As if to drown out the weak tone in her voice, Mirei asked her father again.

“Can I make a contribution to the Tennoji family by getting engaged?”

“……Ummm. Well, it will make it easier to make plans.”

For the upper class, engagement can be used to strengthen existing connections. If you get engaged to the son of a company that you know well, future business transactions will go more smoothly than ever before. If the engagement is to a future family member, it is relatively easy to avoid the risk of disagreements between companies, which can easily lead to large-scale discussions such as acquisitions or mergers.

“If so, of course…”

Mirei is as usual.

Mirei answered with her usual unclouded, regal smile.

“I will accept it.”