Takane no Hana Volume 2 Chapter 18

The Strange Feeling of a Young Lady

“Ehh!? I-Itsuki…………. you stayed at Tennoji-san’s house!?”

While enjoying a light meal at the café, I explained to Naruka what had happened so far, and she was wide-eyed and surprised.

“Well, it just happened.”

“Hey, you’re not the kind of guy you can just get rid of by accident…….! Well, I’ve been thinking for a while now, what is it with you, Konohana-san and Tennoji-san, that you can get along with all those big shots ……!”

Naruka, the daughter of the Miyakojima family, is supposed to be among those big names, but she still seems to feel that Hinako and Tennoji are different.

“When Nishinari-san stayed at my house, my father checked his manners, and he said he got a passing grade. So, I will put an end to the table manners practice today.”

“I understand.”

I agree with Tennoji’s idea.

Today’s practice session is like a final confirmation. If I make a mistake here, I’ll have to relearn my manners again……, but perhaps because I had dinner with Masatsugu at the Tennoji house, I feel like I have the guts to shrug off a little nervousness.


While eating, I looked at Naruka.

Although not as attentive as Tennoji-san, Naruka’s dining manners were also very attentive. She uses her knife and fork lightly and does not make any unnecessary noise when she sips her soup.

“Naruka, you …… have good manners?”

“Oh, you! You’re making fun of me! Like I said before, I am still the daughter of the Miyakojima family!”

Naruka’s face turned bright red and she became angry.


At that moment, Tennoji-san let out a laugh.

“Pardon me. The two of you seemed to be having too much fun.”

Tennoji-san wipes tears from the corners of her eyes with her fingers.

Perhaps now is the time to ask….So I looked at Tennoji-san and asked her a question.

“Um, Tennoji-san. Did something happen today? ……I owe Tennoji-san a lot of things, and if it’s okay with me, I’ll be happy to talk to you as much as you want.”

When I asked this, Tennoji-san’s expression clearly darkened.

But then, as if she made up her mind, she dropped her gaze and opened her mouth.

“In fact, I have received an offer of marriage.”

Naruka and I look at each other.

Having grown up as a commoner, I am not familiar with such stories. However, through Hinako’s situation with the Konohana family, I think I understand some of it.

A marriage proposal is not necessarily a bad thing.

However, I can see from Tennoji-san’s expression that she is not looking excellent …….

“Does that mean that Tennoji-san is not keen on that matchmaking ……?”

“No, that’s not what I meant.”

Contrary to expectations, Tennoji-san denied it.

“I am the daughter of the Tennoji family, so I have been prepared for this matchmaking since I was very young. However, it was a bit sudden, so I am surprised, or …… I don’t really feel it, and I am in a state of bewilderment.”

She seemed bewildered, which was really unusual for Tennoji-san.

“Well…… for us, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s our destiny to suffer ……”

Naruka says with a complicated expression.

“Has Naruka ever been approached about a marriage proposal, too?”

“No, I haven’t yet. I’ve heard it will come sooner or later, but ………… nn ah! Well, wait! Don’t get me wrong!!!! I’d rather have a love marriage or …… and anyway, I’m not taking any offers of marriage!!”

“Oh, oh ……”

I was puzzled by Naruka’s sudden passionate statement, and struck up a dialogue with her.

“My parents aren’t too keen on the idea of a marriage proposal. Once we talked about it, but both my father and mother ended it with the words, “You are not ready yet.”

“That’s …… parents who are watching …… Naruka very closely.”

“What do you mean!?”

Outrageous! I looked away from Naruka who seemed to be saying that.

I try to imagine Naruka’s arranged marriage. I can only imagine that she is rigid for a long time, not exchanging a single …… word.

“What does Nishinari-san think about …… my matchmaking?”

Tennoji-san asked, looking at me.

I thought for a moment before answering.

“In my house, we have never talked about marriage proposals, so to be …… honest, I don’t really know. But if it’s a good deal for Tennoji-san, I’ll support you then.”

The words came from the heart.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Tennoji-san. So I want to help her as much as possible.

“Thank you, both of you. Thanks to you….., I feel a little better now.”

Tennoji-san raises her gaze and says.

“If you think about it calmly, accepting an offer of marriage doesn’t change your existing relationships, …… and perhaps I was more defensive than I should have been.”

I shook my head at Tennoji-san’s words, who had regained her energy.

“”I, too, enjoy spending time with Tennoji-san in this way, so even if the matchmaking is finalized, I hope this friendship will continue.”

“Wow, me too!”

Naruka agrees.

We then finished our meal with Tennoji, who was back to her old self, and we separated.

After separating from Itsuki and Naruka, Mirei got into the Tennoji family car parked in front of the academy.

“Good evening, Miss Mirei?”


The servant opens the back seat door and Mirei gets in the car.

In the car as it began to drive away, Mirei was looking out at the changing scenery and remembering the conversation they just had.

(You are a totally …… dull person, aren’t you?)

She lets out a small sigh without anyone noticing.

(If the marriage proposal is approved, we won’t be able to spend after-school time together anymore, like we do now……)

Once I have a fiancée, I will hesitate to see men other than my fiancée more than necessary.

The chances of spending the same time in private, let alone at an academy event, will inevitably decrease. At least, they cannot see each other every day, as they have been doing recently.

(But …… Nishinari-san is also more indifferent than I thought he would be……. He could have said a little more…….)

If it is a good deal for the person in question, he supports it. Such words from Itsuki sounded sincere but also somewhat …… strangerly.

(You said to me the other day…….)

Itsuki said it might be fun to work together.

Doesn’t that…. doesn’t that mean that he wants to stay with her even after she graduates from the academy?

Thinking about it, Mirei suddenly noticed an uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

“It’s …… strange, isn’t it?”

She had decided that she would live for the Tennoji family.

She had thought that this was the greatest happiness for her.

(What is this feeling? ……)


She was not at all convinced that she would be happy at the outcome of this matchmaking.